Win A Spice Pots Festive Food Survival Kit

Win A Spice Pots Festive Food Survival Kit

What better way to kick the 10th Annual Sim’s Life Christmas Gift Guide off than with a giveaway to win a fabulous Spice Pots Festive Food Survival Kit. If you are a fan of Indian cuisine, you are going to love this kit!

I’ve heard of Spice Pots before, but as I’m lazy and tend to order in curries as opposed to cooking them, I wasn’t fully aware of what they offer.

The Spice Pots mission is all about making cooking easier with their unique blends of spices and I am totally onboard with that! With less free time than ever before now that Liv is at secondary school, cooking large meals can feel like a chore. With delicious spice combinations and lots of yummy recipe inspiration, this Spice Pots feature couldn’t have come at a better time! Read on to find out more about the Festive Food Survival Kit and how you can win one!

Spice Pots Festive Food Survival Kit

Spice Pots Christmas Kits

The Festive Food Survival Kit (priced at £14.95 here) is a must have for those who always find themselves with plenty of leftovers at Christmas but want break for the norm with new dishes. Whilst it is always appreciated when someone else cooks your curry, cooking your own from scratch with a range of spices gives you the opportunity to tailor it to your own tastes and heat level. Who needs a takeaway, when you can have a mouthwatering fakeaway!

Festive Food survival kit from Spice pots

The kit contains 4 spice tins covering:

Korma – Mild but there is a hint of warmth from the chilli.
Bhuna – Medium in heat and very flavorsome.
Goan – (Hot!) Spicy and complex! If you want to try this but don’t like fiery food, I find adding a dash of double cream helps make the heat more palatable.
Mixed Sweet Spice – a mixed sweet spice for adding to cakes, bakes, puddings and anything else that needs a sweeter taste! This would be great mixed in with cinnamon puff pastry swirls for a lovely Christmas treat!

The 40g tins are seriously cute and contain 8 servings per pot. The kit averages out at making at least 8 family meals. With an 18 month shelf life from production date, the tins will last ages, so don’t worry about having to use them quickly! The flavour will still be there, even after the 18 months, it just will not be as strong.

All the spices are GM free, suitable for vegans, gluten free and do not contain nuts (further allergen information can be viewed here), though the Bhuna spice does contain mustard seeds.

Festive Food Survival Kit Recipe Inspiration

The included booklet features 8 delicious recipe ideas to try with the spices. All recipes are Christmas inspired and range from Christmas Spiced Nuts, Mini Coronation Chicken Pies, right through to Lamb Bhuna. There really are some fabulous ideas, for new meals you may not have considered making before, in order to ensure no food wastage this Christmas!

Everything about Spice Pots is eco friendly, from the use of cardboard packaging and no plastic in sight, to the steel pots which can be recycled. Though the pots are dinky and adorable and with refills available on the site, the pots can be used time after time to brighten up your kitchen. The refills start from £2.95 each  and even come in compostable bags with compostable labels to dispose of when no longer needed!

Whether you are looking for festive food inspiration for yourself, as a gift idea of if you just love making a good curry, there are plenty of gift sets, spices, recipes books and inspiration to check out over on the Spice Kits site.

How To Win Spice Pots Festive Food Surival Kit 

For your chance to win a Festive Food Kit from Spice Pot, simply enter using the Gleam form below and do not forget to answer the question by leaving a blog

Spice Pots Festive Food Survival Kit

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Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 1st November 2020.
One winning entry we drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will be notified within 72 hours of the giveaway ending.
The winner will receive 1 x Spice Pots Festive Food Survival Kit
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.

Spice Pots Christmas tins

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  1. Charlotte isobelle

    Sherry trifle mmmm my fave!

  2. Amy SIMPSON

    pigs in blankets,xmas puds and mince pies

  3. sarah homer

    Definitely mince pies and stollen cake 🙂

    1. Sandra Fortune

      Sage and onion stuffing with my dinner , sherry trifle and marzipan

    2. Karl Borowy

      All the trimmings and a good nap


    I love the brussell sprouts and roast parsnip with xmas dinner and then xmas pudding drowning in cream. The chocolate for breakfast is pretty good to.

    1. Bruce.

      Mince pies

  5. maureen findley

    mince pies and fresh pouring cream

  6. Jan Johnson

    Mince pies, 40 seconds in the microwave, top smashed open and double cream poured on

  7. Katie

    I love all the snacks like mozzarella bites

  8. ashleigh allan

    Christmas pudding and mince pies!

  9. Juli Savage

    Christmas Pudding

  10. Lisa Pope

    I love Christmas Ham, I make one every year

  11. K Court

    Cheese boards!

  12. Rowena Wood

    Christmas pudding, with warm brandy cream!

  13. Barbara Knight

    I love to make Christmas cake, pudding, stollen, mince pies.

  14. Dawn Samples

    I love a prawn cocktail and black forest gateau x

    1. Emma Fox

      Cheese board !!

  15. Sarah Parker

    I love turkey 🙂

  16. Alice Dixon

    I love mince pies, fun to make with my children and very tasty

  17. christine goody

    christmas cake

  18. Michael Daniels

    figs/dates and Turkish Delight

  19. Helen Markham

    Oh family classic recipe of cheese and mushroom roast! Yum

  20. Paul Green

    Christmas pudding with Brandy cream Mmmmmm

  21. Lucinda P

    I love a cheeseboard at Christmas

  22. Helen Tovell

    Chocolate log homemade with the kids is my best

  23. Marycarol

    Love Christmas cake and Christmas pudding x

  24. Elaine Savage

    I love mince pies, preferably home-made with lovely puff pastry

  25. Yvonne Wilkinson

    Pigs in blankets

  26. Joanne Hutchings

    All of them! But I particularly love the big roast on Christmas Day.

    1. Anneka Davies

      Cheese boards, vegan style

  27. Shannon S

    Mince pies and cinnamon buns!

  28. Mel Pennie

    I love our traditional Boxing Day meal of Bubble and Squeak, Roast Beef and Horseradish Sauce!

  29. Kelly Knowles

    I love a glut of fridge foods, cheese, chutney, sausage rolls etc

  30. Tracy Newton

    I love the full Christmas Dinner. Especially pigs in blankets.

  31. leanne weir

    Christmas pudding, with warm brandy cream

  32. ScaryHair100

    Chestnuts! Always chestnuts!

  33. Alex Bell

    Mince pies! Can’t wait

  34. Ritchie Dee

    Mince pies

  35. Claire C

    Gingerbread men, I love making them and eating them

  36. Caroline Stokes

    A nice big ham and stollen

  37. Carly Belsey

    It’s got to be a home made mince pie – just delicious

  38. Iain maciver

    love all the christmas dinner

  39. Natalie Charman

    Roast turkey with all the trimmings.

  40. Lucy

    I love pigs in blankets and also chocolate yule log!

  41. Penny Lane

    Absolute favourites are mince pies with brandy butter!!

  42. Caroline H

    A cheeseboard with lovely chutneys and a cracker selection. I go a bit cheese mad at Christmas!

  43. Phil B

    I like goose with all the trimmings, I dont mind cooking as long as someone else carves, I’ve tried myself but I cant get any meat of a goose, every knife angle seams to hit bone

  44. Kerstin B

    Celebration Box and Baileys

  45. Cornelia Ridler

    Creating something different with the leftovers!

  46. dave johnston

    it has tobe pigs in blankets love them

  47. melanie stirling

    Christmas dinner with every veg. possible and cheese selection with crackers,

  48. Dale Dow

    you can’t beat a turkey roast dinner with all the trimmings, and yes that means sprouts too!

  49. Heather Crowe

    Sprouts and roast potatoes! my fave!

  50. Mark Palmer

    Turkey and stuffing

  51. Steven S

    Bread sauce, hot or cold, preferably some of each !

  52. Yasmin0147

    I love Christmas cake, also pigs in blankets are the best

  53. Jeanette Leighton

    love Christmas Dinner with stuffing and gravy

  54. Denise Davies


  55. glenn hutton

    Turkey with all the trimmings!

  56. clair downham

    christmas lunch with all the trimmings

  57. Kim M

    Homemade Mince pies and Christmas Cake x

  58. Jacob Barnard

    The main event, Christmas Dinner! 🙂

  59. Carole Nott

    Love all the food choices at Christmas and look forward to the family meal together

  60. Bryan Murphy

    Turkey Curry on Boxing Day

  61. fiona waterworth

    Our homemade christmas cake yummy

  62. Kelly smith

    Xmas dinner with all the veg especially sprouts lol thanks

  63. Andrea Smith

    Pigs in blankets!

  64. Helen Arlow

    It has to be mince pies x

  65. Cerys M

    Mince pies with mulled wine – unbeatable!

    1. Tammy Neal

      Pigs in blankets x

  66. chloe brill

    love christmas pudding

  67. Jo Jones

    My favourite is Sherry Trifle

  68. Martina Pichova

    I love mince pies and mulled wine!

  69. Margaret Gallagher

    Turkey brussels and mince pies – the odd brandy too ( purely medicinal ! )

  70. Denise Owen

    Honey roasted parsnips!

  71. pete c

    turkey and stuffing sandwiches; and Xmas Pudding with custard

  72. Laura Johnson

    Christmas dinner & Christmas Cake!

  73. Rachel Walsh

    Can’t beat a Christmas dinner, and then leftover turkey sandwiches. Love all Christmassy food though, all the lovely desserts that come out, the nibbles and the cheeses! Yum!!

  74. A.E. ADKINS

    Mums homemade bread sauce, only ever with Christmas dinner. Mmmmmmm

  75. michelle o'neill

    my husband has to have his own cheeseboard every year

  76. Jane Willis

    Brussels Sprouts with chestnuts and pancetta

  77. Amy Bondoc

    i love to have our family tradition of cherry trifle!

  78. claire toplis

    I love Christmas stuffing it is simply th emote magical thing about Christmas

  79. Petra B

    I love mince pies with a glass of port around the fire with family and friends.

  80. Katrina Adams

    I love warm mince pies and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

  81. Catherine McAlinden

    Chocolate Yule log!

  82. Rich Tyler

    Turkey and Cranberry sandwiches!

  83. Hazel Rea

    I love my Christmas sandwich – turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. Also leibkuchen and stollen.

  84. Claire estelle Bennett

    Turkey korma with garlic naan

  85. Priscilla Stubbs

    I love stollen and mince pies

  86. Char W

    Pigs in blankets of of course! I also love all the cheese

  87. fiona johnstone

    Brussels sprouts, roast potatoes and chipolata sausages are a must for my dinner.

  88. Katie B

    My mum’s Christmas Dinner! It’s the one time of the year she’ll cook sprouts as she hates them! Plus sausages in blankets. Nom

  89. Tracy B

    Pigs in blankets, Lebkuchen and Baileys are some of my favourites at Christmas

  90. Rachel Craig

    I do like home made soup. I enjoy main course usually traditional :- Turkey, potatoes, trimmings, cranberry sauce, sprouts (I do enjoy sprouts), trifle. Basically I just enjoy food :- Always have. Though smaller portions nowadays, and longer break between each course of a meal. I used to love Christmas cake. Now too rich for me. I would do without, or a very small piece just to be polite in company, and to those hosting.

  91. Emma Hussain

    Chocolate Yule log

  92. Kay Sherman

    Christmas tree shaped chocolate chip shortbread

  93. Pippa Ainsworth

    I love anything cinnamon spiced or with marzipan at Christmas – mulled wine, Christmas Cake and stollen!

  94. Lucy Wright-Booth

    Pigs in blankets and sprouts! And all the cheese!

  95. Mark R

    Pigs in blankets and roast potatoes, then cold turkey and homemade chutneys for supper

  96. moth

    pigs in blankets and mince pies

  97. Jayne Townson

    I love mince pie, chocolates, parsnips and crispy roast potatoes.

  98. lynn neal

    I love roasted chestnuts at Christmas!

  99. Ruth Harwood

    Love Yorkshire puddings and Pigs in blankets as well as stuffing!

  100. Ursula Hunt

    I love all the chocolates we get in and the pigs in blankets on Christmas day. However, if I could I would have my favorite ever meal which is Toad in the hole on Christmas day

  101. Jenny McClinton

    I love having the roast dinner over Christmas especially the parsnips & pigs in blankets. For desert I love mice pies & cream.

  102. Jane

    I love port and stilton, in fact most cheeses with port. Also sherry trifle as well although my mum makes it with Brandy!

  103. Keith Hunt

    German Christmas Stollen

  104. Kate Sutton

    Christmas dinner with all the family

  105. Rebecca Nisbet

    I love Brandy snaps, filled with squirty cream and strawberries!

    1. Ruth Davies

      I love the roast and all the Christmas trimmings!

  106. Ian Yates

    Cheese & biscuits – with way too much Port for Boxing Day comfort….

  107. Holly Thompson

    Chocolate log!

  108. kathryn davies

    Full Turkey roast with pigs in blankets.

  109. Patrick Quilty

    a cheeseboard after dinner

  110. Rebecca King

    Warm Mince Pies!

  111. Laura Pritchard

    I love the roast potatoes cooked in goose fat, and a glass of Baileys!

  112. claire woods

    I love mince pies with cream. I love sprouts!

  113. David Clarke

    Mince Pies

  114. Kristie Metcalfe

    I adore cheese wrapped in bacon. I can only ever seem to buy it at Christmas, so I always have to get my fill during the festive season.

  115. Emily walker

    iced mince pies

  116. Annabel Greaves

    I love the traditional roast turkey Christmas dinner

  117. Lindsay Lowcock

    Rum Balls! Yum yum.

  118. Jodie Green

    Mince pies, and of course the Christmas roast!

  119. Natalie Crossan

    I love a chocolate yule log!

  120. JADE

    I love Christmas Pudding. Not too much though…

  121. Ines Aveiro

    The whole christmas dinner! Turkey, roast potatoes, veggies! The starters, loads of cheesee

  122. Laura banks

    pigs in blankets and homemade mince pies

  123. kim white

    Pigs in blankets, sage and onion stuffing and mince pies

  124. Mildred Watchman

    Stollen, salmon, Christmas butter biscuits and chocolates

  125. Allan Fullarton

    Pigs in blankets – yummy.

  126. Jennifer Toal

    Pigs in blankets, nibbles, chocolate, chocolate log

  127. Iris

    pigs in blankets and cheese & biscuits

  128. Claire willmer

    Other than Christmas dinner my favourite is making a gingerbread house with my children although I enjoy the process more than the eating!

  129. Julie Camm

    Warm Mince Pies with Brandy Butter

  130. Lucy

    Hello, I love bread sauce at Christmas. It is so nice!

  131. JulesH

    Love the ‘day after’ meals – bubble and squeak, cold meats and pickles, turkey curry

  132. Charlotte Carter-Dunn

    I love stuffing and Yorkshire puddings!! They make Christmas for me!

  133. Zoe Payne

    pigs in blankets

  134. Gaynor Vincent

    Satsumas, they always remind me of Christmas

  135. HR

    Mushroom and chestnut wellington and Christmas pudding (not at the same time…)

  136. Shellyg

    pigs in blankets

  137. Emma England

    Christmas dinners! I must have about 15 in the run up to Christmas! I love them.

  138. Charlotte R

    Definitely pigs in blankets for me!

  139. Tony G

    Mince pies and pigs in blankets

  140. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    I love Christmas dinner with all the trimmings – especially bread sauce and pigs in blankets which we never really have any other time.

  141. Chris Andrews

    my favourite is the pigs in blankets with the full Christmas dinner

  142. Adele Knight

    Turkey Sandwiches with stuffing, Shortbread, Gingerbread Men

  143. Sarah Birkett

    red cabbage hopefully homemade

  144. Amanda Ward

    Boxing Day dinner…..cold left over meats, mash & pickles.

  145. Jessica Jacob

    My German family always send us Christmas biscuits, and until we get that care package it isn’t Christmas – which really confused my son when the box arrived after Christmas!!!


    lamb and pork roast with all the trimmings..including cauliflower cheese and extra gravy

  147. Michelle Ferguson

    Christmas dinner and all the buffet food

  148. Karen Usher

    Turkey with lashings of gravy!

  149. Michelle Henderson

    Love goose fat roast potatoes and Christmas pudding

  150. Robyn Clarke

    Pigs in blankets and brussel sprouts in cheese sauce

  151. Rebecca Walker

    yule log

  152. Diane Duggan

    Mince pies with brandy butter.

  153. Clara

    Mince pies and Xmas pudding

  154. Darren Jacobs

    Mince pies

  155. Maria

    pigs in blankets

  156. Laura Atkin

    Has to be Mince Pies. Now I know I like them I can’t keep away. For years I wouldn’t even try one because I thought they had mince meat (as in Beef mince) in them ‍♀️

  157. Pam Hubbard

    Mince pies

  158. Sarah Cooper

    Mince pies

  159. Alison Johnson

    I’m all about the desserts so Yule Log, gateaux & ice cream are some of my favourites.

  160. Ian Yates

    Sherry Trifle is always a highlight for me.

  161. Michelle Smith

    I love Turkey and pickle sanwiches at Christmas

  162. christine reid

    I like the Christmas ham and the chocolate log.

  163. Sarah Fielding

    Cheese boards!

  164. Abigail

    Cheese and home-baked bread.

  165. Julie Ward

    Prawn cocktail and sprouts, not together though

  166. Simone Griffin

    We love homemade cinnamon buns on Christmas Eve and then the turkey with all the trimmings on Christmas Day 🙂

  167. Natalie Abel

    Pigs in blankets

  168. Sacha stacey

    Favourite Christmas food is pigs in blankets

  169. Tina Houlihan

    I just love all the vegetable trimmings like roast potatoes, sprouts and purple cabbage yum.

  170. Natasha Cross

    The full Christmas dinner with all trimmings! Also got to love a cheeseboard

  171. Angela Kelly

    I love pigs in blankets and sausagemeat stuffing.

  172. justine meyer

    I love, love, love Christmas pudding

  173. Crobs

    Mum’s spiced red cabbage! A once-a-year treat as it takes hours in the oven!

  174. Peter Watson

    Roast Goose.

  175. Tracey Ryder

    I love the turkey and stuffing

  176. Emma Davison

    Mum’s homemade Xmas pudding

  177. Rachael McCadden

    Pigs in blankets

  178. Darren Bourne

    I love having bubble and squeak with leftover meats on Boxing Day and always have to have Christmas pudding.

  179. S Straw

    I love sprouts, pigs in blankets, roasties and bread sauce!

  180. Michael

    Sauerkraut polish sausage and potato salad

  181. julia linsley

    Obviously a full Christmas Turkey Dinner with all the Trimmings and I make a Mean Turkey Curry for Boxing Day
    I make loads of appetisers like chorizo spiced Pastry Twists With Beer Cheese Dip & various Crosini
    We bake loads of Mince pies with very short crust pastry and Boozy ones in Puff pastry

  182. Christina Palmer

    A chocolate Christmas log

  183. Mary Baldwin

    Much as I love the Christmas Dinner, I love Boxing day Brunch more – all the vegetable leftovers from lunch – think potatoes, carrots, sprouts etc, roughly mashed together and then fried and served with fried eggs – yummy!


    Terry’s chocolate orange, (though, to be fair, once in my hands, it’s all mine!), and add some mint Matchmaker chasers LOL (Yep, eat both together!)

  185. J F Matcham

    Definitely mince pies and christmascake yum

  186. Kati Whiteoak

    The relaxed meal of Boxing Day fry up of Christmas Day left overs with plenty of Cranberry and Bread sauce. Mmmm delicious.

  187. Jeanette Swift

    I absolutely love Turkey, lettuce and salad cream sandwiches, I love hot mince pies with thick cream and mulled wine Mmmmm

  188. James Travis

    Pigs in Blankets

  189. Susan Trubey

    Christmas pudding.

  190. Marie Rungapadiachy

    Mince pies are my absolutely favourite Christmas foods, especially with some clotted cream.

  191. Victoria Prince

    Oh I could go on forever. Love a good mince pie, but I love Christmas food in general!

  192. Paul Brown

    bubble and sqeak on boxing day

  193. Mary Chez

    My favourite Xhristmas foods are pigs in blankets and christmas pudding

  194. Andrew S

    Pigs in Blanket, can’t be beat!

  195. Melissa Lee

    I love a nut roast, Brussels, roasties and plenty of Xmas pudding to follow

  196. Eileen Hindley

    Sherry Trifle 🙂

  197. Caroline Cordery

    yorkshire puddings

  198. natalie s

    I am a fan of the traditional roast dinner. Roast turkey and all the trimmings.

  199. Susan Hoggett

    I love pigs in blankets, I make my own and always make plenty to enjoy the next day with leftovers!

  200. dana

    Roast turkay with cranberry sauce

  201. Joanna Tolhurst

    roasted parsnips and potatoes, sprouts fried with bacon and chestnuts.

  202. Rebecca Beesley

    i love a homemade nutroast. Also made my own pannetone before and that was lovely – I can imagine the sweet spice working well in that.

  203. Louise Reeks

    Pigs in blankets

  204. clair downham

    pigs in blankets

  205. Jennifer Rhymer

    I love the turkey and sprouts and warm mince pies x

  206. Charmian Filewood

    Turkey, sprouts and pigs in blankets

  207. Emma Iraci

    I love my Christmas day roast, but I think I almost prefer having all the leftovers better! Like turkey, stuffing and mayo sandwiches or cold meat with Bubble and squeak…ohh that made me hungry!

  208. Charlotte Burle

    I love using up the leftovers. Lots of ham sandwiches cheese and chutney and best of all a turkey curry!

  209. Kristyn Harris

    I love a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

  210. Kim M

    Pigs in blankets and bread sauce x

  211. Rebecca Whatmore

    I love a roast dinner and especially stuffing! Also a piece of Christmas cake with marzipan on!

  212. Emily Hutchinson

    Mashed swede!

  213. christine westlake

    Homemade Christmas pudding

  214. Elaine Stokes

    pigs in blankets, mince pies and marzipan sweets

  215. Jo m welsh

    Mince pies and brandy butter are my favourite

  216. Sheri Darby

    I love Mince Pies and sherry trifle

  217. Victoria

    mince pies are my favourite christmas food 😀


    Turkey sandwiches and yule log

  219. Mark Mccaffery

    Perfectly roasted potatoes cooked in goose fat.

  220. Jessica Hutton

    Mince pies, pate and cheese and turkey stuffing and cranberry sandwiches

  221. Margaret Mccaffery

    My favourite Christmas food is the traditional mince pie.

  222. Sandra Foreman

    Christmas Pud and Brandy Sauce

  223. Jo Dawkins

    Bread sauce! I love the stuff!

  224. Maria Messruther

    Full Christmas dinner and pigs in blankets are my favourite on the plate. Stollen is my favourite sweet x

  225. david cavender

    I like the steamed pudding with custard

  226. Patricia Barrett

    I love the main meal, but in particular pigs in blankets.

  227. Laura Napier

    Rum truffles, brussell sprouts and stuffing balls!

  228. Geoff Hibbert

    Turkey, sprouts and parsnips

  229. Leslie Evans

    Turkey, Sprouts, Roast Potatoes.

  230. Chronicallychlo

    Turkey roast with ALL trimmings

  231. Denise S

    yule log , and mince pies

  232. joanne coulson

    Goose fat roasties & pigs in blankets are a must for me

  233. Leonard Wells

    Honey roasted parsnips


    Just love my Christmas Pudding.

  235. Stef Acaster

    I love the traditional Christmas turkey dinner and turkey and stuffing sandwiches on boxing Day with the leftovers.

  236. tricia cowell

    Christmas pudding is my downfall lol


    Christmas Pudding

  238. Rebecca roberts

    I love pigs in blankets and sprouts yum yum

  239. sharon martin

    pigs in blankets

  240. Lauren Old

    It’s got to be pigs in blankets and lashings of gravy!

  241. Adrian Bold

    My all time favourite food – pigs in blankets!

  242. Victoria Bazley

    Anything roast potato related! Be interesting to add some spice to them this year!

  243. Caroline Signey

    Turkey dinner

  244. Rebecca Mercer


  245. Carolynn Woodland

    Christmas Turkey Dinner, Mince Pies and Mulled Wine

  246. Bethany-Jayne McBride

    My favourite Christmas smells are gingerbread, mulled wine, cinnamon, orange, cranberry and of course minted lamb roast dinner!

  247. Meryl Thomas

    Mince pies and Christmas pudding are such a treat

  248. Lucy C

    Pigs in blankets, the more the better!

  249. Krzysia

    Roast potatoes, sprouts cooked with sweet chestnuts and mince pies

  250. Theresa Thomas

    Mulled Wine, and roast parsnips

  251. Charlotte

    i love chestnut stuffing and Christmas cake!

  252. alison

    Love the stuffings, cranberry sauce and pigs in blankets

  253. Lesley Cohen Wright

    I love my Christmas dinner

  254. Amy Stevens

    I love nut roast

  255. Lia Burns

    Roasted chestnuts and pigs in blankets x

  256. Jo Nichol


  257. Caroline Smith

    Roast turkey dinner with stuffing and pigs in blankets followed by Christmas pudding!

  258. Laura Claridge

    Pigs in blankets and a boozy Christmas pud for after……….yummy!

  259. Katie Ann James

    Prawn cocktail starters, all the fresh vegetables and then a nice chocolate log with Extra thick cream for dessert

  260. Emma Davison

    Mum’s home made Christmas pudding. It’s amazing.

  261. Stephanie


  262. Karen R

    I just love the whole Christmas dinner with all the trimmings xx

  263. Debbie Preston

    The whole of the Christmas dinner – especially our home made stuffing

  264. Jodie W

    Turkey risotto on the 3rd day!

  265. Helen

    Christmas is all about the food! I love Christmas dinner in general!

  266. Francesca H

    Dads Boxing Day macaroni cheese!!

  267. Sammi McSporran

    Dad’s special turkey leg stuffing rolls 🙂

  268. Jennifer Toal

    Pigs in blankets

  269. claire little

    all of it!

  270. Vicky

    Christmas Cake and Yule Logs, mmmmmmm!

  271. Rebecca Smith

    baked camembert!

  272. Amy Jo

    I love the main roast and all the trimmings.

  273. Heather Norrington

    I love Christmas desserts, particularly Christmas Pudding and Mince Pies

  274. PhillW

    My Mum’s homemade Ginger Cake.

  275. laura pyper

    The yule log

  276. Janine H

    Warm mince pies topped with Bailey’s fresh cream

  277. Georgie Wright

    Mince pies!

  278. H

    Mince pies with cream

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