Project 366 Week 39 – Almost October

Project 366 Week 39 – Almost October

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How is it almost October already?!
Time is spent looking online for new coats and pulling jumpers out of hibernation. I’m trying not to put the heating on too much as I know once I do, it will be on constantly now for the next few months. Well, not constantly, but you know what I mean!

This week has yet again passed in a blur or work, work and more work, but there have been some fun moments too. Let’s have a look at how our week has been in the latest Project 366 post…

Project 366 Week 39 – Almost October

Hollingworth Lake


With Liv catching the bus to and from school, life is somewhat easier and she feels the freedom a lot more. It’s totally not ‘cool’ to be seen with your mum anymore when you are a 1st year at Secondary School! It has been a harder week (check out last week’s Project 366 post) as Liv has been dealing with a cold alongside more schoolwork than ever before. It was definitely a cold and not anything more sinister as she went from a bunged up nose, to a runny nose without a cough, fever or loss of taste. I know this as she was quite happy to give her opinion on her dinners! Phew… crisis averted and the ‘Back to School Bug’ has been knocked out of the park, ready for us to crack on again at full speed this week.

It has been lovely hearing about Liv’s new friends. As the only girl from her primary school to start at her secondary school, she has has no option but to make new friends and last weekend we got to meet one of her best friends and her family.

Hollingworth Lake

We enjoyed a fabulous walk around a local reservoir hotspot, enjoying the last of the summer sun, alongside a cheeky pizza. Keto is out of the window at the moment, give me all the carbs you have!


As I no longer have to contend with the morning school run dash, my laptop is on pre-8am these days and by midday, I feel like I’ve already done a full day’s work! I’m actually starting to enjoy the early morning wake up calls and the pair of us have certainly got into our new routines quickly, surprisingly really after having spent the majority of the year not in any routine at all! Karen has kept me on track this week which I am grateful for. When working on your own, it’s easy to start turning loopy, but having a friend who you can bounce ideas off really does help! It also explains why the layout of my Project 366 posts have changed, because every day quite literally is Groundhog Day!

Win Baylis & Harding Musical Handwashes

You may have noticed a new giveaway this week, the chance to Win Baylis & Harding Musical Handwashes! A lovely giveaway for 2 musical ‘sing-a-long’ handwashes that play the ‘Happy Birthday’ tune. Perfect for little ones to give them guidance when washing their hands and they smell absolutely divine… a rather zingy bubblegum flavour that make your hands smell lush!

Personalised books from In The Book review

I featured a fabulous review for In The Book personalised books this week too. We haven’t really touched on personalised books on the site in a few years as Liv grew out of young children’s books many moons ago. I was delighted to notice a Books for Teenagers section on the site and very quickly agreed to review and feature a personalised copy of Swallows and Amazons. Such a wonderful read! Having loved the story myself when I was younger, I knew it would be a great book for Liv to read and how marvellous that it could be personalised for her! Definitely a fabulous unique gift idea for Christmas presents!

Free Time

Free time? What’s that?!
There hasn’t really been much of that this week as when I’ve finished work, I have a mountain of ironing to do and then have to organise everything for the next day. By Friday, I realised that the only time I had been out of the house was to nip to Aldi for the weekly food shop. However, this weekend we did manage a trip into our local town where we have a wonderful social distanced afternoon with Liv’s friend and her mum. It was great to have a coffee (and cake!), have a wander around the shops and almost feel normal again. I say almost as everyone was fortunately wearing masks and for the first time ever, I had to queue outside Next… and it wasn’t for a 6am sale!

M&S Percy Pig Toy

However, whilst in the queue, I did notice a lady walk by with a cuddly Percy Pig from M&S! Released earlier in the week, M&S have launched an awesome selection of Percy Pig related goodies, ranging from medium sized Percy Pig soft toys (£15), large soft toys (£25), huge glass jars filled with Percy Pig sweets (£15), a new Percy Pig Party range of sweets and other goodies. If you are a fan of the cute pink pig, then the range is well worth checking out! We came home with the medium sized toy, Liv said I wasn’t allowed the large toy. Meanie!

I’m still trying to get through The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, currently I am on season 6 with a few seasons to go until I have caught up. There was me, not a fan of reality TV before lockdown and within the space of a few months, I am absolutely hooked! Have you watched anything recently that you can recommend?

I’m hoping to get out a little more this week, I cannot help feel I was a little restricted on movements this week and for that don’t have a lot to report. Hopefully I can make up for that next week!

How has your week been?

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Project 366 Week 39

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  1. Kim Carberry

    This year is flying over. We’ve had the heating on a couple of times but I don’t want to get used to it being on. It’s a long time until Spring and the weather turning warmer.
    It sounds like Liv is getting on great with getting the bus and school.
    Aww! Those Percy Pig things are so cute! x

  2. Claire

    It certainly sounds like your daughter is settling in to secondary school life really well.

    It must be lovely to get cracking on work early. I’ve been getting up at 6 to fit blogging in before I go to work. I’m shattered but I certainly feel ‘on it’ for getting up.

    Have a good week x


    Wow, no morning school run for you, that’s great. I dread it when the weather gets worse. Oh wow, Percy Pig goodies!!! I need to pop to M&S!!!

  4. Jess Howliston

    So pleased to hear your daughter in enjoying catching the bus and settling in well to school. It is such a worry when they start a new school and is always easier when you know they are making friends and enjoy it isnt it? I LOVE that percy pig toy, I am definitely off to go get one of those and maybe a jar or two of sweets! My week has been ok, we are still trying to find out rhythm in the new routine, not helped by the fact my husband is still furloughed and we have no idea when he will be going back so it feels like we are always on edge waiting for the call. Then out routine will have to change again so its all a bit stressful, but overall we are all ok lol! x

  5. Rhian westbury

    I bet you have a bit more of a feeling of normality now that the kids are back at school, it must be so nice that she could start her new school in person x

  6. Rebecca Smith

    Oh I think I need a cuddly Percy Pig myself! He is so cute! I know what you mean about free time – I thought I’d have more now that Jack is back at school and Olivia has started nursery but I seem to have less somehow, haha!

  7. chickenruby

    Glad to hear Liv is really enjoying her new school. Pleased also that her runny nose was nothing more sinister. I’ve seen the Percy Pig collection but thought it was very expensive for what it is

  8. chickenruby

    whoops hit enter too soon. Glad you had a lovely time out with your friend. I too am more productive in the mornings

  9. Jenny

    Both of my kids have been floored by back to school germs. I guess it’s inevitable when they’ve been away from social contact for so long,.

  10. Anosa

    Glad your daughter is enjoying school and I need to facetime my family this weekend.

  11. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    I’m glad that Liv is settling into school and making friends, I have all this to come next year. Great that the new routine is giving you time to get focussed too #366

  12. Erica Hughes

    Glad Liv is settling into school well. I was just getting back into a routine when my son had to go into quarantine because of a outbreak at school. Hoping to get back on track soon as it’s tricky when you are working from home.

  13. Kara

    OMG, they have Percy Pig cuddly toys…….I so need one of them in my life. Glad to hear that Liv is settling in to school well

  14. Karen, the next best thing to mummy

    I agree, how can it be October already? I will be glad to see an end to this year, let’s hope for a better time next year #pocolo@_karendennis

  15. Mudpie Fridays

    Least you were allowed a pig I wasn’t even allowed a medium one! I know what you mean about groundhog day, but it sounds like you are super productive. I could do with being a little more productive!

  16. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    I’m still resisting putting the heating on here but no doubt I’ll give in soon! Sounds like Liv is enjoying secondary school and hope that her cold goes away soon. It is nice to have an early start and feel productive by lunchtime. Lovely to get out for some shopping too and I love the look of the Percy Pig goodies. #project366

  17. loopyloulaura

    It seems to have turned autumnal very quickly and our heating has been on! Glad you were able to take a break from being busy to go into town with a friend #project366

  18. Fozia S

    Can’t quite believe October is already upon us!

    Glad Liv is settling in and making friends! Can’t be easy going to a new school and having to make new friends.

    Pleased to hear it was just a cold and nothing more serious!

  19. Karen Langridge

    Forget the heating its dressing gowns and onesies all the way! How adorable is Percy pig, what a fab purchase. I love how you keep me on track too! We make a formidable duo! We watched the Mulan film the other day, I quite enjoyed the action! Wish I could run up walls and karate chop people into next week.

  20. Cheryl Pasquier

    I had a good giggle at the Percy Pig goodies and you being told you couldn’t have the big one ! I’m glad you managed to get out and have cake and coffee with friends. It’s lovely to have some extra time to get things done in the mornings too – I love it when you’ve ticked things off your to-do list before lunchtime ! xx

  21. Andale Seaworne

    I agree, earlier time passed by slow and now its picked up the pace. Awww poor Liv. I’m glad she’s got to make friends and got to meet her best friend. Hahahaha, one simply cannot refuse pizza. It’s nice to have a friend that supports and motivates you. The book sounds interesting. The piggy looks cute

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