Win A Healthy Eating Recipe Books Bundle

Win A Healthy Eating Recipe Books Bundle

If lockdown taught me anything, it’s that cake is an extremely tasty comfort food, however it can create lockdown lovehandles! To rectify that problem, I am full steam ahead with the Keto lifestyle again, which I really enjoy… but I also enjoy cake. As Keto follows a routine of high fat, low carbs, it can be hard to accomodate calorie laden treats, however I’ve found there is always an alternative and I can still bake cakes whilst on Keto.

I recently received Baking Without Sugar and Nuts and Seeds, both invaluable healthy eating recipe books from White Owl Books for those following or about to embark on Keto or low carb lifestyles. Read more about the books below and don’t forget to enter the giveaway to win copies!

Baking Without Sugar Recipe Book

Baking Without Sugar written by Sophie Michell is filled with mouthwatering recipes ranging from desserts, right though to mains featuring a fabulous Spinach and Artichoke Calzone. Basically all my favourite foods and more importantly cake! A change in diet or lifestyle works well when you allow yourself a treat (within moderation), but if that treat still follows the guidelines, then it’s even better! You can purchase this directly from Pen and Sword Books (RRP £18.99).

Mandarin, Rosemary, Olive Oil and Almond Cake

Delicious recipes include Mandarin, Rosemary, Olive Oil and Almond Cake (above) and a Pepperoni, Chilli Tomato and Basil Pizza Recipe (below), which I will definitely be trying. The pizza is made with a fat head dough using grated mozzarella and ground almonds. If you aren’t a fan of ground almonds, then you can always supplement with coconut flour! Fat head dough isn’t something I have attempted yet, but the time is coming as I do miss pizza!

Pepperoni Keto Pizza

Nom nom nom!

Nuts and Seeds book

Within moderation, nuts and seeds can easily be incorporated into many tantalizing recipes, or you can simply grab a handful on the go. There are so many health benefits to all the nuts and seeds available though and sometimes it can seem like a minefield knowing which to use. This is why Nuts and Seeds written by Patsy Westcott is handy to have on your book shelf!

Nuts and Seeds Patsy Westcott

With information regarding all different nuts and seeds, alongside how to prepare and add them to a dish, this book is a really handy resource. Nuts are a great source of protein, alongside other nutrients and health benefits. So if you have ever been in doubt, it’s worth a read! You can purchase the book directly from Pen and Sword Books (£14.99).

If you are curious about a low carb/ low sugar diet, then why not enter the giveaway to win a copy of both of the books featured?

How To Win A Healthy Eating Recipe Books Bundle

For your chance to win a Baking Without Sugar and Nuts and Seeds book, simply enter using the Gleam form below and do not forget to answer the question by leaving a blog

Win a Healthy Eating Books Bundle

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Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 18th October 2020.
One winning entry we drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will be notified within 72 hours of the giveaway ending.
The winner will receive 1 x Baking Without Sugar & 1 x Nuts and Seeds book. 
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.

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  1. Andrea H

    My next door neighbours cat acting like a loon in my garden!

    1. Karl Borowy

      Need help with healthy living which includes eating.

  2. ashleigh allan

    my children – they always make me smile

  3. Ritchie Dee

    Our dogs playing in the garden.

  4. Rich Tyler

    My little ones playing together

  5. Iain maciver

    our cats always makes me smile

    1. Darren Bourne

      Watching my kids playing together and giving each other a hug. They are so incredibly close which is lovely.

  6. Alice Dixon

    The cuddles and kisses our new puppy has given me has made me smile today

  7. michelle o'neill

    seeing my granddaughter

  8. Katrina Adams

    Getting a surprise parcel in the post from a friend! Such a thoughtful thing to do.

  9. soozybee

    My dog and my husband 🙂

  10. Peter Watson

    My granddaughter made me smile today.

  11. Margaret Gallagher

    26 degree sunshine !!! Sat in the garden

  12. kim neville

    The gorgeous sunny weather and getting a chance to relax in it 🙂

  13. Caroline Stokes

    Was woken up in the early hours this morning by a strange noise from downstairs. Went to investigate and found a hedgehog climbing the stairs! He had come in through the cat flap and was having a good look around.

    1. Karl Borowy

      Early morning tree pruning

  14. Natalie Charman

    It’s my cats 19th birthday today! We’ve spent the day together relaxing in the garden.

    1. Jan Johnson

      My grandson Mac, on a zoom call

  15. Sarah Hamilton

    The sunshine!

  16. Helen Arlow

    The sunshine made me smile today x

  17. Suan Watts

    The gorgeous sunshine

  18. Miss french

    Going to the beach

  19. Yvonne Wilkinson

    My family

  20. hayley berry

    Both my daughters having a positive day at school

  21. Heather Haigh

    The sunshine has made me smile today

  22. Kirsty Charleston

    my son making his little sister laugh

  23. Shellyg

    watching a video of a baby fox being rescued

  24. Bryan Murphy

    Leaving work

  25. Lesley Smith

    Seeing two butterflies getting it together!

    1. Sandra Fortune

      Seeing my grandson and playing distanced tig with sticks

  26. fiona waterworth

    someone posting on facebook the rules for covid 19! but not quite how boris meant them

  27. joanne darnell

    my comfy bed!

    1. Karl Borowy

      Zooming my grandson

  28. sarah dunsbee

    My own stupidity,it’s been one of those days!

  29. Chas Gilbert

    My grandson Jackson’s antics after school

  30. Marion Tanner

    My friend coming out of hospital today and saying I HAVENT GOT CANCER AGAIN !

  31. Chrissy Lee

    Being given flowers today made me smile

  32. Jenny McClinton

    I’m still working from home and the google chat & emails from colleagues made me laugh & smile today.

  33. Tania Atfield

    My dog running down the stairs to greet me when I got home

  34. Annabel Greaves

    Dancing with my children

  35. Rose Howie

    A lovely customer who complimented my face mask in the shop where I work.

  36. Katie B

    The sunshine! It’s been a beautiful day!

  37. Lucy

    Hello, the television show Brooklyn Nine Nine that I watched today has made me smile as it is very silly and funny.

  38. Denise Wilden

    Seeing my 4yr old granddaughter following a ballet tutorial on YouTube

  39. Joanne Hutchings

    Hearing my little one talking about his day at school. Something that can’t be taken for granted any more.

  40. Jo

    Sat outside in the beautiful sunshine watching my cat rolling and playing has made me smile today.

  41. Mary D

    The lovely sunshine this afternoon and just sitting enjoying the garden.

  42. andrea tinkler

    my grand daughter coming to visit after school and calling her grand dad a silly billy. Made me chuckle

  43. Sheena Batey

    My daughter enjoying her cricket coaching session

  44. Suzanne

    My children

  45. Tracy B

    My cat being spooked by the rabbit creeping up on him

  46. Nicola Godfrey

    My cat and dog.

  47. Lucinda P

    Splashing in the stream with my little boy, it was exhilarating on such a hot day

  48. Lewis Baines

    It is still early whilst i write this but my daughter makes me smile everyday

  49. Lynn Brown

    the glorious sunshine

  50. Ursula Hunt

    My granddaughter running toward me then giggling as I catch her

  51. Dale Dow

    My newest teenager going to school without it being a battle!

    1. Karen Stirling

      My son laughing at my rubbish jokes!

  52. Priscilla Stubbs

    \Waking up to a beautiful sunrise

  53. Phil B

    My daily walk past a dog that sits in the window… only today the cat was there instead! put a smile on my face

  54. Michelle Smith

    My daughter sent me pics of my granddaughter having a great time at nursery, that really made me smile today.

    1. Leonard Wells

      A Facebook memory,from 4 years ago,me my darling wife and our 3 wonderful pets,cuddled up on the sofa on a cold October morning

  55. Carole Nott

    Loving the warm weather – great to get out to enjoy it

  56. Keith Hunt

    A gift of some home made welsh cakes

  57. Chris Andrews

    What has made you smile today?
    chatting with my grandsons on video call

  58. Natalie Burgess

    My little boy having lots of cuddles off the cats xx

  59. F Chowdhury

    Tickle games with the kids

  60. Katie Harmer

    My cat Frodo pulling my hand with his paw and taking it my hand to his cheek so that he could get strokes there.

  61. Melissa Lee

    I actually made it to the gym this morning and it was really boring…but when I came out into the sunshine it made me so happy I couldn’t help but smile

  62. Peter Nickson

    My son, with his mannerism.

  63. Amy Bondoc

    my dog and cat playing!

  64. leanne Weir

    My kids

  65. Claire

    Finally managing to master a recipe that I’ve been attempting to perfect over the last few months!

  66. Maurice Haigh

    A robi visiting the garden

  67. Paul Bell

    Looking at myself in the mirror

  68. Christine Hall

    Collecting a kayak my partner won on ebay 40 miles away only to realise it was far to long for the roof rack, we got some funny looks from people on our way home.

  69. Amy Kennedy

    I got a free shortbread biscuit at the shortbread factory shop. Winning at life!

  70. A.E. ADKINS

    I haven’t vomited today – that’s made me smile after contracting a stomach bug

  71. Kim White

    My neighbour, who is a very nice, friendly and chatty man has found lockdown quite hard and I’ve always felt that he was lonely except for when his daughter visits. I bumped into him on one of his short shopping trips and he said he was really missing his girlfriend which I didn’t even know he had as he was always on his own. This week however she came to stay and the laughter that I hear from morning to night always puts a big smile on my face.

  72. Fiona jk42

    My daughter always posts videos of my granddaughter to our family What’s app group. They alwyas make me smile.

  73. Jo m welsh

    Our dog coming up for his morning cuddles

  74. Elaine Savage

    the sun is shining and I’m meeting a lovely friend

  75. Courtney T

    My bestie calling me to rant like a loon. I love her!

  76. Jane

    Going back to work tomorrow so enjoyed my final day off sitting in the sunshine with a lovely cup of tea

  77. lynn neal

    My husband getting Cramp made me smile today!

  78. Mel Pennie

    Our chickens pecking at the dogs bottom. He wasn’t very happy about it!

  79. Ruth Harwood

    It’s only been an hour, but at the mo I’m listening to Cher’s Bang Bang and thinking all is right with the world until I turn the TV on and it’s not lol!

  80. Kathy Cakebread

    my cat makes me laugh

  81. Fiona Johnstone

    Seeing a wee Robin singing his heart out at the top of a tree. It was pretty loud. The sun was shining, a light breeze was bringing in the smell of the cut fields. A lovely day in Scotland. Makes me smile thinking about it.

  82. claire woods

    A cuddle with my partner.

  83. Sally Collingwood

    A kiss from hubby!

  84. Angela Macdonald

    my husband getting me an indoor mini rose plant

  85. Christopher Read

    I spoke to my sister via WhatsApp this evening 🙂

  86. Michelle Ferguson

    Having the day off work

  87. Hafsah

    Breaking my own record of running a mile in 15 mins !

  88. Kristie Metcalfe

    Getting sent some flowers from a customer at work. Really put a smile on my face (and he got my favourite flowers too!)

  89. Elizm

    Laughing with my son

  90. Julia Linsley

    Watching my dog play in the autumn leaves OOps I put this in the box above without my name !!

  91. Kim M

    My cat chasing butterflies in the garden x

  92. J schofield

    Taking my dog for a nice long walk

  93. Katie Witherington

    the shape my walk made without me actually trying to make a shape

  94. Emma Walters

    a customer at work paying me a compliment

  95. Laura banks

    my son


    A lovely handwrutten letter✉ delivered by the postman from a old crew mate of 30 years ago who lives in Italy

  97. Darren Jacobs

    My daughter playing with her toy doggy

  98. Jodie Green

    My little boy trying so hard to take his first unaided steps!

  99. Rachel Butterworth

    My niece’s latest Tiktok attempt.

  100. Marie Evans

    My granddaughter who lives with us told us she leaving home, Doll & bag in hand when asked where she was going to live, ‘In her Princess tent ‘ she told us. So grandad said ‘what you going to do about food?’ She said ‘I’ll knock on the door & you can feed me! Lol

  101. Amanda w

    Picking my little ones up after a night at their grandparents!! Listening to the tales of 2hat nannan and grandad let them get up to!!

  102. Zoe Payne

    eating dinner with my boyfriend

  103. moth

    going to aquafit class – i love being in the water


    My Daughter sent me a video of my 11-month-old Grandson dancing to Eminem. I’m still smiling.

  105. maureen findley

    my daughters giggling made me smile

  106. Claire C

    A Walk in the countryside before the rain

  107. Angie McDonald

    My mum visiting today made me really happy

  108. Cornelia Ridler

    Sunshine after days of rain

  109. Emma Iraci

    I chatted for ages with I friend I haven’t seen in months because of lockdown. We giggled lots and I have been smiling since!

  110. Rachel Craig

    Kindness of Carers gifting flowers and a birthday card to an elderly client. Beautiful colours of flowers, lovely and bright. Card very appropriate for the individual. Kind thoughts, truly appropriated.

  111. Jane Willis

    The look on my husband’s face just now when I told him he’d slept through the smoke detector going off continuously for two hours (don’t worry, it was a false alarm, but wouldn’t switch off!). A good job it WAS a false alarm!

  112. Pippa Ainsworth

    A cup of coffee and a biscuit after feeling really cold on the school run

  113. S Straw

    Photos of my baby nephew that my brother sent me!

  114. Ian Yates

    The thought of coconut and cherry cake after reading this article!

  115. laura Linsey

    Waiting for my children to finish jumping in muddy puddles

  116. Karl Borowy

    On my switch with my wife

  117. Lindsay Lowcock

    I’m Alan Partridge.

  118. Victoria Prince

    Being able to go for a walk! I haven’t been able to leave the house since Tuesday and it was SO nice to be out walking the dog again

  119. Natalie Crossan

    My daughter making me playdoh treats 🙂

  120. Deborah Preston

    Talking to my son

  121. Tina H

    My cat running around the house yeowling then sleeping all day.

  122. Julie Ward

    Realising it was Tuesday, I though it was Monday

  123. Hekna

    A message from someone in my former team who shared a case study she’d written about the support I gave her. Gave me a much needed smile.

  124. Ross Leech

    Donald Trump talking yet more rubbish.

  125. Mildred Watchman

    My son offering to cook

  126. zoe brown

    my dog pulling a parcel through the letter box think it confused the postman lol

  127. Charlotte R

    A nice chat with the man at the post office – makes all the difference!

  128. Ben Audsley

    my cat made me smile today – she is called daisy

  129. dana

    the good weather

  130. Becky Patterson

    I managed to make some flat pack furniture today!

  131. Caroline Signey

    I get to borrow my dads nice car to go to work in

  132. Jessica Jacob

    I ran into the French doors and there’s still my face print on the glass!!

  133. James Travis

    Completing a 4 mile run

  134. Rebecca Walker

    finishing work early

  135. Sandra274

    My little boy made me smile! We were making dinosaur cookies today

  136. Sarah Fielding

    Walks in nature!

  137. Maria

    My sisters dog she is just the cutest

  138. Angela Morgan

    Daughter doing a mock TripAdvisor review since living back home following Uni. “Host can be somewhat overbearing” – made me laugh

  139. Jeanette Swift

    My husband made me smile today. In fact several times today with his silly jokes!!

  140. Eileen Hindley

    Seeing my grandchildren 🙂

  141. Jennifer Rhymer

    My little girl, she makes me smile all the time with her antics and just being so adorable x

  142. Susan Hoggett

    My parrot Kimoken, he’s so funny!

  143. donna l jones

    seeing my grandchildren today

  144. Carolyn E

    Speaking to my dad at length about so many interesting things

  145. Michelle Stewart

    My dog checking himself out in the mirror

  146. Tammy Tudor

    Watching the sun rise this morning with a coffee in my hand!

  147. Rebecca Whatmore

    Spending time with my pets

  148. Sheri Darby

    My son makes me smile


    A delicious meal

  150. Matt Allum-O'Reilly

    A morning text from my partner really made me smile.

  151. Erica Hughes

    A lie in

  152. Leslie Evans

    Every Day Upon Waking I Smile, you will to at the age of 75, Got Through Another Night. A new day awaits. Hurry.

  153. Adrian Bold

    Our dog made me smile today (as he does most days!)

  154. Laura Pritchard

    My good friend became a grandma and has been sending us pics of the baby!

  155. Donna W

    Watching my children learn with Mathseeds and seeing the smiles on their faces when they got the answers correct 🙂

  156. Francesca H

    My mini bull terrier Jimmy trotting along in the sunshine on our afternoon walk

  157. Angela Kelly

    Being able to have a sleep-in has made me smile today.

  158. Rebecca Smith

    My daughter saying some funny things.

  159. Sallyanne Rose

    walking my dog in the woods

  160. Stephanie

    The sunshine

  161. Kyomi Johnson

    My family have made me smile everyday they are the reason that my life is amazing

  162. Victoria Bazley

    Seeing the wildlife in my garden – a magpie trying to crack open an acorn in particular.

  163. natalie s

    speaking to my mum 🙂

  164. Laura Napier

    Having a visit from my mum – shes in our wee social bubble thank god

  165. Josephine Pett

    The fig tart I made was delicious, big smile

  166. Lucy Robinson

    I smiled when I realised the time and I had a lay in.

  167. janine atkin

    walking my puppy and getting lots of people stopping to admire her

  168. Marie R

    My children

  169. Kelly Knowles

    My husband waking me after a lay in with all four children.

  170. Sheena Read

    A bit cool but dry and sunny.

  171. Claire Reavy

    Baking bread

  172. Karen Richards

    Spending time with my family.

  173. Marie Rungapadiachy

    My Husband has made me smile today. He always make me feel better.

  174. Jennifer Gardner

    My baby moving x

  175. Caron Twyman

    My son thinking it a Monday and he thought he had to go to school made me smile this morning. Especially his relief when he didn’t have to rush lol.

  176. Meryl Thomas

    My dogs lying on a bed I made for them – so sweet

  177. Cathryn Crawshaw

    My daughter makes me smile


    My African grey parrot makes me smile every day. She is so cheerful, whistles, sings & chatters non-stop

  179. Stef Acaster

    Seeing a happy ending on Gavin and Stacey. It makes me happy even though I’ve seen it before.

  180. Lindsey Kent

    A lovely walk in the woods, kicking around in the crispy leaves!

  181. Orange23

    The great weather

  182. Tammy Neal

    Walks in nature x

  183. Ellie Spider

    wild swimming in the local river 🙂

  184. Gemma Richardson

    Going on a lovely Autumn walk with my daughter

  185. Amy Stevens

    Tried archery for the first time. It was fun .

  186. claire little

    my children

  187. Jane Henshaw

    I found a £10 note in an old folded receipt in a purse I hadn’t used for ages

  188. Louise Heaton

    My cat Athena who is currently running riot, swearing her pretty little head off! She sounds like a dog growling as she dashes about, bless her!

  189. Abigail

    The parrot i’m petsitting sating my name 🙂

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