Home Based Date Night Ideas

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Home Based Date Night Ideas

The past few months have definitely been interesting, never before have we been informed to stay at home and give up life as we knew it. For some, it has been a fantastic opportunity to have a much needed rest and refresh, for others, not being able to get out and about as freely has been hard to fathom. Treats such as dinner dates in restaurants or maybe a date night at the cinema, fuelled by nachos and popcorn were literally banned overnight. However, there are plenty of  home based date night ideas to ensure the lockdown madness doesn’t get in the way of romance! Let’s have a look at some inexpensive and easy inspiration to make a date night at home fun!

Home Based Date Night Ideas

Romantic meal at home

A romantic meal at home

One of the greatest advantages of home based date nights is the money saving aspect. Romantic meals at restaurants can be expensive, especially when factoring in drinks and desserts. However cooking a special meal at home can be just as fun! Choosing what to eat together, or cooking a surprise dish – preparing the meal together, dimming the lights and enjoying your feast at a leisurely pace. Decorating the table with flowers or cute accessories adds to the ambience of a special meal. The only question is… who does the washing up?

Create your own in home cinema

Enjoy a cinema experience in your own home

Netflix has been a livesaver to most people during lockdown, with a wide variety of films and TV shows to keep everyone entertained. Stock up on cinema style treats such as popcorn, nachos, hot dogs and more. There are even lots of recipes for homemade slushies on Pinterest if you want the full cinema experience! Plump up the cushions, dim the lights, light candles and relax with a good film for a relaxed date night experience.

hotel bedroom

Create the hotel bedroom experience at home

Romantic overnight stays in hotels may have been off the table, but there is no reason why you cannot recreate the magic in your own bedroom! Invest in a new luxurious duvet set, a new lingerie set and make sure you prepare with lots of lovely beauty and skincare items for a lovely romantic night at home. Whether you choose to scatter rose petals on the bed or add toys such as dildos to your bedside table for an even spicier evening, at least you do not have to wake early to be ready for checkout!

I hope these suggestions have given you food for thought on how you can have fun date nights at home without the usual expense of venturing out!

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