How to Socialize During Summer While Social Distancing

How to social distance

With millions of confirmed positive cases and thousands of deaths around the world, nations impacted by the coronavirus have gone under complete lockdown. People have also been asked by their governments to self-quarantine to curb the spread of the infectious virus. Although most employers have encouraged their employees to work remotely, being cooped up at home isn’t easy.

Human beings are social animals, and isolating for a prolonged period can cause feelings of loneliness. According to NCBI, loneliness can negatively affect your immune system, brain, genetic expression, circulatory and cardiovascular systems, and endocrine system. Let’s have a look at how to socialize during Summer while social distancing!

How to socialise during summer whilst social distancing

4 Socializing Tips That are not Online

Sit on your front porch

Do you enjoy sitting in your yard or on your front porch? Then this might be the best spot to socialize. Grab some chairs and relax in your yard or drive. The evening is the perfect time to enjoy watching people. Wave, smile, and make some jokes about social distancing so that your neighbors remember not to shake your hand.


For most football fans, tailgating isn’t a hobby but a religion. Whether you’re a veteran or rookie tailgater, tailgating is a good way to socialize while social distancing. To make your tailgate a success, ensure you get in touch with your friends and family. Tailgating is all about bonding. If you were used to tailgating before the pandemic, then you most likely have a regular crew. Reach out to them and other people in your social circle. However, remember to maintain at least 6 feet of distance to prevent the spread of the virus. People will be taking to the road this summer to change this scenery after some weeks of lockdown. Get yourself and family an RV through Caravan finance and join the tailgating crew.

Have a block party

You’ve most likely seen images of people enjoying each other’s company in their yard or on their driveways from a good distance. This is a similar experience to when you last had a power outage during a tropical storm. You can enjoy a block party with your neighbors as you take a cold beverage.

Look for Wide Open, Outside Spaces

Taking a trip to wide areas will be more popular than the ordinary as many people are trying to maintain distance from each other and stay outdoors in places where COVID-19 is likely to spread. Avoid going to popular places where crowds gather, because this may pose problems as social distancing efforts becomes hard to maintain.

It’s Time to Connect With Your Neighbors and Loved Ones

People are always busy and don’t always have the time to socialize, and this explains why most people don’t know their neighbors. Additionally, the backyard life has eclipsed happy waves to neighbors. But this has changed after the coronavirus crisis. Maybe it’s because people tend to socialize more with those nearest during a disaster. Whatever the reason, make use of the above tips to help you socialize with your friends and make your lockdown fun and unforgettable.

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