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Looking Your Best On Your Summer Getaways

by S1m
How to look your best on your summer holiday

Oh, how much fun it is, to go on a summer adventure to another country. While this year may be a bit of bust in that regard (thanks to the coronavirus pandemic), we can be relatively sure that the good times will return in the future. While most of the planning part of our summer trips involves thinking about where we’re going to go and what we’re going to do, there’s another important aspect too: our style. After all, there’ll be many photographs taken when we’re abroad, so we’ll want to ensure that we’re looking our best! In this blog, we’re going to take a look at a few key tips that’ll have you looking your absolute best while you’re frolicking in the sun.

Looking Your Best On Your Summer Getaways

Looking Your Best On Your Summer Getaways

Upgrade Your Summer Wardrobe

First thing’s first: let’s think about upgrading your summer wardrobe. While you might have those old, favourite pieces that you’ll want to take away with you, it’s always worthwhile to buy one or two new items for your trip. Trends and styles do change from one year to the next, after all, so if you want to have a couple of hot and trending outfits up your sleeve, then you’ll need to hit the stores. In any case, while clothes can last for a long time if they’re properly cared for, it does seem as if summer clothing has a smaller lifespan. That’s because we’re a lot more active in the summer than we are in the winter, and thus our clothing is put under more stress — and thus more likely to pick up little scuffs and other imperfections.

The Local Scene

While there’s a lot of options when it comes to general summer clothing, if you want to make something of a splash when you’re on your travels, then it’s recommended that you’re thinking about the country you’re visiting. While you should be mindful of cultural appropriation, it might be possible to incorporate some of their style into your outfits. Also be aware that there are some countries where you won’t be able to show certain parts of your body, so you’ll have to pack clothing that’s loose-fitting and cool, but which adheres to their standards. It’s always best to know these things before you travel so that you don’t turn up and realise that you’ll need an entirely new wardrobe. 

Make the Most of Accessories

Accessories can be utilised all year round to create a unique and stylish outfit, but they’re especially important to summer outfits. After all, while in the colder months you can wear multiple layers and thus have a lot of clothes to work with, during the summer there’s only so much skin that you can cover. Your go-to outfit may be a simple shorts and t-shirt combination. It can look good, but may not stand out from the crowd. This is where accessories can come to the rescue; they can turn a regular summer’s outfit into a great summer’s outfit. So before you set off on your summer holiday, be sure to invest in some high-quality shades for the beach, as well as a stylish hat and some casual jewelry pieces. Once they’re all combined, you’ll be able to wear any old plain outfit and still be secure in the knowledge that you look great. 

Sun Safety

Part of why we go overseas during the summer is so that we can get that beautiful bronze look. However, it’s important to remember that getting a tan takes time. It’s not something that you can do in a day. If you try to speed up the process, then you’ll only end up burning yourself. And when you’re in that position, you’ll find that it’s pretty impossible to look your best! So when you’re abroad, be sure to slowly expose your skin to the sun, use refreshing moisturisers, and always avoid the sun during the hottest part of the day (1pm – 4pm). Also, remember that it’s never recommended to use a tanning bed before you go abroad. It might give you a base tan, but you’ll also significantly increase your chances of contracting skin cancer. 

Limit the Late Nights 

Finally, remember that if you’re going to put all this effort into looking your best, then you won’t want to ruin your photos by continually being tired. While you’ll be eager to have fun when you’re away, remember that you may end up overdoing it if you’re not careful. Try to limit the late nights, and you’ll look your best in the photos!  

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