Fun Things to do While Waiting for Food to Cook

Waiting for food to cook

Some nights, cooking dinner is a full-on activity from start to finish. Other evenings offer something different, once the prep work is finished, everything is cooking in the oven, you have a little downtime.

For most modern mothers, downtime, that can be spent away from the kids and chores, is an infrequent luxury. So, when the opportunity is presented it is important to use this time effectively to really make the most out of it.

For many, using this time effectively will be dictated by the environment around them, if the kitchen needs a clean or tidy, this is likely to consume all the cooking time. However, there are ways of spending this time, that might seem less conventionally useful, but are equally important.

Using these precious moments for actual ‘me time’ can be really beneficial to many mothers. Choosing to do something that is fun or enjoyable, actually boosts self-esteem and mental health.

Fun things to do whilst cooking food

Ignoring those nagging tasks and choosing to spend time on the self can be hard for moms, it can seem like a luxury or even selfish. These types of feeling are completely natural to have, but are ultimately misguided.

Research shows that ‘Dads get an average of 28 hours of leisure time every week, while moms get 25.’ On top of that ‘compared to dads, moms spend an extra 10 hours per week multitasking – usually juggling housework and childcare.’

So moms, it really is time to stop worrying about everything and everyone else, and take a little time for yourself, it will help you feel much better in the long run. After all, if you have just cooked everyone dinner, a little time for yourself is well deserved.

Below is a list of fun activities anyone can do while waiting for food to cook. 

  1. Try Your Hand at a Game 

For those nights when dinner won’t be in the oven too long, playing a game can be a really fun way to spend that time. Try out a crossword or Sudoku to test yourself and expand critical thinking skills. Or, for a little added adrenaline why not play on casino uk? Just remember to always play responsibly and if you ever feel you are developing a problem, there are lots of resources to help.

have a relaxing bath

  1. Have a Relaxing Bath 

Really what is better than a bath after a long, stressful, tiring day?

Taking a long bath is a great way of using cooking time, especially if the food will be in the oven for a while. Grab a book, lock the door, and enjoy this alone time.

  1. Listen to Some Music 

Research has shown us that there are many psychological benefits to listening to music, and really what is better than the fact that it makes us feel good. Why not use cooking time to listen to your favourite album? Plug in your headphones and take a little sit down or blast it on the speaker and make this time a family dance party!

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