4 Outdoor Learning Ideas for Children

fun family outdoor activities

Outdoor learning provides a whole host of benefits to young children and it’s unquestionably an integral element of their education. One of the key advantages to outdoor learning is that it teaches children that learning can happen anywhere; it does not have to occur inside the four walls of a classroom. Essentially, there is something to learn in everything around us. What’s more, learning outdoors can help children to form a sense of respect for the environment and inquisitiveness about nature, which will be beneficial in the long run.

So, you’re probably wondering how you can encourage your little one to learn about the outdoors and what kind of activities are worth exploring. A boys’ school near Farnham Common has listed their four favourite activities for outdoor learning to give us all some food for thought.

4 Outdoor Learning Ideas for Children

Fun outdoor activities

1. Autumnal Artwork

Summer will soon be coming to a close and September/October will bring a range of beautiful reds, oranges and yellows all around us. Encourage your child to collect some of the fallen leaves, a piece of paper, some PVA glue and maybe a few other crafty items so that they can create an autumnal themed masterpiece.

2. Grow your own

Preparing a vegetable patch in the garden is a great outdoor learning activity because it is very rewarding and teaches a range of skills. For example, your child will need to be responsible for watering and tending to the patch and remain patient and persistent until the vegetables are fully grown and ready to eat.

3. Build a bird feeder

Chop up some apple and cheese and throw in some raisins to prepare a delicious meal for your local feathered friends. There are lots of articles and tutorials online with information on how to build your very own bird feeder, or you could just add the ingredients to a shop bought alternative. Invest in some binoculars and encourage your child to check the feeder every once in a while to look out for different species of birds.

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4. Build a den

An enjoyable yet educational activity you could look at with your family is teaching them some basic survival skills. Head to a local park or forest if your garden isn’t big enough, build a den using twigs and leaves, teach them how to read a map and a compass or even consider investing in a tent so you can camp out for the weekend!



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