How to Give Your Health and Fitness a Boost after Lockdown

How to Give Your Health and Fitness a Boost after Lockdown

Whether you have embraced health and fitness during the lockdown or are guilty of letting things slide, preparing for post-lockdown life is essential. In this post, we’ll highlight a few ways to give your health and fitness a boost — from workout supplements to online exercise routines — to keep you active and eating healthy.

COVID-19 has been a challenging experience for many reasons. But the lockdown itself has had a significant impact on everyday life and people’s careers. For many, health and fitness are a vital aspect of their lives. While some people have used the lockdown as an opportunity to embrace a healthy lifestyle, for others, it has been a more restful period where fitness has taken a back seat. Regardless of which group you find yourself in — or even if you’re in the middle somewhere — there’s no time like the present to plan for life after lockdown!

How to Give Your Health and Fitness a Boost after Lockdown

Keep up the Home Workouts

Although gyms aren’t open for business yet, it won’t be much longer before they are. But if you’re not eager to rush back to the gym because of concerns about hygiene and social distancing, continuing with home workouts will be a huge benefit.

Fortunately, you have a wealth of solutions at your fingertips. All you have to do is a quick search online or on YouTube, and you’ll find a vast array of workout routines designed to do at home. For example, “The Body Coach” Joe Wicks’ YouTube channel enjoyed enormous success throughout lockdown. He uploaded daily videos to suit a range of workout needs — PE classes for kids, lighter routines for seniors, as well as HIIT and other workouts for everyone else. So, no gym? No problem. Boot up your computer and break into a sweat!

Give Your Health and Fitness a Boost

Re-adjust to a New Eating Schedule

Like many people, you may have been furloughed throughout the coronavirus lockdown. If this is the case, your day-to-day life will have changed significantly during this period. You’ll have had more time on your hands and the freedom to eat as and when you please. If you are returning to work soon, it’s essential you also resume a regular eating schedule to ensure your body has all the fuel it needs to adjust to a more busy lifestyle.

It’s all too common for people to focus so much on their work that they either forget to eat or save time by eating a quick and easy option.  Often, this includes junk food, which is no good at all. Your food choices are a HUGELY important aspect of your health and fitness. So if you’re concerned about slipping back into old habits, preparation is the key. Getting into a routine of food prepping for a few days at a time saves you time and also ensures you aren’t wasting money on poor-quality food choices.

Get the Boost You Need with Workout Supplements

Workout supplements offer a quick and easy way to give your body the boost it needs, so you benefit as much as possible from your choice of exercise. Whether it’s to provide you with extra energy to fight through tough workouts or additional protein to aid recovery, there is a vast range of workout supplements on the market to suit your needs.

High protein drinks for weight loss are also well worth looking into. They offer the benefit of weight loss but are also the ideal go-to for people with little time for work breaks who need a quick pick-me-up. Again, there are many options out there, so do your research and make sure the products you buy are benefitting you without adding a tonne of refined sugar and other unhealthy ingredients to your diet.

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Outdoor Exercise Is Vital

Throughout lockdown, the guidelines have gradually changed as the worldwide pandemic became less severe (not eradicated — be safe people!). We started with a total lockdown; then we moved onto one form of outdoor exercise a day, and so on. As life gets back to something like normal, it’s easy to slip back into your old routine, which may not include outdoor activities — or not as frequently, at least. 

If you are back at work or now have the freedom to get back to your previous workout regime, you may feel as though your lockdown exercise routine is a thing of the past — but it’s crucial to recognise the advantage of exercising outside. The primary benefits of any exercise are the way it helps your cardiovascular system and increases your strength and immune system. But being outside is also incredibly beneficial as you will have clean air filling your lungs and sunlight for a free dose of vitamin D. 

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