Get To Grips With Your Finances

Get To Grips With Your Finances

Lockdown proved to be the perfect excuse for families to spend more time together, to learn new hobbies and to finally get to grips with your finances. Whatever your financial position throughout 2020, it has never been more important to budget, save money and consider your finances for the future.

Financial planning can seem like a chore but it is a necessary evil, especially for the future. Let’s have a look at some of the options you can easily do from the comfort of your own home.

Get To Grips With Your Finances

Managing your finances

Becoming a bargain hunter

With Christmas fast approaching, now is the time to be saving the pennies and shopping around for bargains. Shopper favourite websites such as Money Saving Expert have a whole host of information on how savvy shoppers can save money for Christmas and beyond. From information on discount codes, shopping hack tricks to get more for your money or advice on the best savings accounts available, it’s well worth signing up for the weekly newsletter!

Save money on household bills

Household bills make a large dent in finances on a monthly basis, so making savings where you can really do add up over time. Swapping your energy supplier for a cheaper deal can make a huge difference to finances over the year.

Saving for the future with a pension

Topping up the pension pot

When you mention ‘saving for the future’, most people immediately think of pensions and rightly so. It’s very easy to simply pay into a pension each month and forget about it until the time comes to draw on this. However it is wise to keep a check on this and look into changing pensions to find one that works for you. If you are concerned you may have been mis-sold a pension at any time, companies such as Money & Me are there to advise you further.

Saving money on food shopping

Saving money on shopping

Shops such as Home Bargains have a vast array of branded items that are much cheaper in price than more well known supermarkets. Small savings on bulk items that are regularly used around a household really do add up. Grocery shopping online gives you the chance to peruse ‘aisles’ in a more sedate manner, the perfect opportunity to properly check offers and only buy what you actually need to buy. No more surprise ‘special offer’ buys jumping in your trolley adding to your weekly spend!

The suggestions above are just a few ways in which you can really take control of your finances and help save for the future.

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