Project 366 Week 38 – September So Far

Project 366 Week 38 – September So Far

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I’m back after a few weeks off from linking up with Project 366 as life has just been utterly manic! The back to school routine started a week later for us than most, which meant Liv and I were still running round picking up last minute items, however we are on track now! So, let’s have a look at our September so far!

Project 366 Week 38 – September So Far…

Origami Swans


Liv has finally embarked on her Secondary School life and I almost feel as if I am back at school too! Emails, school runs, homework… it has all started in earnest, but I’m glad the school are keeping us in the loop, so cannot complain over a few more emails in the pile! For the first week I dropped and picked Liv up daily, however she is now catching the school bus which is super handy! The 6.45am wake up alarm isn’t pretty, however my days now start earlier, meaning I get even more done and actually, I’m enjoying the earlier mornings… not so much all the irorning though!

It’s such a huge change for her, with the inclusion of more subjects than ever before, but so far we are managing to juggle everything. The school offer over 130 ‘enrichment activties’ covering lunchtimes and after school – ranging from sports, creative classes, languages, more academic classes and fun classes such as a Harry Potter club and Origami Club. Liv took part in the Origami Club this week and returned home with the gorgeous swans above. It’s lovely to see her settling in well and just hope the enthusiam continues, especially when it comes to standing at the bus stop in Winter!

Popcorn Poppin' Giveaway and Yulu Games review


I’m definitely being kept busy with work at the moment! With Liv now at school, it’s a great time to sit down and finally do the backend site maintenance that no-one ever sees. However I have featured some fabulous giveaways recently:

Win a Popcorn Poppin’ Game
Win a Healthy Eating Recipe Books bundle

Win A Healthy Eating Recipe Books Bundle

I also featured a post on Staycation destination ideas to bring out your creative side. I should warn you, the post features gorgeous stationery!

Staycation Destinations That Will Inspire Your CreativityItems are starting to arrive now to feature on the 10th annual Sim’s Life Christmas Gift Guide and I am super excited to share them with you. I cannot believe I will be featuring my 10th guide, I’ve no idea where that time has gone, but Sim’s Life is still here, bumbling along!

Comfort Food


I’ve been following the Keto lifestyle for the last few weeks now and it’s great to be back on the train! I’m already feeling so much better and healthier after the lockdown scoff-fest, however that didn’t stop us having a cheeky takeaway before I started back again! Even if that was in front of me now, I probably wouldn’t want any, it’s amazing how Keto really does retrain your way of eating.

Totty Snake

Getting out

Liv has been taking part in lots of sporting activities after school, something she never really had at primary, but we still enjoy our weekend rambles. In my previous Project 366 post, I mentioned that the Totty Snake was due to be set in concrete, well… there is still a way to go yet, but the work is in progress and yes, it does stretch further than the image! That’s a whollllllllle lot of rocks! I’m  not too sure how many there are now but the rock snake is immense!

GlossyBox September

Treat time

It would be so easy to simply reach for a tasty treat, but to keep on track with our healthier lifestyle, a Glossybox is the next best thing! We’ve had a few this year, but the September Glossybox needs a special mention simply for the fact it includes a Lindor chocolate bar! Unfortunately I didn’t get to indulge, though Liv did inform me it was very tasty! It was a fabulous treat for Liv to arrive home to during her first week at school… total mum win! With school back in session, I’ve been able to catch up with friends, which I always see as treat time – it has been lovely chatting with Karen without interuptions, I’d almost forgotten what that was like! The house is so quiet during the day, life almost feels back to normal in a sense. We’d better enjoy it before another lockdown comes!

What have you been up to recently?

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  1. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    That rock trail looks fab, there’s been talk of the one here being set in concrete too, hope that happens. Glad your daughter is settling in to Secondary school – sounds like she’ll have plenty to keep her busy there #366

  2. Kim Carberry

    I’m glad you’re back in track. September is such a busy time.
    It sounds like Liv is getting on OK at secondary school. That is a lot of enrichment activities. I like the sound of the Harry Potter club.
    I have strarted getting deliveries for with things to feature in the run up to Christmas. I am very excited. 10 for you is amazing!!
    Ohh! The Glossybox does look fab! Lindor chocolate is my favourite. x

  3. Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    Sounds like a good month! My kids are both back in school in person, so I’ve been trying to tackle everything on my to do list. I’ve always wanted to try a Glossybox, I need to someday!

  4. chickenruby

    Lovely to hear Liv is enjoying secondary school so much. Some fab prizes on the blog at the moment

  5. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Sounds like Liv is settling in well in her new school. Getting up early is hard but it is nice to have that extra time in the mornings and it does make the day feel so much more productive (I’m with you on the ironing though!) How lovely that the school offers so many ‘enrichment activities.’ I love the origami swans. Glad the keto lifestyle is working well for you. Lovely to see that the Totty Snake has been set in concrete and preserved. #project366

  6. claire

    It’s completely overwhelming when high school starts! Like you I feel like I have another thing to keep on top of. I long for timestable and spelling homework! Plus it all pings to my phone as well! Big mistake!

    The snake looks brilliant and I could fall in to that take away right now. Although I have just made homemade burgers so I should probably at least let them cook before I over look them!

    Enjoy week 39 x

  7. Galina V

    Oh, the start of the school is always a hurricane, and this year, even more so. Glad to hear Liv is settling well in her secondary school, and also can take a school bus. I’m not a morning person, and hate getting up earlier.
    The snake looks lovely, such a memento of the year. The Glossy box looks good, and yay for a chocolate bar!

  8. Michelle

    We had a strange week last week with little J getting sent home from school with a cough. Luckily he managed to get a test for Covid19 and it was negative

  9. Mellissa Williams

    That September glossy box looks really good and who can resist chocolate! Glad you have been feeling better who Keto, I’ve been used Noom and I’ve lost a stone

  10. Anosa

    I feel like compared to you we have done absolutely nothing but lazy about, we have my mum’s birthday so we went shopping in Bicester Village then a meal in oxford.

  11. Liam | Whatthedadsaid

    Seems like a good month, there is a sense of some normality for the kids and us, with school runs, uniforms, lunches, and homework, great post.

  12. Rebecca Smith

    Wow, sounds like a super busy week! Hope Liv is enjoying school. I really need to get back to keto – it worked so well for me!

  13. Rhian westbury

    That’s so good that Liv has been settling back into school well, it must be strange getting back into the routine. I went into my work office yesterday for the very first time to try out the journey but I don’t think I’ll be going back in much for a while x

  14. Menna Rachel

    It sounds like you’ve had a great month. I’m glad things seem to be getting back to ‘normal’ for you. I’ll have to check out the Staycation post. I can’t resist stationary.

  15. Melanie williams

    Sounds like you have been busy with work for sure. Glad to see that Liv is doing well at school and also taking on extra sports activities for sure x


    I’m looking forward to seeing your Christmas Gift Guide. I need to buy for a few people and need inspiration. We don’t seem to have any after school activities, the kids are not impressed.

  17. Yeah Lifestyle

    Sounds like Liv has been enjoying school and you getting back to some sort of routine and busy at work. Your giveaway competition looks great especially the vegan book bundle which I know I would love to win

  18. Emma T

    Glad the return to keto is going well. I need to get back to it as well. Sounds like Liv is getting settled into school. That’s a lot of activities to choose from!

  19. Neha Dsouza

    I bey it’s so nice to have some normality back right? Nice to see Liv is settled and work is back to normal. I think we all need a bit of new normal to keep sane right?

  20. Louise

    It sounds like you’re having a great September so far. We’re in self-isolation at the mo as Oscar had a persistent new cough and got sent home from school. But shock horror nowhere is testing where we are so we couldn’t get tested 🙁

    Louise x

  21. Kara

    Glad to hear that the Totty snake is being preserved. It feels weird that the kids are back to school but I have been working so much I haven’t had any time to myself

  22. Susan Mann

    The rock trail looks fab. We need something like that. Glad your daughter is settling into Secondary school. Glad she is enjoying it too. It really helps. Well done Liv xx

  23. Fozia S

    Origami club sounds fab.

    My girls school seem to have put a stop to all extra curricular activities at the moment which is a shame.

    Just love that the totty snake is being preserved!

  24. Erica Hughes

    Glad Liv is settling in well. It’s a big change I think for both child and parent. The Origami Club looks a lot of fun.

  25. Sam

    I am glad that normality is being restored and the transition to secondary school went well x #pocolo

  26. Cheryl Pasquier

    It’s weird getting into a new (almost) normal routine but it sounds like Liv’s settling in great. Love the origami. They have so many clubs to choose from ! You’re doing a fantabulous job behind the scenes too, so a big hug and cheer for you too ! xx

  27. Karen Langridge

    Tell Liv I absolutely love her Origami Club swans. They are fab! She will have to teach me how to make them whenever we catch up next. That cheeky takeaway picture is my dream! My mouth is watering… That Glossybox looks great! Nice they throw in a chocolate bar too! Always a bonus.

  28. June de Silva

    The transition from primary to secondary is massive for the students. I was a teacher in both primary and secondary, as well as a mum, so I speak from experience!! The origami swans are brilliant. #PoCoLo

  29. loopyloulaura

    This will probably be my 4th year of not managing to organise a gift guide, I always leave it too late! My eldest will go to secondary school next year so did his application last week… #project366

  30. Mudpie Fridays

    Welcome back. Its been hectic here too, hence the really late comment! Glad to hear you are settling back into a routine. I am hoping to find some more time to spend on the blog on my one day off a week too. The blogmin list has got very long. I keep hearing great things about Keto

  31. Andale Seaworne

    Yeah it feels nice that schools and colleges have opened and there is some sense of normalcy. Harry Potter and Origami Clubs? The idea of enrichment clubs is awesome! Good to know the keto diet is helping you, the food looks delicious. Cool rock snake. Aww you didn’t have Lindor chocolate bar

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