Family Games From Yulu And Popcorn Poppin’ Giveaway

Family Games From Yulu And Popcorn Poppin’ Giveaway

As schools have now returned, our attentions move towards considering Christmas. It may seem crazy, especially after the year we have had, however Home Bargains now have an aisle dedicated to festive season goodies and it’s time to start stocking up!

For us, lockdown gave us the time to finally dust out board games we had forgotten about, complete jigsaws and just generally have family fun. With this in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the hottest games for Christmas, that are fun not just for children, but great for the whole family to play too!

Break The Board, Diamond Heist and Who Dunnit? are recently launched family fun games from Yulu that we have been putting to the test recently, but what did we think?

Family Games From Yulu And Popcorn Poppin’ Giveaway

Break the Board game

Break The Board

We have been totally hooked by the Cobra Kai series on Netflix recently, having watched The Karate Kid film during lockdown. If you haven’t watched it yet, I can totally recommend it! When Break The Board arrived it was the first game Liv wanted to try and before I could say ‘Daniel-san’, the included red Break The Board hachimaki was tied around her head and she was ready to chop!

Break The Board Game review

Based on the ‘Simon’ concept, the game requires you to Chop, Swipe, Strike and Break The Board, when prompted with instructions and lights. You can use the included stand (very easy to set up) for solo play or you can find someone brave enough to hold the board up! With 4 challenging game modes – Level Up, Competition, Training and Freestyle, this is a fantastic interactive game that will keep everyone entertained! Instructions are included, although it is very easy to understand the game from the get-go. The game is aimed at children aged 6 years upwards and does come ready to play with 3 x AAA batteries included, alongside a demo mode! You can now purchase Break The Board (RRP £19.99) from retailers such as Smyths Toys online or in store.

Diamond Heist Game review

Diamond Heist

Also aimed at children aged 6 years upwards, Diamond Heist takes a little longer to set up, but is totally worth it. Once you have read the instructions (there are plenty of images to check too!) and set it up for the first time, it will become easier and quicker to set up in the future.

The game mission is to rappel into the vault to find and recover the diamond, using team power (ideally 2-4 players) in order to escape before the guards arrive. We liked this game for the ‘Crystal Maze’ feel and the excitement! Tensions are definitely high as you work together, controlling the spy figure on strings as you swing it around the game board to complete all the tasks.

Diamond Heist Game review

Remove cameras, remove the booby trap, open the vault, retrieve the diamond and escape before you are caught… you never expected stealing a diamond to be easy did you? Whilst it is aimed at 2-4 players, you may find it easier with a higher number of players to help manoeuvre the spy figure. Perfect skills such as dexterity, teamwork, speed, coordination and spy skills… well, you never know when they may come in handy! Remember that they guard’s car is moving around the game board at all times on a timer, if you are caught then just reset the game! No batteries are required, simply pull back the guard’s car into the original place.

This is a high octane game that is sure to encourage everyone to get involved in game play. Whilst there are small pieces and mission discs involved, the game is very easy to pack away, making it portable to take to family and friends too. With an RRP of £19.99, you can now purchase Diamond Heist from retailers such as Smyths Toys, online or in store.

Who Dunnit? Game

Who Dunnit? Mystery At The Museum

An awesome head to head crime solving game that is perfect for all the family to get involved with! Aimed at ages 7 years plus with 2-4 players, although you could have more, they would just need to be discreet when whispering clues, Who Dunnit? Mystery At The Museum is a fabulous game for Christmas at home or on travels!

Easy to set up and put away, the game includes 6 game frames with supports, 36 cards, 6 see-thru evidence boards so you can keep track of your progress (and your opponents!), 2 dry-erase markers, 1 dice and an instruction sheet. The aim of Who Dunnit? Mystery at the Museum is to figure out ‘Whoodunnit?’ by asking your opponent’s questions relating to who, what and where and then eliminating suspects when they have been thoroughly interrogated with yes and no questions and cleared!

Who Dunnit Game Review

A totally fun spin on other guessing games, giving players the opportunity to solve the who, the what and the where facts about two crimes that have been committed at the National Museum. The winner is the first player/team to figure out who took what priceless treasure and hid it where in the museum.

The see-thru evidence boards are actually quite funky and most importantly, sturdy! It is very easy to set up, simply clip the evidence boards into the frames and then let the fun commence. I personally love this game as there isn’t a lot to set up, you can put it back in the box set up so that it’s ready for the next game and it’s easy. After a day of work, it’s a nice, relaxing game to play with family but it still has the fun factor about it. Children will find it very easy to set up and play too! Plus, it is super easy to travel with, making it ideal for visits and trips away!
Who Dunnit? retails at £19.99 and can now be purchased from store such as Smyths Toys online and in store.

I hope you have been inspired by the games above, they really would make fantastic Christmas gifts!

However… getting to this point, you certainly deserve a little treat, so how about a giveaway to win one of Christmas 2020’s most wanted toys?

Based on the classic ‘hot potato’ passing game, Popcorn Poppin’ (RRP 14.99) has its own modern twist! The objective is to pass the popcorn to the next player before it pops! A fun game everyone can join in with – aimed at children aged 4 years upwards. So, how would you like to win a Popcorn Poppin’ game?

Popcorn Poppin Game

For your chance to win a Popcorn Poppin’ Game, simply enter using the Gleam form below and do not forget to answer the question by leaving a blog comment!

Popcorn Poppin’ Giveaway

Current Sim’s Life Giveaways
Win a family Humble toothbrush set – ends Sunday 13th September
Win a Build Your Own Microscope – ends Sunday 4th October
Win a Popcorn Poppin’ Games – ends Sunday 11th October
Win a Healthy Eating Recipe Books bundle worth £33 – ends Sunday 18th October
Win Baylis & Harding Musical Handwashes – ends Sunday 25th October
Win a Festive Food Survival Kit – ends Sunday 1st November



Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 11th October 2020.
One winning entry drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will receive 1 x Popcorn Poppin’ Game 
The competition is administered by Sim’s Life and the prize will be sent directly from Mookie through their agency partner, Grayling.
The prize is recommended for children ages 4+ and it is the responsibility of the winner to adhere to the age recommendation for the product.
The winner will be selected within 24 hours of the competition closing and the prize will be sent within three working days of Mookie receiving the full postal address.
The prize is non transferable and will not be swapped for another product or cash alternative.
The winner’s details will be solely used for the purpose of sending out the prize.


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  1. Linda Ford

    Harry Potter trivial pursuit, new Monopoly set and books!

    1. Karl Borowy

      Switch console

  2. Bryan Murphy

    A new bike

    1. Suan Watts

      Some gardening tools

    2. Kirsty Sparks

      A PS5 but my parents have agreed to get me one between my birthday and Christmas gift

    3. Charlotte Burle

      My son really wants a bike and a crossbow!

  3. Nicola Godfrey

    This game looks amazing!

  4. Anthony Harrington

    I would be very happy with an iTunes Voucher

  5. Debbie Hay

    Monopoly Speed!

  6. Iain maciver

    a new tv

    1. Tracey Abrahams

      I quite fancy playingthe whodunit game, I imagine that could be just as fun to play with adults as with kids

  7. rachel Richardson

    An Alexa

  8. Mel Pennie

    Pyjamas and slippers . . . same every year!

  9. Dana Thaxter

    I would like some new perfume and books

  10. Yasmin0147

    I’d love some new pyjamas, my kids want car and train toys and my little pony toys.

  11. kim neville

    A new ipad 🙂

  12. ashleigh allan

    a new phone

  13. Laura Gallant

    Ticket to ride Europe

  14. Lorraine Williams

    New watch

    1. Selena Longworth

      My 6 year old wants lego friends, her 4 year old sister a baby, and my 2 year old wants to be thomas. Personally I just want someone else to do the washing.

  15. Peter Watson


  16. Harline parkin

    I’d love a new hairdryer

    1. Tee Simpson

      I would really like a new phone this year .

      1. Sarah

        Trip away, fingers crossed!

  17. Katie

    I would love a new phone


    An iPad

  19. Helen S Wright

    a new phone 🙂

  20. Paul Green

    I’d love a new hairdryer

  21. Tracy Nixon

    Yarn for knitting!

  22. Alice Dixon

    Books and pyjamas

    1. Jan Johnson

      A subscription to Killer Suduko magazine

  23. Chris Andrews

    a bit of wishful thinking . . . . . the end to the coronovirus threat, failing that . . . . a lovely new laptop

  24. Katie B

    I’ve been eyeing up a kirby Plushie for a while but not sure just yet! Trying to ignore the fact its getting closer.

  25. Susan Lloyd

    A puppy x

  26. Jenny McClinton

    Some books & lots of chocolate.

  27. Lucinda P

    I love to get new socks for Christmas

  28. Carolyn Heyworth

    Some new bedding

  29. Corinne Henson

    A new pair of converse

  30. Mummyuk86

    A new mobile phone

  31. Rachel Walsh

    I’d like some Harry Potter gifts!

  32. Charlotte isobelle

    I wish you could wish for better health for my family. That would be nice! Or at least some good luck haha

  33. Martina Pichova

    Nintendo switch

  34. fiona waterworth

    at the moment nothing, trying not to think of christmas

  35. Tayla Morris

    Some makeup products!

  36. Phil B

    I’d like a food mixer, I’ve started making my own bread during lockdown, but I’m not very good at kneading.

  37. Alana Walker

    I would love the new Giorgio Armani perfume.x

  38. J Matcham

    A Better year than I had this year maybe a bit of good luck

  39. Rachel Craig

    Maybe we need to consider starting a Christmas list. As we missed out on planned break :- Coronavirus / covid 19 Lockdown, etc. Though we would like a break away, somehow just can’t count on that happening. Feel we are in need of some Good Luck, Good Experiences, etc. Obviously we will get gifts for each other, etc if possible. Keen to have some Sense of Security, Stability, Home Comforts, etc.

  40. melanie stirling

    I’m getting low on my favourite perfume so I would like a bottle of Noa.

    1. Karl Borowy

      A switch games console

  41. Kelly Yee

    A bike

  42. michelle o'neill

    would love some new perfume x

  43. Ben Audsley

    i want a drone!

  44. laura stewart

    a new phone would be lovely

  45. Michelle Smith

    I would love some Liz Earle skincare

  46. Lauren Pilkington

    id love the roald dahl collection of books. my all time favourite books since i was a little girl

  47. Hannah Scudder

    I would like a new puzzle, with us spending more time indoors, we enjoy a puzzle to complete on a sunday.

    1. Tammy Neal

      Recipe books x

  48. lesley renshaw

    Roblox vouchers and zailetsplay merch

  49. Lucy

    I’d love to get one of those laser hair removal devices – very expensive though!

  50. Dale Dow

    I always ask for candles, my kids however want the new gaming consoles

  51. Chelsey Hollings


  52. Emma Hussain

    New clothes

  53. Kirsty Charleston

    eyeliner,clothes,reusable products (reusable cotton buds for example) .. ive almost finished buying for myself!


    Some lovely new pjs!

  55. Sandra Fortune

    I’d love an aromatherapy oil kit but most of all.Just to be able to hug my 6 year old grandson

  56. Mrs tracy james

    im hoping for some new books for xmas this year

  57. Heather T

    I may have to ask Santa for a new oven or we won”t be having any turkey.

  58. Rich Tyler

    A new tablet

  59. Natalie Burgess

    A new phone xx

  60. Priscilla Stubbs

    My usual requests, , books and pjs

  61. Margaret Gallagher

    A new phone would be grande

  62. Jo m welsh

    I would love a die cutter

  63. Lou anderson

    This game is on my list!

  64. Annabel Greaves

    The latest Mario switch game

  65. Joanne Hutchings

    An end to this coronavirus would be nice! But failing that perhaps a snuggly new dressing gown.

  66. Laura Pritchard

    An eternity ring

  67. Cheryl Perry

    It has to be some a new road bike for me

  68. lynn neal

    I would like an outdoor table tennis game to play with my grandchildren!

  69. Elizabeth Martinez

    Must have a new jigsaw for Christmas!

  70. Tammy Westrup

    Perfume I htink!

  71. Nick Hopkins

    Many books

  72. Rebecca Nisbet

    i have a new kitchen on my list this year

  73. Karen Langridge

    More board games, we have quite a few and always happy to have more to our collection. They are a handy way to get kids off consoles.

  74. Laura Johnson

    Lots of CDS 🙂

  75. Ursula Hunt

    I would like a new watch

  76. Emma Hawes

    Books 🙂

  77. Clara

    Lots of books

  78. Karen Radford

    A cross-stitch kit and some fluffy pyjamas

  79. Tammy Tudor

    some crafty stuff, used a lot in lockdown so would love to carry on into 2021

  80. kim white

    A staycation, shortbreak or holiday to anywhere. Get me out of here!

  81. A.E. ADKINS

    A vaccine, I need to escape, a means to a holiday would be fabulous

  82. Carly Belsey

    Lots of games to keep the children happy. This game looks.

  83. Holly King

    Nintendo Switch

  84. Kathy Cakebread

    some new hair straighteners

  85. Angir McDonald

    I’d love a PS5!

  86. Vicky

    A new hairdryer.

  87. Keith Hunt

    A Bag of Welsh Cakes

  88. Ruth Harwood

    My christmas list consists of a lovely brand new 10″ ipad or tablet, as mine broke!

  89. Lauren Buddle

    Lots of cosy pyjamas!

  90. renae

    I have seen a christmas monopoly edition, I love christmas and love monopoly so that is on my list

  91. S Straw

    I’d be happy with a new pair of pyjamas!

  92. Sam Cornford

    I’d love some fluffy slippers

  93. Susan Willshee

    I bought a new laptop recently and although the new one if great and has an amazing amount of memory, it doesn’t have a CD / DVD drive. So that’s on my Christmas wish list.

  94. Christine Caple

    A new phone.

  95. Heather Haigh

    Some pjs

  96. Mark R

    I could do with a new phone and there is always some books on my list

  97. Dragonfly63

    An advent calendar of beautiful things.

  98. Michelle Henderson

    A bottle of perfume

  99. leanne Weir

    I’d love a new phone

  100. sallie burrows

    a happy family

  101. Tracy B

    I’d love a new telescope

  102. Jo

    A new phone would be lovely

  103. Peter Nickson


  104. Amy Bondoc

    id love some cosy pjs!

  105. Darren Jacobs

    Some board games

  106. Lucy

    Hello, for Christmas I would like some vegetable seeds.

  107. Katie Witherington

    right now to be in a new home following after everything that has happened this year

  108. Fiona jk42

    I would love a stand mixer. I have been dropping lots of hints.

  109. Elaine Savage

    I need some lovely warm woolies!

  110. chickenruby

    I’m looking for a board game for my friends teens for this Christmas, last year they had Pie Face. Thanks for linking with #pocolo and hope to see you back tomorrow

  111. Iris

    Books and lots of wool so I can knit more fluffy socks

  112. Claire Willmer

    Books are definitely on my list

  113. Jennifer Toal

    Covid to end would be nice. My daughters Christmas presents never materialised last year which consisted of 2 nights in London, 2 theatre shows, London eye and cruise plus TGI vouchers. All cancelled due to go April. I want to be able to plan some fun again without worrying.

  114. Zoe Payne

    spending time with my family

  115. Charlotte Carter-Dunn

    A new Fitbit! I’ve wanted one for ages and I’m finally going to take the plunge.

  116. claire woods

    New mouse and mousemat

  117. Paula Phillips

    I’d love a new laptop.

  118. Sally Collingwood

    A new dressing gown

  119. Michelle Ferguson

    My list is the same every year, new pjs, slippers, wine and jewellery

  120. Sarah Hughes

    I’d actually like some new socks this year!

  121. Laura Norcop

    Although we don’t do grown up gifts anymore we go away for a Christmas treat, this year we were hoping to do the santander sleepover at towers but they doubled the price so now I have a christmassy break on my wish list

  122. Christopher Read

    I have got back into playing video games, so it would be great to receive some 🙂

  123. Julie Ward

    The impossible. a new kitchen

  124. C Whitlow

    Any knitting related gear as I’ve just started to learn and I am addicted!

  125. Alice Colling Colling

    A new bed!

  126. Tracey Ryder

    a new laptop

  127. Kristie Metcalfe

    A new pair of knee high boots.

  128. Lorraine Rivers

    Some new boots

  129. Kim M

    Books and Yankee candles x

  130. J Schofield

    A watch maybe

  131. Emma Walters

    a pair of aftershokz 🙂

  132. Laura banks

    usually new clothes

  133. Ashleigh Kerr


  134. Karen Usher

    A pizza oven!

  135. MichelleD

    A fancy watering can!


    A decent mobile phone

  137. Natasha Mairs

    On my Christmas wish list, this year is lots and lots of books!

  138. Karen Stirling

    Sweets – I’m easy pleased!

  139. Kyomi Johnson

    Jûst to have all my family together

  140. katrina walsh

    Im far too old but i want a nintendo switch so badly lol xx

    1. Michelle mccall

      I’d love some new hair straiteners and a bottle of Armani My Way perfume.

  141. Jodie Green

    Some new slippers! I liked in mine during lockdown and they’ve seen better days!

  142. Rachel Butterworth

    The new Robert Galbraith novel.

  143. amy pest

    i would love some new perfume

  144. Jeanette Swift

    I could really do with some new nightdresses or pj’s

  145. MAUREEN findley

    i really want a abs toner to start my diet plan

  146. Stacey Gahan

    I need some new trainers for xmas

  147. Caroline Stokes

    A pair of pygmy goats.

  148. Caroline Smith

    Top of my Christmas list is some new hair straighteners

  149. Nicola Dow

    Disney’s UP Pandora charm

  150. Becca Walton

    A new bed

  151. Darren Bourne

    A popcorn machine funnily enough. I have wanted one for a while to make healthier, easy popcorn.

  152. Elisha

    New pyjamas, my family and I give them every year.

  153. Kay Sherman

    I would love some new baking tins

  154. Pippa Ainsworth

    I’d be happy with a quiet, peaceful Christmas but I’d like a few new books and some new pyjamas personally

  155. Gaynor Vincent

    Some more paint to finish off my sons log cabin getaway

  156. Vivienne Moreno

    A nice bottle of perfume & some chocolate

  157. Ian Yates

    I’d settle for peace of mind and a modicum of hope for the future. Oh, and a PlayStation 5!

  158. Rebecca King

    Some new clothes!

  159. emily walker

    New beauty blenders

  160. Allan Fullarton

    An iPad

  161. Elanor Rice

    Yankee candles for me and a life size toy cow! for my 4 year old

  162. Natalie Crossan

    Harry Potter lego!!

  163. Hekna

    Some relaxing bath smellies and a good book that I can read in peace and quiet!

  164. Danielle Spencer

    I’d love a set of coasters for Christmas.

  165. Lisa T

    A new phone!

  166. Susan Hoggett

    I’d like a new laptop but don’t think I’ll get one haha!

  167. kimberley ryan

    a kindle

  168. Emma England

    I’ve got a kindle on my Christmas list as I think it would be easier to read ebooks. My sons have the entire smyths catalog on theirs

  169. Nicki Simpson

    Well on my Christmas list is a full night sleep as we had a new baby in the house, but everyone else in the house has board games on their lists from santa x


    On my christmas list this year is a total rewind of 2020 and replay WITHOUT Covid-19

  171. Georgina williamson


  172. jules eley

    A nintendo switch

  173. Angela Sharp

    A new phone would be lovely

  174. Angela Morgan

    Has to be PS5 for my son

  175. Robyn Clarke

    Kindle Paperwhite

  176. Rebecca Walker

    a new laptop

  177. Karen Barrett

    Airline tickets

  178. Emily Hutchinson

    A Nintendo Switch with Animal Crossing

  179. Jennifer Rhymer

    I’d love a new Pandora charm, my little girl loves games and really wants Hungry Hippos x

  180. Eileen Hindley

    Would love a new laptop 🙂

  181. Sophie Breeze

    in serious need of some new trainers 🙂

  182. Marc H

    Would quite like a PS5.

  183. Sean Eccles

    As long as the kids get what they want I’m not bothered about presents for myself

  184. zoe brown

    to see my nephews open gifts looking like first Christmas we wont be together

  185. Christina Palmer

    A Harry Potter box set so I can binge watch them all.

  186. donna l jones

    a new phone

  187. Jenny Rogers

    I would like a ring doorbell – oh and some nice chocolates.

  188. Sheri Darby


  189. Maria Messruther

    A foil jigsaw, new kindle and some chocolate 😀

  190. Nathan Bridge

    Xbox Series X ? 😀

  191. Linda Curtis

    I’m a real pj girl soon as I’m in I’m out my v
    Clothes and into my pjs so I’m always wanting New
    Pyjamas and slippers

  192. Diana

    New cosy dressing gown 🙂

  193. Jessica Lodge

    I would love a larger TV for Christmas. Other than that I just want my kids to have a good Christmas and gets things they like.

  194. Vicki Reis

    Family time

  195. Erica Hughes

    I’d love a fire pit or a patio heater for some winter outdoor entertaining

  196. Karen R

    I’m hopeless at needing things, so I haven’t put anything on my list yet xx

    1. Stef Acaster

      We like fun board games so this will be on our list along with garden toys.

  197. Adrian Bold

    This year I have an iPad on my Christmas wish list to replace one that stopped working a few months back.

    1. Gemma R

      For me it is a new kettle and toaster and for my son he would like an easel

  198. Stephanie

    New books

  199. Sophie Marie Cartwright

    Switch Condole seems to be a popular choice in our house at the moment!

  200. Michelle Moloney

    An iPad

  201. Victoria Bazley

    Looks like a Nintendo Switch might be on the cards. But I love the look of the Who Dunnit? Mystery At The Museum

  202. Angela Kelly

    Personally it’s books. I’ll probably be giving my nephew Amazon vouchers since he’s at a weird age.

  203. Rebecca Smith

    the light up bottle of gin from M&S lol

  204. Caroline Signey

    Slippers and an air fryer

  205. Elaine Stokes

    vouchers for the garden

  206. Rebecca Whatmore

    Some more jeans!

  207. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Would love a new England shirt, preferably with my fav player in it (lol), but I’d settle for a shirt with his name and number on the back.

  208. Emma Davison

    A new pair of boots

  209. Jade Bremner

    I need a new bag as my puppy chewed mine but also would like a new tassimo machine

  210. Chirag Patel


  211. Helen

    A bike so I can keep up with my children who have now learnt to ride!

  212. Theresa Thomas

    The New Mrs Hinch book, and new slippers

  213. Heli L

    I’d love a food/ drink hamper for myself, L.O.L dolls for my daughter and PS5 for my teenagers

  214. Philip Hall

    i really would love a new television

  215. Patricia Barrett

    I’d love a PS5

  216. Darren Collins

    Smellies as I dislike buying these for myself

  217. Danielle Pooley

    A Fitbit, so I can keep track of my steps more accurately

  218. Susan B

    I love things that smell lovely such as diffusers, fragrance and bath bombs. I hope Santa reads your blog …

  219. joanne coulson

    A Fitbit, I’ve wanted one for ages

  220. Pauline Burroughs

    A new Fitbit as mine, although it still works, has got a crack in it. I somehow don’t think it’s going to work for much longer.

  221. Cathryn Crawshaw


  222. Amy denney

    Waffle maker

  223. Pauline Lamont

    Tickets to see a musical as missing the theatre this year. A new pair of trainers

  224. janine atkin

    id love some new clothes

  225. Denise Walton

    Some perfume

  226. Sheena Read


  227. Jeanette Leighton

    There is nothing i really want for Christmas just my children to enjoy it and hopefully to see the family

  228. Rachel Downes

    Just Bits n Bobs.. New slippers and PJs. Good food n drink wiv my family x

  229. Charlotte R

    Not much – a few new cook books would be great!

  230. Emma Topp

    A Baby Yoda toy!

  231. Marie Russell

    A new watch

  232. Adele Knight

    Cosy Dressing Gown and a tin of Quality Street

  233. Megan

    Some new clothes.

  234. karen dixon

    I love Imperial Candles I would love a few more, such beautiful scents with jewellery inside!

  235. Rachael Sexey

    I always ask for new pjs

  236. Chris Wright


  237. Amy Stevens

    On my Christmas is a Nintendo switch

  238. Rachel B

    a holiday!

  239. sharon martin

    a big woolly jumper

  240. Peter Bush

    A new digital camera

  241. Tracy Hanley

    Nintendo Switch with Animal Crossing

  242. Joanne Welsh

    A nintendo switch

  243. Orange23


  244. Jade Vaccaro

    A new Alien perfume ❤️

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