A Parents’ Guide to GCSEs

A Parents’ Guide to GCSEs

GCSEs allow students to more selective about the subjects the study and for many, they’re the final step to their first career. For other young people, GCSEs provide a stepping stone to a plethora of brand new learning and career opportunities.

When it comes to parents, GCSEs can seem quite confusing and a little overwhelming. Your child is growing up, facing new challenges and you may be wondering how you can help. Here’s some advice from a senior school in Somerset.

A Parents’ Guide to GCSEs

Choosing Subjects

 When it comes to helping your child choose their GCSE subjects, it’s important not to take over and make the decision for them. Instead, give them some advice to help guide them in the right direction, but ultimately let them make their own decisions.

Encourage them to choose subjects that they’re actually interested in, rather than because their friends are studying it or you studied it in your youth. If they’re not interested in the subject, they will find it hard to find any motivation to work hard or even concentrate in lessons. It’s also worth suggesting that they choose subjects they’re good at.

If your child has a dream job in mind, it’s worth looking up what qualifications are required in the industry so that they can follow a suitable path. For instance, if they want to become an actress, drama would be a suitable choice.

What to know about GCSEs

Exam Period

Unfortunately, you can’t take your child’s exams on their behalf and you might not even have the relevant skills to teach them a particular topic they might be struggling with. However, there are ways to help them during exam period.

Try and be positive and optimistic when talking to them about their exams so that they don’t feel under any added pressure. Let them know that you’ll be proud of them no matter what they outcome, as long as they’ve tried their best.

Encourage them to take regular revision breaks and ensure they get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet. It’s important to keep their health and wellbeing in top condition, as the stress of exams will be a detriment to their immune system. Perhaps help them prepare a revision schedule so that they can keep on top of topics that need extra work.

Communication with the School

 During difficult periods of your child’s education, its important to stay in touch with their teachers so that you can work together to help your child reach their full potential. Ask them for a copy of their exam timetable or even an outline of the curriculum so that you can help where you can. It might even be worth hiring a private tutor to assist in areas where you might not be able to.

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