Why Do We Buy Our Dogs Gifts?

Why Do We Buy Our Dogs Gifts?

It seems strange to think about, but Christmas is just around the corner. In some ways, this year felt like it got paused in March, but, even though our lives were put on hold somewhat, the year itself has carried on moving. Now that schools are back in session, the nights are drawing in, and the weather is starting to turn, Christmas will be here before we know it. 

When you write your Christmas gifts list, will your dog be on it? In the UK, around 26% of us own a dog, with approximately 10 million pet dogs living in UK homes, as part of our families. More and more of these people are starting to buy their dogs and other pets, presents. If you’ve never done this, it might seem a little strange. You might wonder if your dog even knows about Christmas 2020, and with so many things to do, and people to buy for, do you really need to be adding a gift for your dog to that list?

Why Do We Buy Our Dogs Gifts?

Well, maybe? If you want to. There are a few different reasons why we buy our dogs presents at the holidays. Let’s take a look at why do we buy our dogs gifts?

We Love Our Dogs

Why Do We Buy Our Dogs Gifts?

Dogs are more than pets. We genuinely love them, and they love us back. Our dogs complete our families and not giving them something special on a day when the rest of our families are opening gifts would just seem wrong. We buy gifts for our animals because we love them, we want to make them happy, and it wouldn’t occur to us not to. 

Dog Gifting is a Booming Industry

Dog and other pet gifting is a booming industry. It’s growing every year, as more people buy their pets special presents. In Your Dog House Gifts have some fantastic presents, and the more people buy, the bigger the ranges become and the more options people have when it comes to finding the right gift for their pet. Basically, we’re buying presents because they are becoming too good not to. 

It’ll Make You Feel Good

We don’t just buy gifts to make other people happy. We also do it because it makes us happy. If purchasing our pet a present makes us happy. We should do it. 

You Love the Gift as Much as They Do

Let’s be honest. We don’t just buy our dogs presents because we think they’ll like them. We also buy them because we like them. You might love a new bed for your lounge, or toys to play with in the park. You might want a new lead to take out with you. We buy gifts because we want them. 

You Could Support a Local Business

Many companies selling gifts for dogs are small businesses that appreciate any help that they can get.

You certainly don’t have to buy your dog a gift. They won’t love you any less if you don’t. But, if you want to, and it helps to make your day special, why not?

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