How To Cope With Lockdown Blues

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Our lives as we knew them at the start of 2020 have changed dramatically as the year has rolled on. For the first time, perhaps ever, people were informed to stay at home at the height of lockdown and for a few weeks, the world almost came to a halt.

This sudden change meant that everyone was at home. Busy households may have previously operated on an ‘ships that pass in the night’ schedule, but in 2020, there is no denying that we all experienced more family time together than we ever have.

Spending family time together

For some, this would have been just what was needed, time to regroup and refresh as a family, but for some, it could have been the dawning realisation that things aren’t quite right. Before you start Googling a top divorce lawyer, let’s have a look at how you can regroup at this time.

How To Cope With Lockdown Blues

Go for walks

Walks cost nothing and it gives you time to explore the land around you. You may find things you had never noticed before, but the main benefit of walks (besides the obvious health benefits) is that they give you time to think and break away from reality. Find a bench, park your bottoms down and have a good chat or take a picnic and have some quality time in the fresh air… it really does the world of good!

Family games nights

What better way to get the family together and ensure lots of laughter and fun, than with a family games night! Blow away the lockdown blues with classics such as Monopoly or Scrabble, or opt for fun team games such as those from Big Potato Games.

Baking helps beat the lockdown blues

Great lockdown bake off

We all reached for the cake during lockdown, never had carby goodness tasted so good! Why not challenge your family to a bake off? You do not have to be the next Baker of Britain, so do not worry if you cannot source all the ingredients, you can cheat with Betty Crocker ready made cake mix!

It’s good to talk

Find some quiet time, settle down with a good brew and talk with your family. Open up about how the world has changed, what you think will happen and how you will get through it as a family. Overnight, we lost the routines we were all so used to, so make a new plan of action going forward. For families who were like passing ships in the night, lockdown has been a great opportunity to discuss the future.

Unfortunately, if it is a case that the future looks rosier apart, then it is advisable to hire a divorce solicitor who can advise you on best practice. Sometimes relationships just do not work and the added value of an expanse of time together during lockdown may have brought the decision to the forefront of minds. It’s inevitable that divorce enquiries will increase during and after lockdown, but whichever path you decide to take, life has certainly changed for all, just go out there and embrace it!

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