How To Incorporate Stripes Into Your Interior Décor

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Stripes have been part of every good interior designer’s toolbox ever since Interior Design became a thing, they’re simple, easy to implement and can be used on literally anything in a home. Stripes can be used to make a room look bigger, draw your attention to a certain space, create a flow through a home or even just be there to look pretty.

So today, rather than just going on about how and why stripes play into your home’s interior décor, we’ll keep it simple with a few ideas on how to bring stripes into your home! All of these are relatively simple tasks that can be done without much effort and will look awesome in your home no matter which room you stripe up!

How To Incorporate Stripes Into Your Interior Décor

Stripey home accessories

Stripey Accessories

Starting off simple, we have stripey accessories which are an easy way to bring the stripey décor into your home without you needing to break out the emergency DIY kit. These sort of accessories you can simply purchase and display around any given room to add some stripey flair.

Things to look at would be sofa scatter cushions, blankets, ornaments to go on shelves or even posters with a striped print. A few of these dotted around the room in a good colour scheme will add extra character to a room and help you get on the stripes wagon without needing to actually do any real work.

Striped Furnishings

These are a bit further up on the effort chain, but there are plenty of furnishings you can incorporate into your home that fit the theme of stripes, whilst some parts may require a bit of DIY know how to put up, furnishings are still relatively easy to install.

For the furnishings, you could invest in light shades with a striped pattern, stripey rugs or striped day and night blinds which are available here, day and night blinds are an excellent addition for the stripes theme as they naturally have a striped look and as you operate them the stripes will move and change visible size.

Stripes on home accessories

Stripey Walls

If you think accessorising your home with stripes and having stripey furnishings around the home aren’t enough, it’s time you go full stripes and commit fully to the stripey philosophy and get the stripes onto the walls. How far you go depends on your taste, whether you get all 4 walls covered in stripes or just a single feature wall of stripes, your room is guaranteed to look awesome either way.

When striping up your wall you have 2 options: paint or wallpaper. To be honest, wall paper is often the easier solution out of the 2 as you just need to get the wall paper up and with painting you’ll need to sketch out your stripes first and make sure you don’t paint over the lines.

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