Win Baylis & Harding Musical Handwashes

Win Baylis & Harding Musical Handwashes

Never has it been more important to wash your hands many, many… MANY times a day. At this point, I would suggest investing in a good handcream too to ensure your hands are kept moisturised. Though what about children? It can be hard to keep the momentum going, especially if they are too young to understand what is going on. Which is why Baylis & Harding Musical handwashes are such a great idea to have around your home!

Win Baylis & Harding Musical Handwashes

Musical Handwashes from Baylis & Harding

The designs are super cute, with a blue shark and pink nemo to choose from. Both have the most divine bubblegum fragrance that children will immediately be drawn to washing their hands with this gorgeous Baylis & Harding soap!

What makes the Baylis & Harding handwashes even more awesome is the musical ‘sing-a-long’ aspect! Each push down (contains a motion sensor) on the soap bottle emits the ‘Happy Birthday’ song, which has been recommended to sing whilst washing hands to ensure a good scrub over 20 seconds. Children will be delighted with the handwashes and will certainly not take too much debate over having to wash their hands! Have fun whilst wishing different family members, friends and even teddy bears a Happy Birthday when washing hands along to the tune. They are great for parents as hearing the music is reassuring that hands are being washed!

With an RRP of £3.50 for a 250ml bottle, you can be reassured that the mild soap will leave little hands fresh and clean!

Baylis & Harding are a Sim’s Life favourite, both Liv and I love the gorgeous skincare products as the fragrances are amazing and our skin is always left feeling soft and fresh. To spread the B&H joy, enter the giveaway below to win a blue and pink musical handwash set!

How To Win A Baylis & Harding Musical Handwashes

For your chance to win a Baylis & Harding Musical Handwashes, simply enter using the Gleam form below and do not forget to answer the question by leaving a blog

Baylis & Harding Musical Handwashes

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Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 25th October 2020.
One winning entry we drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will be notified within 72 hours of the giveaway ending.
The winner will receive 1 x Blue Musical Handwash and 1 x Pink Musical Handwash
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.

Baylis & Harding Handwashes

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    seeing a baby laugh has made me smile today .

    1. Jan Johnson

      My cat, called Cat

  2. Peter Watson

    A friend of mine made a stupid joke on Facebook and I smiled at the stupidity of it,not the joke.

  3. melanie stirling

    I was thinking about something embarrasing I said to someone. I’m still cringeing but it actually made me laugh.

    1. Joanne Hutchings

      It’s not much but I’m really glad that households can still mix for now.

    2. Kirsty Sparks

      Seeing my family

  4. Helen Markham

    See my little girl practice her morning routine for when her baby rabbits arrive

  5. Lewis Baines

    My little girl tripping over made me smile

  6. Fay

    Having an easy day at work today is making me smile

  7. Dale Dow

    My son making a healthy request for his lunch.

  8. Michelle Smith

    Seeing my granddaughter on FaceTime was lovely

  9. Chris Andrews

    xx more a chuckle than a smile . . . . my grandsons

  10. ashleigh allan

    My kids as always!

  11. Tracey Ryder

    my cats, chalk, biscuit, pancake, simba and nala

  12. Alice Dixon

    Our new puppy Lily

  13. Elaine Savage

    My friend’s little grandson

  14. Kathy Cakebread

    the sun being out 🙂

  15. Karen Stirling

    My 8 year old son giggling.

  16. Priscilla Stubbs

    Waking up to a beautiful sunrise

  17. Kelly Knowles

    This morning my 5 year old boy Peter told me he likes his new teacher now because she’s got a nice smile

  18. Hafsah

    Running 1 mile in 15 minutes breaking my personal record today !

  19. Lindsey Stuart

    My 8 Month old baby girl has made me smile lots today! 🙂

  20. Anthony Harrington

    My Border Collie, he always makes me smile, he is a real character

  21. Sue McCarthy

    Visiting my sister’s pets; loads of budgies, canaries, zebra finches, chickens, 2 goats & a cow!

    1. Libby Arnold

      I bought an Aloe Vera plant and named him Spike

  22. Lucy

    Nice weather!

  23. Peter Nickson

    My son and his mannerisms.

  24. Sam Cornford

    I saw my mum for the 1st time in a while.

  25. Lucinda P

    Splashing in the sea with my little boy

  26. MichelleD

    My daughter telling me about her day at school! 🙂

  27. Emma Hussain

    My children

  28. Rachel Mccraith

    My niece coming to visit

    1. Sarah

      My son telling me he loved me, better than anything in the world!

  29. shellyG

    harvesting my potatoes

  30. clair downham

    the sun coming out

  31. kim neville

    all my daughter’s stuff to take back to Uni filling up our lounge lol 🙂

  32. Lynne D

    Two things today, two of my daughters were both happy and excited with future projects in their education and it was lovely to hear and see

  33. kim white

    I won a Pound Puppy Newborn for my grandaughter.

  34. Tracy Nixon

    My order of gorgeous yarn arrived today! I am going to knit a cowl!

  35. Margaret Gallagher

    Glorious wall to wall sunshine

  36. Jenny McClinton

    Hearing from a guy I had a date with yesterday

  37. Joo Dee

    looking at the house after we have painted it!

  38. Lorraine Rivers

    My sons for making me proud

  39. Kristie Metcalfe

    Getting sent some flowers from a happy customer at work!

  40. Sheena Batey

    The sunshine

  41. Suan Watts

    My friend’s Facebook message

  42. Katie B

    Actually having a day off and not being contacted! It’s been wonderful!

  43. Andrea Fletcher

    My 3 months old granddaughter smiling when she saw me.

  44. Mummyuk86

    My son saying ‘i love you mummy’

  45. laura stewart

    my daughter 🙂

  46. Jo Jones

    The 90 year old lady I volunteer to help made me smile today as she gets her words muddled sometimes.

  47. fiona waterworth

    my son has learnt some new jokes, so of which were funny and a couple very rude, but we try not to smile at them

    1. Karl Borowy

      Seeing grandson Play with his Lego

  48. Elizm

    having a laugh with my son

  49. Nageena Ahmed

    My children making me laugh has made me smile today.

  50. Charlotte isobelle

    My little one learnt how do to peekaboo for the first time

  51. Lucy

    Hello, a television show ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’ made me smile today.

  52. Jane

    My first day back at work this morning and my boss after said how much he missed me then preceded to give me the longest ‘to-do’ list ever!

  53. Laura Johnson

    My 5 month old Kitten Ren 🙂

  54. Jemima Chapman

    Several things made me smile today! One was my little girl (2) saying, “ missed you mummy” when I got in from work and the other was the big piece of cake I ate in peace when the kids had gone to bed!

  55. Fiona jk42

    My daughter posts videos of my granddaughter to a family What’s app group, and the videos always make me smile.

  56. Julie Ward

    Painting my door with undercoat without making a mess

  57. phil b

    crossing the new forth road crossing, it always makes me smile

  58. Penny Lane

    Having a cup of tea with my husband!

  59. Carly Belsey

    My daughter when we were walking to school yesterday, we were playing a game and she had to think of a job that began with L so she said ‘laybrickers” instead of bricklayers haha. Bless her.

  60. Kelly Y

    My son always makes me smile

  61. Helen Arlow

    Finding out that one of my closest friends is expecting a baby x

  62. Bob Clark

    The lovely sunshine

  63. Ursula Hunt

    My dog chasing a ping pong ball around the kitchen

  64. Sally Collingwood

    My little kitten made me smile

  65. Susan John

    Seeing my grandson this morning made me smile.

  66. Caroline H

    Waking up to a warm bathroom. We’ve finally had the dodgy timer replaced on the towel rail, just in time for it getting chilly here!


    thinking about this competition

  68. Helen

    An un prompted ‘I love you’ from my son ❤️

  69. Jacob Barnard

    A Funny Video

  70. Kim M

    My cat chasing butterflies in the garden x

  71. Keith Hunt

    I found a pack of welsh cakes on offer


    A video call with my daughter and 11 month old grandson never fails to put a smile on my face.

  73. Amandeep Sibia

    My Son’s jokes.

  74. Rachelle Barrett

    My husband, he makes me smile every day. I feel so lucky

  75. dave johnston

    my daughter saying she misses me

  76. Sandra Fortune

    My little grandson playing with the cat

  77. Joanne Hutchings

    It’s not much but I’m really glad that households can still mix for now.

  78. Carole Nott

    Saw a squirrel pinching all the hazelnuts from the tree in my garden – strips it bare usually and leaves me none!

  79. Natalie Burgess

    My children fighting over a dead leaf xx

  80. Tracy B

    Seeing a dragonfly in the garden and the cat watching him

  81. A.E. ADKINS

    The appearance of the sun, a proper sunny day ….at the end of September in the UK

  82. Rich Tyler

    Playing dinosaurs with my little boy

  83. michelle o'neill

    well i on holiday in Scotland, so the views made me smile when i woke up

  84. leanne weir

    My boys cuddles in the morning

  85. hayley berry

    That my daughters can still dance

  86. lynn neal

    My 3 Year old grandsonn giving me a picture hem ade at nursery, totally priceless!

  87. Gemma Hendry

    My little girls telling me she loved me when i woke up this morning made me smile

  88. Martina Pichova

    When the rain stopped just before the school run…

  89. Helen Tovell

    Seeing the flowers open on my hibiscus

  90. Patricia Avery

    My 73 year old hubby hugging a tree. I hope he never grows up!

  91. Bryan Murphy

    A visit from my grandchildren

  92. Rebecca Nisbet

    I had management training today with a load of other managers that i havent seen in ages, so was nice to have a catch up and a few laughs too

  93. Natalie Crossan

    My daughter telling me that her trunki skills will eventually help her learn to drive! Was adorable

  94. lauren chance

    My partner making a cheeky comment

  95. Tammy Westrup

    My kids – they make me smile everyday

  96. Karen Radford

    Sharing funny GIFs with my work colleagues on Teams so we can keep in touch even when working from home

  97. Julieann parkin

    My 3 year Old made me smile today because he dressed our poor doggy up and made him play tea party’s


    Seeing some photos of my beautiful granddaughters laughing

  99. Rachel Butterworth

    My niece’s latest Tiktok attempt.

  100. Natasha Mairs

    my husband made me laugh telling me silly jokes

  101. Ruth Harwood

    Waking up to having my beautiful Princess Cinnamon (my cat) sleeping on the bed beside me, she hasn’t done that since her sister died a year ago, and it made me almost cry, though with relief that she’s getting over the worst, and perhaps I will too xx

  102. Katie Witherington

    my partner coming up today to surprise me after being ill

  103. Danielle Moore

    Going to Blackpool lights with my children and seeing their faces light up!

  104. Claire willmer

    My children laughing and playing together.

  105. juliette morrison

    I’m still smiling from seeing hundreds of deer in Windsor yesterday

  106. claire woods

    Seeing my parents, after not seeing them for a couple of weeks.

  107. Lorna Ledger

    I had a lovely lie in until 10am, wowsers!

  108. rachel Richardson

    Watching my miracle daughter play

  109. Vicky

    Helping my elderly neighbours paint their bench.

  110. Sarah knightley

    Not having to do the school run in the rain

  111. Christina Palmer

    Speaking to my youngest grandson on the phone as it was his eighth birthday today.

  112. Kerstin B

    Went grocery shopping in Aldi and spotted the perfect Christmas present for my niece. Easiest Christmas list tick ever (especially as I haven’t started present shopping yet).

  113. Sarah Lambert

    My youngest daughter made me smile she is such a sassy 3 year old and cracks me up with her one liners

  114. Rachael

    My daughter smiling at me made me smile today xx

  115. Rebecca Beesley

    eating cake! I baked one that turned out particularly well so that definitely brought a smile to my face.

  116. Zoe Payne

    eating my dinner

  117. Gaynor Vincent

    My son giving me a big cuddle, he is a teenager next year so I am grabbing them while I can!

  118. Pippa Ainsworth

    My little boy singing to me made me smile

  119. Mariyah Curim

    My three year old daughter telling me she loves me. Always melts my heart.

  120. katrina walsh

    We took our chihuahua to the beach for the first time – i swear i saw him smiling! 😀

  121. Rebecca King

    Watching my dog chase his own tail!

  122. jacqui rushton

    Spending time with my lovely rabbits

  123. Emma Davison

    My dog

  124. Rachel Craig

    Seeing Mum.

  125. Jodie Green

    My youngest turned 1 yesterday so today i’ve been watching him learn to ride his new little bike (and run over my feet!) his happy little face when he gets it to move makes me smile!

  126. Ian Yates

    A Monday? In October? Mid Corona? A smile??? Ok. I’ll force one for purposes of entry!

  127. Richard M Johnson

    My daughter

  128. Ruth T

    My children make me smile, my 5 month old is normally pretty happy and I’ve been hearing how well my 4 year old has been getting on at school.

  129. Hekna

    A snuggle with my little one after school. Always makes me smile though!

  130. S Straw

    I received some new photos of my baby nephew Max.

  131. Emma England

    Doing the school run in rain, in our wellies and splashing in puddles on the way.

  132. Emma Iraci

    I had a cuppa with one of my oldest friends today- was lovely to catch up.

  133. zoe brown

    my dog always makes me smile

  134. Robyn Clarke

    My children always make me smile.

  135. Darren Bourne

    My children make me smile everyday. They are a cute little double act and often make us laugh.

  136. Jessica Jacob

    My rescue dog dies this goofy upside-down grin at me whenever I sit down with a cup of tea

  137. Paula Phillips

    A nice walk to the lakes with a friend.

  138. Rebecca Walker

    eating pizza

  139. Natalie Abel

    My son saying he got a new job

  140. Maria

    My sisters dog

  141. Alison Johnson

    Chatting to my son who is at Uni around 160 miles away. We did a video call & we talked about what he was trying to buy on Prime Day deals! But it was lovely to actually see him.

  142. Sarah Fielding

    Being around my family!

  143. Katrina Adams

    Snuggles with my dog and getting a positive update on my mother-in-law who has been in hospital for a few days.

  144. Tammy Angus

    My postman saying nice slippers….big pink fluffy ones with a bow. Very OTT

  145. Natasha R-M

    The birds in my garden – appreciating the wildlife around us.

  146. Simone Griffin

    A colleague said thank you to me for helping her with some work she was stressed about 🙂

  147. Caroline Smith

    My daughter making me an origami dog this morning to keep me company whilst I’m home working and they are at school!

  148. Deb Pettit

    A dog at the vets, was so cute

  149. Ellie Spider

    Cwtches with my cats 🙂 always makes me smile

  150. christine reid

    Radio on, nice cup coffee and knowing I don`t need to go out in the rain.

  151. justine meyer

    My son made some yummy pain au chocolate from scratch and they were yummy

  152. Mark Fridlington

    Sorry for repeating this from another of my posts of today, but watching and playing with my dog, made me smile today.

  153. Anthea Holloway

    Talking to my grandchildren on Messenger – it was lovely.

  154. Troy Easton

    I would be me taking to my dad for a while.

  155. Rebecca Smith

    My kids parents consultations.

  156. Jennifer Rhymer

    My little girl makes me smile all the time x

  157. Victoria

    my pup being cute 🙂

  158. Leslie Evans

    I smiled today because I woke up, it is the factor of getting through another night and not dying, I am 75.

  159. Victoria Prince

    having a cuddle with my dog. Can’t fail to make me smile!

  160. Laura Pritchard

    Having a little dance with my daughter!

  161. Francesca H

    My daft English Bull Terrier pup x

  162. Susan B

    A friendly and helpful chat with a neighbour.

  163. S Straw

    Seeing my son dressed up in his new Harry Potter costume for school

  164. Susan Hoggett

    buying baby clothes for my first grandchild made me so happy today!

  165. Sheri Darby

    Seeing my son today made me happy

  166. Sam Parkes

    Getting a new job today has made me smile

  167. Rebecca roberts

    My daughter and. My dog they are just silly every morning

  168. Holly King

    My son Jacob waking up saying morning I love you x


    my daughter giving me a cuddle

  170. Adrian Bold

    Our dog always makes me smile.

  171. Angela Kelly

    Having a sleep-in made me smile today.

  172. Victoria Bazley

    My husband saying he’ll make a plum crumble today 🙂

  173. Julie Taylor

    Happy dogs in the park

  174. Jo Nichol

    waking up to my lovely husband!

  175. sue leake

    A wet day and cold day… means a jigsaw day.. which I completed today with a smile

  176. Chirag Patel

    on a dull dreary day working out how to play Mahjong

  177. Elaine Stokes

    finishing some sewing i’ve had on the go for a couple of months

  178. Laura Green

    My son always makes me smile

  179. Rebecca Whatmore

    Spending time with my pets.

  180. Jane Robertson

    Celebrating my 60th birthday today with my one year old granddaughter. What a joy!

  181. Maria Messruther

    My little lady smiling at me singing we’ll meet again when i stopped she started crying which made me laugh. I never thought of myself as a great singer lol.

  182. Kay Broomfield

    My 21 month old youngest son saying “thank you” over and over today as it’s the latest thing he’s learned how to say!

  183. Darren griffiths

    My son jumping in puddles in the rain laughing

  184. Zoe Trelfa-Porter

    My daughters random funny giggles

  185. Helen

    Watching my children play with our new dog!

  186. Theresa Thomas

    Seeing my Cat twitching having a dream then falling off the sofa. (he’s ok and wasn’t hurt)

  187. Patricia Barrett

    The film ‘The Gentlemen’ made me smile and laugh a lot today.

  188. Jane Green

    Remembering the clocks had changes so I didn’t need to get up

  189. tricia cowell

    Watching a video my Grandson made for me. He always makes me smile

  190. Joan Hewes

    Seeing some sunshine this morning ☀️

  191. Louise Burgess

    my baby girl having her cake smash and not wanting to eat the cake haha

  192. Tracy Gladman

    Today, my daughter saying she loves me.

  193. Denise Walton

    Having a video chat with my 3 year old granddaughter

  194. Karen R

    My daughter – she’s always so funny xx

  195. soozybee

    My dog 🙂

  196. Sheena Read

    Its been dry enough to ge the washing out.

  197. Marie Rungapadiachy

    My children made me smile today, but they always do.

  198. Paul Bell

    Seeing a double rainbow

  199. amanda greensmith

    my grandchildren

  200. sharon martin

    my granddaughter

  201. karen dixon

    Went for a 2 hour walk with my husband.

  202. janine atkin

    walking my dog in the woods made me smile today

  203. fiona d

    Seeing a double rainbow over our town, beautiful 🙂

  204. Meryl Thomas

    I went for a walk and collected leaves to do some eco-printing – the colours made me smile and filled my heart with joy

  205. Toni Pearson

    mum cooked us a roast dinner today, such a treat to be spoiled. It certainly made me smile.

  206. Rox

    Choosing pumpkins to take home and decorate!

  207. Rachel B

    playing mario with my daughter

  208. Sallyanne Rose

    my grand-daughter and my dog

  209. Charlotte Carter-Dunn

    My foster daughter choosing her pumpkin outfit for halloween – she looks fab!

  210. Rebecca Vickerstaff

    my kids, who decided to play hide and seek behind the door and gave themselves away when one of them passed wind and the other one laughed so hard he snorted lol

  211. Fiona Foskett

    Visiting my lovely dad Derek in the dementia care home where he lives, I love his singing and he was on top form today xx

  212. Ross Leech

    Seeing a Robin fall off a branch into the bird bath today made me smile.

  213. Natalie Gillham

    My daughters made me smile today as they brought me a thoughtful gift x

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