Helping Your Kids Revise for Exams

Helping Your Kids Revise for Exams

School exams are a good way to monitor a child’s learning progress. However many children find them quite stressful. This is often due to the amount of revision needed leading up to the exam and the wait for results.

Parents often wonder how best to support their children with upcoming exams. With that in mind, here are some great tips from a private Sixth Form in North London on helping your kids revise for exams

Create a study area

Create a quiet space for your child to study for their exams. You could also help them to make a study schedule for their wall. This will help to make their revision more manageable and improve your child’s organisation skills. If your child needs a push to get started, you could sit with them and help them to revise by reading through their work and then asking them questions.

Don’t pressure

It is important to teach your child that although exams are important, they do not define them. No matter what results they get in their tests, trying their best is what matters the most. By putting too much pressure on children to achieve certain results, you can have a negative effect on their academic performance and cause anxiety.

Tips for Helping Your Kids Revise for Exams

Talk about school

Encourage your child to talk to you regularly about what they are learning at school. This will help you to keep on track of what they are learning and what could come up in their exams. Also, by repeating what they are learning in class, they will be helping to retain this information in their memory.


Finally, one of the best ways to help your child prepare for an exam is by practicing. Replicating exam settings at home is a great technique for building up your child’s confidence before the big day. Ask your child questions that they might find on their test papers, or use these questions in a written practice test. Make a note of any questions that your child found difficult and focus on those areas in your next revision session.

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