Are You Really Ready For A Puppy?

Are You Really Ready For A Puppy?

The thought of welcoming the patter of tiny paws into your home can be alluring, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. As the world has shifted, we have found our nurturing sides coming to the fore. While some people can harness this newfound caring side by channeling it into volunteering schemes or going the extra mile for neighbours, others are keen to have a new little creature in the house to love and care for. Think about whether you really are ready for a puppy. They take a lot of commitment, time, and love. All too many are being abandoned or given up when owners suddenly realise that they don’t stay puppies forever.

Are you really ready for a puppy?


It’s crucial that you research breeds of dog. Just because you love the look of the labradoodle that your neighbour has because it’s cute doesn’t mean it’s the right breed for you. Labradoodles are a new designer breed that takes characteristics from its poodle and labrador parentage. As such, the size, look, and temperament of any particular dog is never typical. Instead, research breeds and get to know lots of different dogs. If you need a hypoallergenic breed that doesn’t shed, poodles, schnoodles, and schnauzers can be ideal. You might want a breed that doesn’t bark much – the doberman is perfect. And if you need a breed that is great around kids, you can’t beat a Newfoundland. However, all individual dogs have individual personalities. You need to be willing to put in the work and train your dog as you want him to be.

Are you really ready for a puppy?

Puppy Days

Those heady puppy days are not all playing and snuggling. Puppies poop and sleep a lot. They are like newborn babies needing your constant attention and care. They will wake up numerous times a night to need a toilet break. This means venturing into the garden at 3 am come rain or shine in your pyjamas.

Don’t be surprised to see your puppy chewing shoes, stealing socks, peeing on the carpet, and ripping up your grass. To combat the destruction of your garden, consider sending off for some free artificial grass samples that are resilient to pets. This means your lawn will remain well-coiffed and looking good no matter what your puppy throws at it.

Getting a dog


Puppies cost more money than you think. From food to insurance and from vet bills to paw balm, you need to invest in your puppy. He will need vaccinating, he will need to visit the vet once in a while because of a seed stuck in his paw or a tummy bug, and he will eat like you never feed him. Puppies are costly, but they can be so worth it. Invest in a high-quality grub and he won’t need to eat as much and his health will be improved, meaning fewer visits to the vet. Play with your pup, get to know him, train him, and create that bond. There’s nothing better than having your own four legged pal to love and who loves you back.

If you are keen to get a puppy, go for it. But only after careful consideration of the pros and cons, and when you are ready to make a lifelong commitment.


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