Fun Home Based Lockdown Activities

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Fun home based lockdown activities

Lockdown is starting to ease, making life a little easier again as more shops open for business. Pubs and restaurants are looking to open from July 4th, alongside hotels and hairdressers which will no doubt be a cause for celebration for some!
The last 3 months have been quite an eye opener, with many being humbled by lockdown leading to a change in lifestyle once some sort of normality resumes. Whilst some have been gnawing at the bit for favourite haunts and shops to reopen (did anyone see the queues for Primark?), there are still a lot of people who do not wish to rush back into ‘normal life’ that quickly.

For those not wishing to venture out and queue for hours for drinks/ food/ cheap clothes, there are so many ways in which lockdown and post-lockdown life can be fun for you, your friends and your family! Let’s have a look at some suggestions…

Fun Home Based Lockdown Activities

Cocktails in your garden

Bring the bar to you

There is nothing quite like a refreshing drink with friends on a warm summer evening and it is definitely deserved after over 90 days in lockdown. Whilst spending time in a beer garden is great, what about bringing the beer to your own garden? Decorating your garden with lights, candles and comfy areas to sit would make for a lovely chilled evening with friends, add in music and alcohol to make a memorable evening. It’s much easier to adhere to social distancing measures and you will all feel more reassured and have more control in your own familiar surroundings. Why not go the whole hog and organise a mobile bar hire? If you have a special occasion on the horizon, it’s a great way to ensure the drinks keep flowing and helps to eliviate any stress! Needing inspiration for drinks to make to wow your friends? Check out Karen’s recent post on Caribbean inspired cocktails for inspiration!

Home cinema popcorn

Grab the popcorn

Projectors are very popular right now, as bunkering down in your garden to watch a film on a large screen is a great way to spend family time. As far as fun home based lockdown activities go, this is an awesome way to spend an evening, but is totally weather dependent! You can make a home cinema in your garden with a simple large white sheet and mini projector, remember… the darker it is, the better the picture! All you need to do then is decorate your cinema space with comfy seating (think large cushions and beanbags), heat up some popcorn and choose your film! Check out this handy guide in the Independent here for more ideas!

Family games night

Let the games begin

It’s time to dust off the board games that may have been gathering dust and set up a fun, family games night! Release your competitive streak, grab some snacks and prepare for a laughter filled evening! Will you choose a classic like Monopoly or reach for something more daring such as the Big Potato Games range? Jigsaws are a great way to spend quality family time together and can easily be put to one side if you do not finish in one sitting.

I hope these fun home based lockdown activities have given you inspiration to keep things fresh and fun whilst at home during lockdown and beyond! Have you tried any new family activities during lockdown?

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Fun home based post lockdown activities




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