How To Deal With The Changes In Lockdown

How To Deal With The Changes In Lockdown

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Did you see the images of revellers celebrating pubs opening over the weekend? A little scary really wasn’t it?
Personally, I cannot see the appeal of sitting down and not being able to chat to other people there seated at other tables. No music either? Surely enjoying a night in, with your own surroundings and freedom of movement would be more enjoyable!

With more establishments now seemingly opening up, from shops to pubs, hotels to zoos, it may seem refreshing to get back to some sort of normality. Just remember to keep safe and keep the people you cherish – family and friends – safe.

If you are still unsure of how you will adapt to lockdown easing, here are some tips!

How To Deal With The Changes In Lockdown

online food delivery

Online Shopping

Purchasing your shopping online and having it delivered to your home has been a godsend to many during lockdown. It was a rocky start with the race to secure a delivery slot, but it all seems to have calmed down now and supermarket systems are working smoothly. Supermarkets haven’t been the only way to buy items items! If you have health related concerns and do not wish to venture out to your local chemist, help and advice is available through the use of an online pharmacy, or if you fancy taking the night off cooking, there are a whole host of takeaway options online!

Glug, Glug, Glug

So your best mate wants to go to the pub… do not feel pressured into appeasing your friend by going if you aren’t feeling sure. If you do not want to go out, do not feel pressured to do so, just be honest about how you are feeling! There are various video calling apps available if you decide you would like a social distanced drinking session with friends. Relax, kick back, have your favourite tipple and even turn up in your PJ’s without worrying about enquiring looks. It’s a great way to be social, but also be safe at the same time!

Staycation Ahoy

Summer holidays are a time when we can relax a little and enjoy time off to enjoy with our families. Booking a holiday, getting on a plane and jetting to sunnier climes

The global pandemic has hit the world and is quite unforgiving! If the thought of being on a plane fills you with dread, then there are no hard and fast rules stating you need to go abroad to have a relaxing summer break! Staycation holidays are going to prove more popular than ever, giving people the chance to holiday in the UK and also visit places they have never discovered before. If you fancy a UK holiday break this year, keep an eye on restrictions and stay safe!

Have you ventured out since the changes in lockdown?

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