Starting to Invest: Reducing the Complexities of This Misunderstood Subject

Starting to Invest

When you think of the word “investing,” you might think of it as some incredibly complex thing where people speak about commodities and trading as if it’s a foreign language. You are not alone! And while you may have some understanding of property investment because you bought your own home, when you’re looking to make money through investing, you don’t need a lot of cash. But the key to building wealth is not necessarily about finding the best investments, but it’s about developing good habits. How can we start to invest when we know very little about it?

Starting to Invest: Reducing the Complexities of This Misunderstood Subject

becoming a landlord

Becoming a Landlord

Property investment is so popular right now, but if you are looking to make money over the long-term, becoming a landlord might be an option to consider. If you have the money to invest in a small property like a flat, you can let this out to tenants. If not, then there are many Buy to Let mortgages available on the market if you want to persue investments in property for the long term. Of course, there are so many questions you need to ask yourself before you become a landlord. But when it comes to getting rent payment every month, it can help you to earn a considerable amount of money pretty quickly. There’s also the question of letting agency fees. You could always become a private landlord, but you need to make sure that you know your footing in a legal sense.

The Stock Market

Believe it or not, you can invest in the stock market with very little money. The way it used to be, you needed a significant amount to get your foot in the door. But because the internet has made it so easy for people to get started with little money upfront you don’t have to put in much to get to grips with investing. In fact, you can even trade on your mobile these days, and with the numerous trading platforms practice accounts, you can dip your toe in and make as many errors as possible. The most important thing is to understand why you have made these mistakes. Of course, for many people, the stock market is very unforgiving and learning by your mistakes is not an option. After all, if you invest money and you lose, it’s not money you will get back. There are so many apps that hold your hand through the process. And more importantly, a lot of these apps don’t ask you to put money upfront.

Using a Robo Advisor

Robo advisors are a great way to help you invest your money without experience. Robo advisors work by asking some questions to get an understanding of your risk tolerance and your goal. These Robo investors put your money into a diverse range of stocks and bonds. While the Robo advisors do a lot of the work for you, the downside is the annual fee. On average, Robo-advisors charge, approximately 0.25% of your balance. While this is a small percentage, you might lose a lot of money if you make a considerable profit. But if your goal is to pay for a holiday or something that isn’t hundreds of thousands of pounds, a Robo advisor might be able to get you there.

Managing your finances

Open an ISA

An ISA is something that everybody should open. It’s a perfect way to put money into something and see a considerable return. The great thing about opening ther best share ISA is that it takes five minutes (literally) to set up, and as long as you put £1 into it, it’s yours for life, especially now as the government are running a scheme where you get 25% added on. For example, if you put £1 into your ISA, the government tops it up by 25p. This is one of the best returns on any investment. And if you are trying to make big purchases, an ISA could be the best way to get a considerable amount of money quickly. You have to remember that with ISAs, you cannot access them unless you pay a fee. But this is perfect if you want to buy a house and you need to put money aside. ISAs do not charge if you are using the money for a mortgage or retirement.

Investing Your Money With Safer Options

There are other safer options to give you a foot in the door. If you want to start putting money aside, there are apps like Plum that do the investing for you. This is almost like a Robo advisor but these bots that you find on Messenger measure your spending habits through algorithms and can determine how much money you can put aside every week or month. You can input information, link it to your account, and it will set aside an incredibly small percentage of your bank balance. It’s measured based on how much you have in there. If you are up to your overdraft limit, it would likely just put in a few pence. And the important thing with investing is that no matter how little money you have, you can still put some away. Every small amount that goes aside will build up over time. And this also means when you put money aside in such small amounts, it becomes something you like to see grow. You put more money in and see it amass over time. And that’s the great thing with something like a basic bank account too. While interest rates aren’t great, if you can see some of your money over time, it makes you realise how little you need to put in to see a return. 

Of course, when it comes to investing, a lot of options out there are pretty risky. When it comes to stocks and shares, it’s always about knowing the risks. But when you start to invest, and you slowly begin to see returns over time, this means you won’t just get some extra money, but it becomes a part-time passion. Investing is something that many people do on the side of a regular job. And it can make all the difference to people’s lives, especially if it pays for a holiday. So many people don’t invest because it seems like such a complex subject and can be quite intimidating on first researching, however this is not the case. You just need to dedicate time and effort into know what you do before you start the process!

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