Project 366 Week 40 – All Been About Work

Project 366 Week 40 – All Been About Work

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How are y’all doing this week? Are you ready for the new week?

This week has all been about work, school, school work and home work… and also searching for an emergency exit!
Unfortunately no fun images this week from trips out and about, I didn’t think you would appreciate an image of our local market, a trip we made this week which you can read about in our latest Project 366 post below!

Project 366 Week 40 – All Been About Work


The work levels are certainly increasing now and it is a total shock to the system for Liv… and for me. If I am not working, then I am checking over homework and making suggestions. I think after lockdown and homeschooling, my credentials for becoming a teacher have probably increased. I couldn’t think of anything worse, I do not have the patience at all… kudos to those who do teach!

Liv has felt much better this week so she was able to enjoy her after school sports clubs and finally got the chance to go swimming at school. I always thought this was a rite of passage at primary school, however as ours was so small and everyone had had private swimming lessons and the school never bothered organising any. Fun times!

She is still really enjoying school and making new friends, which is always a parents worry. Although the worry this week was due to Liv losing her lanyard and locker key in school. The phrase ‘needle in a haystack’ springs to mind, but fortunately it was found and made its way back to Liv, with an important lesson learned… DON’T LOSE IT AGAIN!

Festive Food Survival KitWork

I kicked the 10th annual Sim’s Life Christmas Gift Guide off with a fabulous giveaway this week! If you love a good curry, then you definitely need to enter for your chance to win a Festive Food Survival Kit, filled with the cutest tins of curry powders. The spices smell so amazing and now I have no excuses not to make my own homemade curry for once!

I’ve been going through old posts for a few weeks now, something that I’ve realised that I should have done a lot sooner!  It is the dullest thing ever, but a total necessity for attempting to keep my blogs fresh. Gosh, my blog posts from back in the day were atrocious! I mean, they aren’t great now, but certainly better than they were when I first started blogging. As mentioned, this will be my 10th year featuring a Christmas Gift Guide… whilst Sim’s Life has evolved, I’ve just become greyer of hair!

Is anyone else totally feeling it right now? Can’t-Be-Arsed-Itis? Seriously, whether it is just the time of year (colder weather, darker mornings etc) or whether it’s due to the crapness of this year, I don’t know, but by heck it’s hard to get enthused about Christmas right now!

Time Out

I’m not too sure what that actually is, however I’ve been picking up my crochet a little less than I did during lockdown.

Crochet Blanket

This is the next blanket and I’m hoping I can finish this within the next 2 weeks to start the next! I’m so glad I made my previous crochet blanket king size, as it has made its way onto my bed now to help take away the morning chill.

I am absolutely loving the new Netflix show ‘Emily in Paris‘, just what I needed to have a break from the many Housewives series! I’d say it’s a mix of Gossip Girl and SATC and is easy watching, with some eye candy thrown in too!

Karen recommended I watched The Social Dilemma earlier this week and I was immediately hooked, somewhat ironic due to it being about how society is now totally hooked on social media and how it effects and influences our lives. It did make me feel a tad icky knowing that in some way I am ‘enabling’ this via the blog and socials, but we are all totally immersed in the digital world now. Especially after this year and there certainly isn’t any going back… so do we just continue to embrace it in ignorant bliss? Have you watched the documentary yet? Hit me up if/when you do and let me know your thoughts!


We took a little tour of Bury Market on Friday as Liv’s school was closed for tours for the new academic year. Living in the town, I don’t get as excited about the World Famous market as others do, however I am still proud of it! Why is it famous you ask? Because of these…

Black Puddings from Bury Market

Black Puddings!

Ok, so they aren’t the most asthetically pleasing food to look at, but the taste is amazing! Something I have always eaten and something Liv cannot stand, this disappoints me greatly! Black puddings originate from Bury, trust me, any other kind is a sub par imposter!

Handmade soaps

I also picked up some gorgeously fragranced handmade soaps – besides the Jelly Beans soap (can you spot that one?), they are all based on perfum fragrances. A lovely treat for morning showers!

How are you all this week? Have you been up to any mischief?

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Project 366 Week 40

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This Post Has 32 Comments

  1. Kim Carberry

    Ahh! My youngest has been getting a lot of extra homework too from school. It is a big of a shock after the home schooling.
    I have the Festive Food Survival kit to review and it does look so good.
    I love black pudding and those look amazing and the soaps are so pretty x

  2. chickenruby

    Glad Liv is still enjoying school and great she’s been able to go swimming. I can’t be arsed to go back through old posts, they are what they are, no hyperlinks and small photos. I’ve been blogging this month for 11 years. Glad the blog is keeping you busy and love the crocheting

  3. Galina V

    Glad to hear that Liv is enjoying her school, and can go swimming.
    My younger doesn’t have that much homework right now, he did have a few tasks for this weekend, but in comparison to what we did at his age, it’s nothing. I only think the teachers are gradually building up their homework load.
    I don’t dare to look up my old posts. I know that the photos were pretty basic. I should really go through all the old links and get rid of the broken links. The crocketed blanket looks pretty!

    1. S1m

      I’m sure we always had loads of work from the get go as kids, but this is certainly a shock to the system after half a year off! Honestly, I wish I had known about SEO back in the day, would certainly make life easier!x

  4. Emma T

    Not a fan of black pudding myself, don’ think anyone in this house eats it. I haven’t crocheted for 2 years now. I used to do it in winter, but I get bored doing big blankets so never finish anything. Plus jigsaws have taken over, and now sewing too, when I’m not blogging. The Social Dilemma is on my watchlist.

    1. S1m

      Awwww crocheting is great, it is certainly giving me something to do of an evening and we will be warm this winter! 🙂 x

  5. Claire Lomax

    Isn’t it hard right now, I love Autumn but it does bring with it a slight slump. Plus life is so busy it’s hard to keep up at times.

    I’ve never been to Bury market but we are black pudding fans so maybe I should make a trip when we are able to travel a bit more!

  6. Erica Hughes

    I thought it was compulsory for all state schools to do swimming lessons at primary level. It must be fun for Liv to go with her school mates. The black puddings look good – I enjoy them, but didn’t realise where they originated.

    1. S1m

      Unfortunately the primary school was tiny, only 15 in their year and they all knew how to swim and the school never organised anything. They were utterly useless! I’m sure there were a lot of compulsory things they should have done but never did, like actually teach our children! 😉 Fortunately her new school has a swimming pool so happy days!

  7. Samantha Donnelly

    I am currently working on my Christmas gift guides, it all comes around far too quickly. We have just finished quarantine after our holiday so looking forward to getting out again even if just to the shop and back for mlk

  8. Jenny

    I can’t believe you’ve been producing a Christmas Gift Guide for 10 years! That’s an amazing achievement.

  9. Valerie

    Some of my oldest blog posts were not even a paragraph long and made no sense. I haven’t decided how I am going to go about dealing with them yet. A friend of the family used to love to eat his blood pudding, it’s not that easy to find around here.

  10. Mellissa Williams

    I love the sound of your competition. The blanket looks so colourful, you must have lots of patience to crochet!

  11. Kacie

    My best friend has recently taking up crocheting and she loves it. She has even joined the Crochet Society!


    Your crochet blanket looks amazing!!! My daughter is getting into these sorts of things I must show her. I’m sure it’ll inspire her to try and make one too.

  13. Yeah Lifestyle

    Despite all the hectic-ness looks like you’ve had a busy and productive week. I find homeschooling a chore especially with my two so yes kudos to the teachers. I love black pudding but not had any from Bury so will look out for some next time I am out shopping.

  14. Rebecca Smith

    I’ve been going through old posts this week too! It is a labour of love and it will be worth it in the end! Will definitely check out the giveaway!

  15. Rhian westbury

    I binge watched Emily in Paris this weekend and loved it, I’m all for that easy watch kind of thing when I want to relax my mind a bit! I’m so glad Liv is getting more settled at school and loving it x

  16. Jenni

    We have found it quite difficult to get back in to the routine of school and that’s with me still working from home, though luckily we have been told we won’t be back into the office until at least january so by then hopefully we will have found our routine again by then

  17. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    I had no idea about that – I love black pudding. Glad the lanyard was found, I’m sure I have all this to come next year with my son #366

  18. Michelle

    We are still getting used to juggling the work, school and play routine again.

  19. Menna Rachel

    That sounds like you’ve had a nice week. I love how your blanket looks! I can only hope I’ll get that good one day.

  20. Rachael

    I’m definitely feeling that can’t be arsed feeling! And sooo tired, I’m not sure if it’s the weather or the increased workload. I can’t really complain but I know what you mean about teachers, I don’t know how they do it!

  21. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Glad Liv is still enjoying school and found her lanyard and locker key after losing it. I’ve definitely also had a case of can’t-be-arsed-itis recently too – I blame the change in seasons and the longer evenings. Love the colours in your crochet blanket. Love a nice black pudding. I didn’t know they originated from Bury. Those handmade soaps are so pretty. #project366

  22. Fozia S

    Glad Liv is still enjoying school!

    I binge watched Emily in Paris and also watched The Social Dilemma! Both really good!

    Loving the colours of your blanket

  23. Cheryl Pasquier

    Yuck, black pudding ! I’m with Liv on this one ! lol. The soaps look very cool though – I bet they smell great. Your crocheting looks fabulous and even better when it’s something you can use like a blanket. We have one week to go to the school holidays and I so totally need it. I’m totally knackered and my to-do list, both at work and at home, just keeps getting longer and longer !

  24. Kara Guppy

    I need to get some more soap, these look gorgeous. Love the blanket, I would love to be able to make things like this

  25. Karen Langridge

    So glad the items made their way back to Liv. Some kids just seem to make a habit of losing things! And mine are no exception. That multi coloured wool is gorgeous! Wish I had your blanket making skills. Loving your market purchases, especially the soap! Would have enjoyed drooling over your Chorley cakes if you hadn’t eaten them so damn fast!!! Honestly lady, I live for cake photos to get me through the rare times I am not eating cake… x

  26. loopyloulaura

    My crochet hobby floundered after one snowflake but am hoping to get back into it again next year when my temporary job ends! Trying to imagine the jelly bean flavoured soap! #project366

  27. Susan Mann

    I can’t believe you’ve been producing a Christmas Gift Guide for 10 years! That’s amazing and a lot of work. I don’t think people realise how much work goes into that. x

  28. Mudpie Fridays

    That sounds like me honestly I seem to lose something new daily. My husband loves black pudding as does my eldest but I can not stand it. I do love a good market I can not remember the last time I went to one. That blanket is so pretty I wish I could crochet.

  29. Andale Seaworne

    That’s a lot of work you’ve had to do. Good that you found the key fast. Your blog posts are very fun to read; idk how they were when you started off but they are truly a joy to read. I make sure that whatever post I write will peak my interest even when reading it after years which is the whole point of why one writes, they enjoy what they write. Very colourful blanket! My sibling told me to watch The Social Dilemma, I’ve yet to see it, as I’m aware of its general concept! Woah, I haven’t heard of or seen black pudding. Cool soaps!

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