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What Makes a Successful Headteacher?

Without a successful headteacher, it is doubtful that all school students will be able to reach their full potential, both in terms of their education and in a personal sense. Parents who are seeking a new school for their child, regardless of their age, should always consider the leadership team and their key goals. At open days, parents are usually given the opportunity to hear the headteacher speak and potentially even ask questions, so it’s important to make the most of this experience. Consider whether their priorities as a leader match up with your own priorities as a parent.

What Makes a Successful Headteacher?

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So, what actually makes a successful headteacher? How can the leadership team ensure every young person in their care grows up to be prosperous, happy, and mentally and physically healthy? Joanna Wright, head of an independent senior school in Surrey, has claimed in a recent interview that schools have had to adapt during these challenging times to offer creative solutions for students so that they continue to receive the highest level of education possible. Communication between educators and pupils and parents has been the key, especially when it comes to reassurance and clarity.

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However, regardless of a global pandemic, Mrs. Wright has stated that a good leader must demonstrate resilience, integrity, and wisdom; excellent traits for students and other teachers to look up to and replicate throughout their academic journey. Suitable changes must be made throughout the school year, even if that involves risk taking, in order to ensure all students are behaving as they should so that they perform at their best. It goes without saying that a successful headteacher must be passionate in their role as a leader, with a keen interest in every single one of their pupils. As a result, students will leave the school with an abundance of knowledge, in addition to life-long friendships and the ability to solve problems and make sensible decisions into adulthood.

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