What is Medical Negligence?

What is Medical Negligence?

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We use medical professionals as a means to solve any health and, on occasion, aesthetic problems that we might have. Generally speaking, when we talk to these professionals, we expect all care and treatment to be undertaken flawlessly, and trust these experts with our bodies and lives. However, not all medical problems are always dealt with properly, and error can sometimes occur. These errors are referred to as medical negligence in the UK, and can cause either the initial problem to persist or, in some cases, worse issues to be created.

What is Medical Negligence?

Negligence itself refers to carelessness and a failure to act in a way that is appropriate for the circumstance. This may not be a deliberate act, but can still lead to a negative outcome.

Medical negligence can result from a misdiagnosis. For example, if you have been diagnosed with one illness and treated for it, yet it turns out the original diagnosis was incorrect, you may wish to get more information regarding your rights. This was the case for one woman diagnosed with breast cancer who underwent both chemotherapy and a double mastectomy, only to eventually be told she did not have the illness to begin with. It is easy to see how this can cause disruption and emotional turmoil in individuals who have been misled.

This negligence does not just apply to cases of individuals who have been the victim of error regarding their health, treatments, and diagnoses. Medical negligence can also be applicable for cosmetic treatments.

If you have undergone any form of surgery for aesthetic purposes, from microblading to plastic surgery, you should still have the guarantee that procedures will be carried out correctly, and with the promised results.

Dealing with medical negligence

Simple mistakes, such as not allergy testing an individual, or making a mistake during the surgery itself, can lead to severe problems for the client. Allergic reactions can cause swelling, breathing problems, and even death. Mistakes can severely alter the look and shape of the person, and lead to extra scarring, particularly if several attempts are needed to rectify the problem.

It is always important to ensure that any medical professional you seek information, treatment, or surgery from is registered and officially qualified to practice. This will give some peace of mind that they are competent enough to carry out the procedure, as well as knowing that you will have some legal recourse in the event of a mistake.

While errors can be life-altering, they can also sometimes be rectified. Professionals should offer to correct any mistakes they made, as well as to keep you informed during any inquiries as to what went wrong and why.

You have a right, as with any treatment, to seek a second opinion with another professional before commencing with any medication or surgery. This might be a good idea if you are unsure of what you have been told, or simply want it reconfirmed and extra information given regarding potential treatment options.

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