Win a £20 Voucher For Morse Toad Chocolate Gifts

Win a £20 Voucher For Morse Toad Chocolate Gifts

We are currently gearing up for Liv to officially finish primary school in a matter of days. Her final year in school hasn’t exactly gone to plan , so I am trying to make this immense change in her life fun and memorable. When the opportunity to work on a Morse Toad chocolate review landed in my inbox, it inspired me to create and end of year treat. It can be so hard to find fun, meaningful and unique gifts packed, but everyone loves chocolate right?
Read on to find out more about Morse Toad and enter the giveaway for your chance to win a £20 voucher to spend on chocolate gifts!

Morse Toad Chocolate Photo Frame

Morse Toad offer a smorgasbord of chocolate gift ideas on their site that can be personalised to suit a range of occasions. Whether you are looking for a personal gift, ideas for wedding favours or a unique way to promote your business, definitely say it with chocolate!

There are several gift formats to choose from, including: personalised chocolate with a wooden photo frame, chocolate cards, create your own hamper and more. Adding a keepsake is a wonderful idea, that will last much longer than the chocolate message!

It was a great opportunity to design a gift for Liv to commemorate the beginning of a new chapter… I know she will love it, I’m just hoping she will share with me!

Message on Chocolate from Morse Toad

It may look like just a photo in a wooden frame, but the Morse Toad Chocolate Memory Box (priced from £12.25) is so much more! Carefully open the box to reveal a personalised message printed in chocolate (22, 33 or 44 characters), with the option of adding your own message to the box lid. Choose an image to feature on the box lid (optional – £1.75) and add a wooden frame (optional £3.95) to make the box even more special.

Made from premium Belgium milk chocolate (nom nom), the chocolate is also gluten free, Halal certified, Kosher certified and vegetarian and contains no alcohol. Making the chocolate gift choices perfect for a range ages and dietary requirements.

Chocolate gifts from Morse Toad

This really is such a lovely gift idea to give… and even better to receive! Treat post has certainly cheered us up through lockdown and what better treat post than chocolate! Tell someone you are missing them and thinking of them with a yummy edible treat!

There are several delivery options available, starting from £2.95 for Royal Mail First Class – I plumped for this option and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived 2 days later. This may not always be the case, so if you do want your gift to arrive sooner, Tracked 24 and 48 hour delivery options are a consideration.

The site is very user friendly, with the ability to go back and change selections or messages, alongside checking your message is spelt correctly. When you reach the checkout point, you will be given the option of adding reasonably priced extras such as the chocolate hearts (pictured), smiley faced biscuits and cake in a mug mixes.

Back of Morse Toad photo frame

The photo frame is such a wonderful keepsake gift, the only problem occurs when trying to find just one image to include! You can choose from landscape or portrait forms, just make sure the picture is high quality for printing! The wooden frame itself is sturdy and can be stood up, however as you can see from the image above, the box can also be hung on a wall with or without the frame.

If you know someone who would really appreciate a personalised chocolate gift delivery, this is definitely your go-to site! I don’t know why I haven’t considered chocolate gifts before, but I shall definitely be ordering more for future occasions. Such a fun gift to give that you know will be enjoyed! Morse Toad is such a fabulous personalised gift site and the story behind the company is heartwarming, you can find out more about the Lymington (New Forest) based company and the lovely people involved here.

If you subscribe to the newsletter via the pop-up when you visit the site, you can also claim £5 off a £15+ spend!
Summer discount: Spend over £15, £20 or £30 to get 5%, 10% or 15% off. Code: 5%OVER£15


How To Win a £20 Voucher for Morse Toad Chocolate

For your chance to win a £20 voucher to spend on chocolate at Morse Toad, simply enter using the Gleam form below and do not forget to answer the question by leaving a blog comment!

Win a £20 Morse Toad Voucher

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Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 2nd August 2020.
Two winning entries will drawn at random by Gleam.
The winners will be notified within 72 hours of the giveaway ending.
The winners will receive 1 x £20 Morse Toad Gift Voucher.
Open to entrants in the UK.
The prizes are non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.

Morse Toad voucher giveaway

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  1. Rebekah L

    A very awful pair of rainbow coloured baggy trousers when I was 12

    1. Elaine Savage

      A pair of men’s gloves in size extra large!

    2. Suan Watts

      A maternity blouse when I wasn’t even pregnant

  2. Sam Macaree

    twister – i was (am) an only child

    1. Emma-Louise Davidson

      My parents had friends who always gifted me as if I was a boy. My sister would get girly presents that were things she liked, but for some reason every year they refused to get me anything similar (despite mum dropping hints that I’d like that) and I’d get tomboy presents.

  3. Jayne Townson

    Some chocolates that were out of date by a year. Thanks for the chance to win these would make a lovely gift for someone.

  4. Sheena Batey

    A loo roll holder

  5. Helen Tovell

    It would have to be a back scrubber for me

  6. Lewis Baines

    Some PJs that were waay to small for me

  7. Alice Dixon

    It would have to be a man’s woolly hat!

  8. laura stewart

    umberella that was bent

  9. Tracy Nixon

    A tie dye t-shirt!

  10. ashleigh allan

    Perfume that smelled awful!

  11. Carole Nott

    When you hope for chocolates and perfume and I got a new set of saucepans

  12. Lorraine Williams

    My Dad gave me a tyre for my car as a birthday present. Whilst it was very useful it wasn’t really what I was hoping for!!

    1. Lea Mavin

      As a child I was desperate for a tv of my own to put in my bedroom. On Christmas morning I was presented with a large square tv shaped box. I could hardly contain my excitement only to rip off the wrapping paper to find a typewriter!

  13. Sandra Fortune

    I once got a car given for a birthday present it was an old banger tied up with rope . I was going to learn to drive . It out me right off

  14. felicity

    a saucepan!

  15. Margaret Gallagher

    Toilet roll with crossword solver on !!

  16. Joo Dee

    a pair of rubber gloves!!!

  17. Katie

    A pack of knickers

  18. Keith Hunt

    A Bag of used VHS tapes for giving a person a lift

  19. Stephanie

    A shrug that looked like a large picnic blanket

  20. Solange

    An iron.

  21. Honey McKinley

    A really ugly pair of moccasins with fake native American embroidery on the top!

  22. clair downham

    a cape and some green tights

  23. Helen S Wright

    a set of pans

  24. Nicola Sadler

    Fake perfume – CaCa Chanel – I kid you not!

  25. Danielle Pooley

    A scarf, that smelt really strongly of smoke

  26. Lyn Geddes

    One of those hideous crocheted doll loo roll holders

  27. Andrea Fletcher

    A set of scales.

  28. Char W

    A pack of ginger biscuits (I hate them)

  29. Gemma Hendry

    my worst present was chocolate with nuts in it – im allergic to nuts lmao


    A clock with ” The Worlds Best Mother ” on it .

  31. Yasmin0147

    My husband got me a mug in the shape of a male appendage for Christmas, I was fuming.

  32. Iain maciver

    some toilet roll although it does,nt go wrong

  33. Elizm

    a car bin from my ex mother in law!

  34. F Chowdhury

    Skin whitening cream

  35. Tayla Morris

    a perfume I really didn’t like!

  36. Kim Neville

    A plain black dress from an ex boyfriend which was too big

  37. Alison Leonard

    My mum gave me a wooden painted cockerel peg rail for my kitchen towels to hang from. Our tastes aren’t the same.

  38. Michelle Ferguson

    A petticoat and vest for a 4 year old when I was 11

  39. Peter Nickson

    Lenny Henry annual.

  40. Mel Pennie

    A bottle of Lambrini . . . can’t stand the stuff!

  41. Annabel Greaves

    I received an out of date diary

  42. Amy SIMPSON

    A puzzle of beans on toast

  43. Patricia Avery

    Undrinkable wine!

  44. Katie Jaques

    A russian style hat that was too big for my head – I looked like a beefeater

  45. Jo m welsh

    Some kettle descaler

  46. dave johnston

    Soap on a rope

  47. Julie Quarterman

    Hair clippers for valentines day… because he wanted me to cut his hair!


    The worst gift I ever received was a pair of tights with a hole in one of the legs!

  49. Panth

    Worst present Man U socks (I’m a burnley fan)

  50. A.E. ADKINS

    A very bright orange hairband – I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with it
    The spare tyre I received for Valentines, didn’t go down too well either

  51. Emma G

    A scrubbing brush!

  52. TonyG

    A table cloth when we didn’t own a table

  53. Rich Tyler

    A bucket and sponge

  54. Carly Belsey

    An ornament from Egypt, it was so awful, I still have it now for the comedy factor haha.

  55. michelle o'neill

    a pink bobbly jumper!!

  56. Lyndsey cooksey

    My worst gift has to be a glass ornament of a 3D fish with a very open mouth! It was scary!

  57. Charlotte isobelle

    Why do people always bring you tea towels from holidays haha

  58. Kathleen Marsden

    A garden gnome riding a tortoise and it wasn’t even painted

  59. Priscilla Stubbs

    A recipe bok, nothing wrong with that, but it had been well used with good stains on some of the pages to prove it

  60. Fay

    A book which was titled ‘how to craft with cat fur’

  61. Christine Clarke

    My firend gave me a balaclava for christmas, because I told her how cold me head kept getting, I was actually hinting for a furry hat !!

  62. Angie McDonald

    A pair of knitted arm warmers when I’m allergic to wool..

  63. Dale Dow

    a bottle of perfume from my MIL that was already half used!

  64. melanie stirling

    My now estranged husband gave me some mud flaps for my car our first christmas together, I should have ran for the hills then!

    1. Rebecca roberts

      Some pj’s for Christmas that were a size 22 I’m a ten haha

  65. ValB

    A Xmas gift was a spray for cleaning the grime off the glass door of a wood burning stove

  66. Ursula Hunt

    A vacuum cleaner for christmas from my husband!

  67. Angela Morgan

    A wall plaque from my boyfriend

  68. Laura banks

    my mother in law bought us a toilet one year for xmas

  69. Krzysia

    An ugly white mug with Tesco written in blue across it. The worst thing though was the coffee stains at the bottom.

  70. Vicky Schrader

    Coffee beans when I had no grinder or coffee machine

  71. Tammy Tudor

    some nail polish that had clearly been used

  72. Delia Pemberton

    Vests. Not what a child wants for Christmas…

  73. kathy cakebread

    A cd for a band i’d never even heard of


    Has to be a plain white shirt that was the wrong size for me

  75. kris mc

    Ah, theres no such thing as a bad prezzie – its the thought that counts 😀

  76. Billie B

    Worst gift I ever received = make-up from crackers at my friend’s Christmas party.

  77. Laura Pritchard

    A white chipboard desk when I was 13 – I was desperate for a solid wooden writing desk! I cried! But now I’m an adult & understand the cost of things I get why!

  78. fiona waterworth

    a plastic toilet brush and holder for christmas

  79. Katie Harmer

    My worst present was some plastic clothes covers that you hang clothes and garments in, like plastic dust covers. Not something I was too impressed by, but grateful for the thought that was given to it and grateful that I had been given a present at all.

  80. Claire Driver

    Pumice stone

  81. lynn neal

    My husband gave me an iron for my birthday because mine had broken and he didn’t want me to get behind with his laundry!

  82. S Straw

    A pair of psychedelic print, multi coloured hideous leggings!

  83. Gillian McClelland

    I got a bath set which had a big yellow sticker on it which stated this contains formaldehyde

  84. Lisa Wilkinson

    Tea towels

  85. Amanda Walsh

    A really expensive huge box of Hotel Chocolat chocolates, all of them dark, and I DESPISE dark chocolate

  86. Ellie Spider

    When I was 16 my mum bought me a hideous suit for christmas. It was a 3 piece suit with a skirt, a jacket and a necktie. The skirt came to just above ankle length and it was like a sack no shape, the jacket had shoulder pads and the neck tie was a weird crimpled material. The whole thing was a bright blue. with red piping and details. It was the most foulest thing ever. Did I mention it was the 90’s so it wasn’t in fashion in the slightest and I was a goth!. She was really pleased with it and kept trying to get me to wear it – I dumped it in a charity shop ASAP

  87. Tammy Westrup

    Anti-aging cream when I was 20!

  88. Rebecca King

    Some pyjamas from my mother in law that were 4 sizes too big

  89. Tracy B

    A set of saucepans

  90. MJ


  91. Ruth Harwood

    A pair of £1 socks from my bro and his family when I spent over £100 on their family, felt like a bit of a smack in the face, regardless of their financial situation – I’d been saving all year! They didn’t even put any thought or imagination into it!!

  92. Joanne Hutchings

    I got some bed socks once. They weren’t even the right size.

  93. Amy Bondoc

    an iron!

  94. Ross Leech

    I once got a sock for Christmas from my sister. I got the other one for my birthday 3 months later.

  95. Natalie Burgess

    Bright pink plastic flowers xx

  96. Katie B

    Socks in a mug

  97. Sarah Sims

    Christmas toiletries (January birthday) and the gift bag had my friends name on it! She just regifted her christmas present!

  98. Elaine Livingstone

    My worst present was probably no present, my mother use to tell me my birthday was too near Christmas so one year I got birthday presents one year I got Christmas. So every second year it was nothing.

  99. Jane Willis

    My Great Aunt gave me a bedjacket for my 16th birthday. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it was home made. She’d used an old brushed nylon sheet, with the brushed surface outside except for one of the sleeves that she’d inserted the wrong way, with the shiny side out. And it was lined, to make it cosy, with one of my Great Uncle’s old shirts – complete with sweat stains under the armpits!

  100. Scarlett Randell

    cherry scented bath gel set, the smell was so sickly sweet

  101. Hazel Rea

    When I was eight an aunt gave me her old clothes as “dressing up” clothes for my birthday. They were so hideous they weren’t even suitable for that!

  102. susan taylor


  103. leanne weir

    A man united shirt when I support Liverpool

  104. Yolanda Davis

    Someone gave me one of those ball things that you attach to your car aerial so you can find your car in a busy carpark.

  105. Alison Johnson

    My ex-boyfriends parents bought me a high neck blouse & very long skirt as a Christmas present. I was 19 at the time & usually used to wear jeans & a t-shirt but they were very religious & obviously thought I needed to be more modest!

  106. Rebecca Beesley

    nothing springs to mind as particularly awful – but I do remember a blue top I was once given and the colour and style REALLY didn’t suit me.

  107. Simona Barrett

    A schrub to put in my garden, however the leaves were dead and the roots as well. I couldn’t have saved it no matter what I did. I’m not sure how the person that gift it to me though it was a good present

  108. Stephanie

    Love this

  109. Alexa K

    Loving reading some of these comment – socks aren’t that bad! My dad once got me a mini fire extinguisher for Christmas… I was about 17! That same year he got my mum a toilet seat. Not sure what was going through his head that year! He won’t be getting the chocolates if I win 😉


    A nursery rhyme musical gift from my Aunt and Uncle when I was a teenager! I was gobsmacked as I am older then their children.

  111. Katrina Fox

    I got dumped on my birthday- does that count!

  112. Tina H

    An ex bought me cleaning products for my birthday. He didn’t last very long.

  113. Darren Jacobs

    A bin

  114. Kate Walmsley

    When I was little I did receive a bag of Brussels sprouts for Christmas from my uncle

  115. Rebecca Walker

    some sweets i was allergic to!

  116. Charlotte C

    A set of kitchen sponges from my aunty!

  117. Penny Lane

    I was wished sent a happy birthday text from a parent. It wasn’t my birthday (it was a month before).

  118. stacey turner

    Make up, when I dont wear it – ever!

  119. Christopher Read

    I once received a second-hand library book as a joke 😀

  120. Lucy

    I was once given a talking Barbie hairbrush by a distant family member when I was about 16 – obviously forgot how old I was!!

  121. Julie Ward

    A bunch of tulips that were half dead

  122. Kristie Metcalfe

    A personalised bracelet with my name spelt wrong. This was from a family friend who had known me since a baby…

  123. Natasha Whenham

    A bright pink passport holder, I hate pink!

  124. Sian Buckingham

    Those chocolates filled with alcohol that show up at Christmas – yuck!

  125. angela sandhu

    A football – i hate football

  126. Caitlin Rio

    A pair of commemorative glasses celebrating the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana.. gifted to me in 2018….

  127. kat walsh walsh

    A weight loss aide from my ex husband when i hadnt even expressed an interest in losing weight

  128. Donna Lawton

    I genuinely can’t think of one!

  129. Emma England

    I was given a little gardening gift set which was really cute, but not only do I not garden, I don’t actually have a garden.

  130. Jodie Green

    A clown puppet doll when i was 13….. not a nice one either, more of a horror film prop!

  131. Nadia Josephine

    I got a pair of second-hand slippers that had blood on the inside of them!

  132. Katrina Adams

    I got a bright pink, fully sequinned dress. Because it was a gift from my grandparents I felt I had to wear it at least once – I looked like a very bright, disco ball!

  133. James Travis

    Some sweets which tasted awful

  134. Eileen Hindley

    A years supply of pink marigold gloves!

  135. donna jones

    some socks

  136. Bryan Murphy

    Toilet rolls

  137. Fiona jk42

    A hideous battery-operated plastic model of the Sphinx that had red flashing eyes when you turned it on, then the body flashed, then the eyes and the body both flashed on and off in a pattern.

  138. Sally Collingwood

    A packet of potpourri and a cracked plate to put it on that came out of their cupboard!

  139. Patricia Barrett

    A selection of Japanese candy which was disgusting.

  140. k.benmailoud

    Neon orange leggings with matching hairband

  141. Charmaine Dance

    A really horrible smelling candle

  142. Victoria Prince

    A pack of nappy sacks! It was a birthday present – to this day I have no idea what the giver was thinking. I had no children, no plans for children and I wasn’t even in a relationship.

  143. Kas Grant

    Shoes that were too small. Stupidly I wore them and now have a corn. Ouch

  144. Laura Green

    hair curlers, they were just not very good!

  145. Joanne Holmes

    A bin

  146. Scott Fallon

    A t-shirt that was literally 2 sizes too small

  147. Jennifer Rhymer

    A whoopee cushion that didn’t work!

  148. Sheri Darby

    A plastic tea caddy and I don’t even drink tea

  149. Caroline Smith

    A caricature of myself – it was horrendous, he even got the matching mug too!

  150. betsy ferguson

    a now ex boyfriend bought me a plastic washing up bowl with all the extras inside, like a cloth, scrubbers etc – it did come wrapped in that hard plastic with a nylon ribbon and, just as a finishing touch, he had stuck a xmas bow thing on the top. his mam had suggested the gift – don’t know if she was just very practical, or if she hated me?

  151. cat

    an electric blanket for my 21st

  152. Kim M

    A mans jumper – I’m a woman – this was in the 80’s too when unisex clothes weren’t as common – definitely manly, just to make it worse it was from my husband – now ex I’m glad to say x

  153. Angela Kelly

    It sounds ungrateful, but driving lessons for my 17th birthday. I knew I needed to learn to drive, but I was not looking forward to it!

  154. sensigold

    I once received a half used toiletry set from my friend. The worst thing was the fact that I actually bought this same gift for her birthday a few months before mine, so not only did she re-gift it back to me, she had half used it too!! hahaha

  155. Fiona Johnstone

    A wine making kit which I received early this year.. I don’t drink. But I suppose I could get it made, ready for my friend when she can visit again.

  156. Robyn Clarke

    A box of chocolates… that had already been opened.

  157. Sheena Read

    An empty box

  158. Marrian

    My nan once gave me a diary/calendar set for Christmas, but it wasn’t for the next year or even the current year, it was for the year before.

  159. steph lovatt

    A horrible woolly jumper

  160. Rachael McCadden

    my nan gave me a dress that old people wear. it was old, frilly, lacey and covered in flowers

  161. Jo Nichol

    I don’t think I have every received a bad gift to be honest!

  162. Troy Easton

    It would be a mug that I didn’t really want and wanted somthing else.

  163. NATALIE R

    Bath Salts

  164. Maria b

    When I was in primary school a friend bought me a rock. Not the sweet, just a rock

  165. Beccy Rowley

    Slippers which were three sizes too small!

  166. Orange23

    Anti wrinkle cream

  167. Deborah Preston

    Sunglasses – I wear glasses!

  168. Chirag Patel

    Secret santa – a bag of potato peel with the label next big thing in make up

  169. LJH

    I frequently get bottles of wine as gifts despite frequently telling my family and friends I don’t drink!

    1. Stef Acaster

      A coffee machine from my husband was my worst because I drink tea.

  170. Susan Hoggett

    A celery vase ,with a very scary face

  171. scarletemma8

    An umbrella 🙁

  172. Adrian Bold

    A Rubiks Cube. So annoying!

  173. Geri Gregg

    A pen!

  174. Denise Walton

    A used bottle of perfume

  175. Tracy Hanson

    Well my sister once bought me NOTHING for Christmas. I had to sit and watch everyone else open their presents. Apparently she thought it was funny when my Mum rang her on Boxing Day and asked why she had done it. The day after she turned up with a calendar which was half-price of a football team. Which wouldn’t have been so bad but I’ve supported the same team for over 30+ years and that wasn’t the right one and she knew it lol.

  176. AJ

    Some novelty socks, which turned out to be men’s (and I’m a woman!).

  177. Jeanette Leighton

    Some saucepans haha from my partner he’s lucky he didn’t get one round his head

  178. PhillW

    An automatic garlic chopper!

  179. Fiona Henry

    A cheap tea towel for my birthday!

  180. sharon martin

    a pair of thick woolly tights which is something i’ve never ever worn.

  181. Helen Tyler

    A pair of rubber gloves with fur around the top. They were a work secret santa so I have no idea who was responsible! 🙂

  182. Donna W

    A mop for my 18th birthday by my then boyfriend. He didn’t last long!

  183. Emma Davison

    A basket with pot pouring in it and a gift label addressed to someone else

  184. Maria hackett

    I had an empty desighner shoe box and i was verry diaaponited!

  185. robert sharman

    a type writer as joint present with my sister.

  186. Ian Campbell

    A packet of Fruit Pastilles, & I’m sure there was one missing from the end of the packet!

  187. aisha

    a pizza cutter haha

  188. laura stewart

    10 baking trays all the same size x

  189. Karen R

    A potato peeler!

  190. Cathryn Crawshaw

    a trainspotting book

  191. Lucy

    Hello, for me it would be a vest I got for my birthday.

  192. JennyB

    A china ornament with honey in it.

  193. Sarah Roberts

    My ex’s Aunty brought the weirdest gifts, one year l had an apron and another l had ironing boiard cover l think that was my worst

  194. Catherine Gregory

    A block of cheese

  195. Jessica Hutton

    Sexy underwear as an overweight, awkward 11 year old from my aunty In front of the whole extended family.

  196. Dawn

    A turkey baster

  197. Andrzej Szymanski

    Socks from my then wife.

  198. Rachel Craig

    Ashtray, decades ago, I don’t smoke,, never been a smoker.

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