Win A So Sand DIY Satisfying Sand Tool Case

Win A So Sand DIY Satisfying Sand Tool Case

As the Summer holidays beckon, it’s time to down tools and enjoy a break from home schooling. Crafts have kept us both entertained during lockdown and I have a feeling this will continue. Liv has always loved making things, with the So… DIY sets proving popular over the years. When the opportunity to try a So Sand DIY Case from Canal Toys popped into my emails, it was impeccably timed! We have previously featured the So Slime Factory which we loved, so had an inkling of what to expect. Read on to find out what we thought and how you can win you own So Sand DIY Satisfying Sand Tool Case!

So Sand DIY Satisfying Sand Tool Case

So Sand DIY Satisfying Sand Tool Case

The So Sand DIY Tool Case includes everything you need to create different coloured sands for hours of fun sensory play. There is something quite satisfying and relaxing about playing with sand, but being able to make your own colourful sand and add extras such as glitter is even more fun!

So Sand Magic Sand set

It is very easy to mix the sand with the coloured packs and you will find yourself playing with the sand pretty much immediately! Now, it can get quite messy (the hoover was permanently out!), so I would strongly advise playing with this on a board or outside. As you can see from the image below, the pink and yellow colouring can stain, so protect your flooring and furnishings!

Whether you choose to simply play with the sand or you use the included round or square mold accessories to create shapes, there is no denying it is a very theraputic toy. With 3 packs of sand, 3 coloured packs and packs of glitter, molds and cutting tools, the possiblities are endless for what you can create!

So Sand set

The images on the box look amazing and I wish Liv could have created some exquiste sand art, alas, she clumped it all together and created a large mass of sand instead. At this point it was hard to make out all the different colours! With this, she prefered to shape and chop in her own way and played with it longer than expected. The sand does feel really soft and is easy to mold, but becareful of stray clumps! The sand does keep very well if kept in an air tight container or the tool kit and I have noticed her play with the So Sand on several occasions since.

Win A So Sand DIY Satisfying Sand Tool Case

There is something rather hypnotic about playing with and shaping sand. Whilst this is aimed at children aged 6 years plus, I defy most parents to not have a try too! This is where the sensory benefits of the So Sand range really do become apparent, it is such a calming toy and with the craziness of current life, is a great toy to bring much joy over the summer holidays.

Wondering how to keep the sand and included accessories tidy? The plastic tool kit box is seriously sturdy with a well sealed lid and a great place to keep your sand creations and all the accessories. It’s also very portable, making it ideal for taking with you on trips out.

Priced at a reasonable £20, you can buy the set from retailers such as Argos and Smyths Toys.

How To Win a So Sand DIY Satisfying Sand Tool Case

For your chance to win a So Sand DIY Satisfying Sand Case worth £20, simply enter using the Gleam form below and do not forget to answer the question by leaving a blog comment!

Win a So Sand DIY Tool Case

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One winning entry we drawn at random by Gleam.
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So Sand DIY Tool case

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Park fun – really missed adventures – painting cooking crafting and canoeing

  2. Rachel Walsh

    We’re hoping for some sunny weather so we can have picnics, days out to the beach and a trip to the zoo!

  3. Tracy Nixon

    Gardening and walking our new indoor kitten on a harness!

  4. Ursula Hunt

    We plan to go camping in the Cotswolds

  5. Peter Watson

    Nothing planned but I guess we’ll all go out to the coast for a few days.

    1. Laura Pyper

      No plans this year, staying home, few movie and games nights

    2. Kas Grant

      I’m pregnant so crafting with kids, visits to parks and forest walks. Lovely!

    3. TonyG

      See family and friends

    4. Joanne Hutchings

      We’re just looking forward to getting out and about again.

  6. Lori

    We hope to go camping over the summer and have some trips to the beach

  7. ashleigh allan

    Nothing much – we should have been away so probably just days out when we can!

  8. Martina Pichova

    Staying close to home this year – but visiting a safari park and other outdoor attractions on some days out.

  9. Alice Dixon

    I’m hoping for good weather so we can spend the summer enjoying the outdoors and our garden.

  10. Susan Lloyd

    We are planning lots of long walks and picnics.

  11. laura stewart

    hopfully take my daughter shopping xx

  12. Zoe C

    Some day trips out to the seaside and country parks

  13. Yasmin0147

    Hopefully a picnic, some paddling pool fun and some more water fighting

  14. Rachel louise hockley

    Go to the beach

  15. Tracy Newton

    We don’t have any solid plans. But hopefully we can have lots of family days out

  16. Susan Smith

    Weather permitting the beach, if not plenty of walks and maybe visit some other resorts

  17. Bryan Murphy

    Lots of days out with the family

  18. Katie

    going away for a week in a caravan

  19. Rachael McCadden

    We plan to go camping

  20. Jenny McClinton

    We have been home working & school home learning, so it will be nice to spend some time int he garden and doing activities with my daughter which we haven’t really had that much time to do.

  21. Annabel Greaves

    We are hoping to go on days out with the family

  22. Dale Dow

    we’re going to do lots of staycations, rediscovering the city we live in

  23. Alan Mcdonald

    Learning guitar….finally.

  24. Kim Neville

    walks to parks, picnics at the beach and visit farm

    1. Sandra Fortune

      Days out at the seaside hopefully

  25. fiona waterworth

    Afew nice picnics, a visit to knowsley safari park and cumbria zoo

  26. Solange

    We will be going camping in Cornwall.

  27. Lyndsey cooksey

    Well, we are waiting to hear from our favourite camping farm to see what the government says about tents so that will decide our holiday at least. We both work in schools but I won’t be required but hubby is, so In between we will get in plenty of days trips/walks, get some of our garden done and a bit of decluttering of our bungalow.

  28. cat

    has to be building a play house

  29. Sam Cornford

    We have a couple of camping trips planned.

  30. Jeanette Leighton

    lots of fun in the garden , we usually visit my dad for a week in Surrey but unsure about this year

  31. Helen Tovell

    Not much at the moment due to the ongoing situation with the virus

  32. Susan B

    As many days out as possible, hopefully one or two to the seaside.


    A trip to the seaside, some beachcombing and perhaps some stargazing to end the day.

  34. melanie stirling

    I don’t have any firm plans at the moment but it would be nice to go somewhere for a few days. I’m still shielding until the end of the month so it would be nice to have a change of scenery.

  35. Gemma Hendry

    hoping to do some picnics, some day trips etc but suffering from ms flare up atm so see how it goes

  36. Joanne Hall

    Picnics and days out

  37. Karen Radford

    A caravan holiday in the UK, but staying local apart from that.

  38. winnie

    garden party and water splash pad

  39. Angie McDonald

    Lotsa of walking and crafting, we’re going to make our own treasure map and hunt treasure and we have lots of films lined up to watch for rainy days!

  40. Panth

    Hopefully going camping

  41. lynn neal

    We are plannning lots of long walks in the park!

  42. adrian price

    wood land walks–maybe some glamping

  43. Gill Mitchell

    My Auntie is allowing us to use her caravan in the lakes for a week. I feel incredbly lucky that we can have a break.

  44. Laura Johnson

    Lots of walks!

  45. michelle o'neill

    so far we have bowling booked, hopefully legoland as im collecting sun tokens, and a picnic in Greenwich park with friends. plenty of walking the dog!

  46. VAL s

    Hopefully go camping and days out

  47. Katie B

    No plans as yet as we’re waiting to see what happens with the current situation. Hoping that we can visit family as well as some visits to the beach!

  48. Sarah Homer

    Theme Parks! We have missed them so much!

  49. Rich Tyler

    Off to cornwall, for a couple of beach days

  50. Catherine McAlinden

    We are hoping to go to the zoo

  51. Sejal Trivedy

    Hopefully camping

  52. Carly Belsey

    This looks so much fun. We are lucky enough to live right near the coast so we will be spending lots of time at the beach but not when it’s busy!

  53. Nuala

    Not much planned yet, hopefully will have some play dates but it depends on Covid


    Baking,Arts/Crafts.Going walks in park

  55. Lydia Joy

    I’m a teacher so looking forward to finally having some time off work! We’re going to do country park days, sorting our new garden and dog walks in the woods

  56. Laura Pritchard

    We’re staying with family on the South Devon coast!

  57. Michael Rattray

    Spending time in the garden

  58. Jo m welsh

    We hope to be going out for picnics

  59. Lisa Wilkinson

    Spending as much time as possible outside in nature

  60. Ellie Spider

    we plan on going camping, skating and swimming

  61. Allan Smith

    We will be going camping

  62. Katrina Fox

    We’re lucky that my parents have a caravan on the coast so we can have some cheap, safe UK holidays but apart from that our plans are just to stay home as much as we can and hope for some decent weather for picnics, dog walks and duck feeding!

  63. james

    ohh yeaaaah i will go for the camping there

  64. Sarah Sims

    Day trips to the seaside and animal parks

  65. Tammy Tudor

    hopefully having the chance to go to the beach and contining to have lots of park picnics

  66. Tammy Westrup

    Lots of time in the garden and at the beach

  67. Gerri Tennant

    I am shielding but my children and grandchildren are going to self isolate for two weeks so that they can visit me without putting me at risk. We will then go on picnics and to the beach. Good old fashioned fun.

  68. Ruth Harwood

    Picnics in the Park, a train ride to Windermere if we can, overnight in a b&b, and a trip to the beach near us, both Blackpool and Morecambe xx

  69. Kerry

    I have no plans maybe just chilling in the park.

  70. Natalie Burgess

    Comping, lots of picnics and beach time xx

  71. Darren Jacobs

    Days out to the beach

  72. Mark R

    Beach combing then craft sessions with our finds.

  73. Rebecca Walker

    hopefully a trip to the beach

  74. Michaela McDermott

    Not very much, my eldest has a metabolic condition so have to be careful going out at the minute. We do have a nice birthday planned for her at home though

  75. Mandy Doherty

    Woodland walks, picnics and trips to the park

  76. sallie burrows

    we are going to have some trips to the beach

  77. Clare McGill

    We are likely to remain exploring , digging , camping out in the back garden this year.

  78. kathy Glamour cakebread

    We might go to Hastings..that’s about it

  79. Elizabeth Yeates

    Lots of walks and picnics

  80. claire woods

    Staying local but going for walks, to the zoo, to a theme park.

  81. Amy Lambert

    A trip to the zoo, A trip to the park, A trip to the beach and a trip to an amusement park

  82. stacey turner

    We did have a caravan holiday in the uk booked, but have cancelled due to the current pandemic. We are planning some nice day trips instead

  83. leanne weir

    Lotsa of walking and crafting,

  84. Amy Bondoc

    lot of art and craft!

  85. Fiona jk42

    I am looking forward to August when our daughter and granddaughter come to stay with us. We have not seen them since February and although I enjoy our weekly video sessions, it’s not the same. We will visit the zoo and go for lots of walks on our local beaches.

  86. peter Nickson

    Hoping to go on days out get some jobs done have fun and relax

  87. Kristie Metcalfe

    Lots of trips to national parks!

  88. judy kennedy

    Garden and hopefully visiting the coat

  89. Kathryn Booth

    hopefully visiting some national trust places and spending time in the garden

  90. Vicki Francis

    Picnic trips to park lots of crafts

  91. Laura Norcop

    We’re converting a panel van and can’t wait to sleep out in it near the beach and spend time kayaking and surfing

  92. lauren

    spending lots of time in the gardening and hopefully some camping 🙂

  93. Sian Buckingham

    We’re going to be spending lots of time in our garden, and we’re hoping to do a few trips, hopefully to our local zoo as they need all the support they can get at the moment!

  94. Clara

    Walks and crafts

  95. Rachel Butterworth

    Camping in the back garden, walks in the woods with the dog and say trips to the beach.

  96. A.E. ADKINS

    Den making, camping out and water fights in the garden mainly

  97. Jade Hewlett

    Lots of trips to the beach and baking

  98. Kay Sherman

    We have two August birthdays here so we are off to paignton for a few days and hopefully some nice weather x

  99. Christopher Read

    Cycle rides, walks in the wood and gardening activities – lots of outdoor stuff 🙂

  100. Jodie Green

    We’re hoping the weather picks back up so we can have some nice days out, picnics and walks over Cannock Chase and maybe a visit to the zoo!

  101. Alison Johnson

    My son & his partner have been taking the kids out for walks, lots of baking & some arts & crafts. My kids are obviously older so I don’t have to worry about keeping them occupied but personally I’ve been doing a lot of gardening.

  102. Nadia Josephine

    We are hoping to go on a trip to the seaside or maybe get a caravan somewhere

  103. Charlotte C

    We are having lots of days out to the seaside and the park.

  104. Julie Ward

    Nothing really planned, just taking it day by day,

  105. Lorraine Williams

    Walks, picnics, beach days, local day trips

  106. Margaret Clarkson

    Nothing planned, won’t be going far due to the virus.

  107. Michelle Ferguson

    I have canclled my holiday and will now be working all summer, boo hoo!

  108. Priscilla Stubbs

    Visiting our local beaches, we have so many to choose from here in beautiful Pembrokeshire


    I’m looking forward to taking my eight-month-old Grandson to the park, beach, the zoo and sealife centre.

  110. Ross Leech

    Going off in the campervan for a bit.

  111. Patricia Avery

    Exploring the UK in our campervan

  112. dana

    I want to go to the becj=h and enjoy some walks in the countryside

  113. Tracy Barber

    Nothing really planned, taking it a day at a time, there’ll be plenty of time spent in the garden though

  114. katrina walsh

    Weve booked a little treehouse holiday for the family and the dogs

  115. Caroline Smith

    Lots of local days out and countryside walks with picnics, may try one of those treasure trails 🙂

  116. Kim M

    Lots of picnics and walks in the woods

  117. Keith Hunt

    Lots of short trips in my motorhome.

  118. Robyn Clarke

    Camping in the garden, a virtual holiday 😉

  119. Kyomi Johnson

    Playing a trip to the beach, building sand castles and having a picnic as a family

  120. Susan Hoggett

    walking,baking together ,and picnic,s

  121. Donna Lawton

    Trying to stay sane!

  122. Fiona Johnstone

    A camping trip to the Highlands in Scotland

  123. Lucy

    Hello, during the summer holidays I’ll probably go down to the beach, which’ll be nice.

  124. sharon martin

    walking , gardening and baking

  125. Troy Easton

    Going Bristol for the day trip.

  126. Jo Nichol

    Relaying our garden patio!

  127. Donna W

    Lots of time outdoors while we still can – picnics, the zoo, parks, the beach and plenty of time with family and friends while we’re still allowed.

  128. Charmaine Dance

    Exploring the woods

  129. donna jones

    picnics in the park days out walking the dogs

  130. Lucinda P

    Hoping for some good weather for days out at the beach

  131. betsy ferguson

    we live in beautiful Northumberland, with amazing countryside and spectacular coastlines, so we will be staying close to home, and take full advantage of what is on our doorstep.

  132. Jennifer Rhymer

    Days at the park, picnics and going to visit family x

  133. Roz Walker-Smith

    Finally getting to see my mum/kids grandma after 6 long months.

  134. Kim clark

    This looks fun! We plan on picnics on the beach and walks to have little adventures

  135. Angela Morgan

    Staycation with us all in the garden growing fruit and veg

  136. Susan Hoggett

    Baking for a great picnic

  137. Pauline Burroughs

    Hopefully be able to get out and about. Walking in the countryside and maybe a trip to the seaside if it’s not too busy

  138. Michelle Moloney

    We are going to try for a couple of days out, plus crafts and water in the garden hopefully

  139. Laura Green

    hopefully having a staycation!!

  140. Charlotte Moore

    as much camping as possible!

  141. Sarah

    Day trips out, to the Zoo etc, fingers crossed for some nice weather!

  142. Sheri Darby

    Lots of walks and picnics

  143. Marie Rungapadiachy

    We are going to do lots of craft activities, baking, long walks, fruit picking and picnics.

  144. Adrian Bold

    Lots of local day trips.

  145. Pam Smith

    Days out exploring our local coastline and villages

  146. Sheena Read

    Enjoying the great outdoors as much as possible.

  147. Katrina Adams

    Crafting, baking and lots of time outdoors.

  148. Janine Atkin

    no plans, everything we have planned has been cancelled

  149. fiona d

    My boy is extremely vulnerable to Covid19 so we won’t be going far so hoping for lots of dry bright days in the garden , he has severe learning difficulties and does not like change so we have a routine of what he likes to do only introducing new things if we feel he will take to in from the onset, he loves anything that is sensory stimulating.

  150. Samantha Butler

    We have already been to the seaside, lots of bbq’s, lots of walks, playing with my little girl in the garden 🙂

  151. Vicky

    Lots of gardening and long walks with the kiddies.

  152. Jennie Stallard

    were off to the zoo

  153. Darren Bourne

    Trips to the seaside and baking delicious treats.

  154. Sam Parkes

    Due to covid 19 we are not doing any of the things we normally would as best to stay safe so lots of activities at home and walks near to where we live

  155. Helen

    We’re season ticket holders for a theme park near us so lots of trips there to make up for lost time!

  156. natalie s

    A trip to cornwall!

  157. Patricia Barrett

    Nothing planned for the Summer, but we do have a week in Wales booked for October which we’re hoping to still get to.

  158. Philip Brett

    Spending time in the garden

  159. Charlotte Burle

    The weather is so hot at the moment we are out in the garden playing with water as much as possible!

  160. Rebecca King

    Just trying to get the kids outside in the fresh air when the weather is good. Doing simple things like picnics, days at the beach and walks with the dog

  161. Geri Gregg

    Nothing planned! But some days out and lots of fun hopefully!

  162. Elaine Stokes

    arts and crafts, baking, long walks and trips to the beach

  163. amanda greensmith

    days out to places of interest

  164. christine westlake

    been nature spotting

  165. Angela Kelly

    We’ll be having some nice coastal walks.

  166. lia sturman

    lots of park fun

  167. kim white

    Days out in London and mid-week staycation in a caravan in Lowestoft

  168. Paul Bell

    Lazing about mostly

  169. Emma-Louise Davidson

    Beaches, BBQs, walks with the dog and playing at the playground!

  170. Zoe Trelfa-Porter

    We’re visiting lots of country parks and castles

  171. Heli L

    Going to the park and for walks close by

  172. Jess Howliston

    We have been for lots of walks, discovering our local area and more recently have been enjoying some trips to the seaside. It has been so good being able to sit in the sand and dip our toes in the sea!

  173. Stef Acaster

    Lots of walking, park visits and picnics

  174. Catherine Gregory

    We’ve been having lots of fun at the beach and going to the park

  175. Tee Simpson

    We have a a few trips planned and lots of outdoor adventures. I also plan on teaching my youngest how to ride a bike.

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