How To Create A Work From Home Space

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How To Create A Work From Home Space

Lockdown has been the craziest of times, however there are many positives that can be taken from the experience.
On the whole, we have spent more quality time with our families, creating our own fun activities to keep everyone occupied. People have has more time to declutter, decorate, complete DIY tasks, get their hands dirty with gardening tasks and erm, crochet! That’s right, people have been crafting more than ever recently and even I have to admit that crocheting is a great distraction from all the madness!

Working from home became essential during lockdown, as offices closed, but the work still needed to be completed. Overnight, workers had to set up their own office spaces in their homes to keep the momentum going. Some fall into home working life easily, others who love the buzz of an actual office may take a little longer to acclimatize to working on their own. Creating a welcoming working space at home can really help the adjustment, so let’s have a look at some suggestions of how to create your own home office…

How To Create A Work From Home Space

What do you need in a home office?

Home Office Furniture

Having your own dedicated home office space helps you to keep more organised, diligent and productive. A clutter free space allows you to simply sit down and get cracking, with modern style office furniture helping you to create a calming working environment immediately. When choosing a desk, ensure there will be enough space for your computer, paperwork, phone, funky accessories and more. Desks in offices are generally quite large, so ensuring you have enough workspace is essential!

Home office chair

Home Office Chair

Finding the right office chair for you is quite powerful – faced with a comfy chair, you are unlikely to want to move from it, which in turn leads you to be more productive! High backed chairs offer great support for your head, neck and back and helps to promote a better posture… meaning less aches and pains from sitting in the same position for a few hours.

Garden office

Garden Office 

When space is at a premium, but you have space in your garden, then a garden office would be a fantastic consideration. Not only does it give you the option to have a dedicated workspace outside of your living environment, but it offers a peaceful area to crack on and totally focus on work. Garden office sheds are growing in popularity and not only offer a work space, but also storage for other items when you are no longer utilising it. Need inspiration? How about turning your garden office shed into your own personal gym?

Add accessories to your home office

Add Accessories

Brighten up your working space with funky desk accessories to help keep your working space tidy and colourful. Add a playful side to your work space with fresh, colourful flowers and just generally make the working space somewhere you will actually enjoy sitting.

Office desk drawers

Storage Space

Storage space in any home is always at a premium, add in an office work space and your home becomes a little harder to navigator. Desks with internal drawers, or even floating shelves above your work space are a great idea for hiding away paperwork or books for safe keeping. Creatives will certainly need more space to record their ideas, making walls a great space for adding white boards or pin boards.

With more companies now offering their employees the opportunity to work remotely from home, a home office maybe a little more permanent than expected. I hope the tips above help you to organise your home working space, just ensure you keep to a healthy balance of how you would work in your office and how you work with your team.


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