Fabulous Christmas Gifts For Teenage Girls

Fabulous Christmas Gifts For Teenage Girls

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to buy Christmas presents for younger children, but the older they get, the harder it is? Not just me then, especially when it comes to Christmas gifts for teenage girls! Where do you start? At this stage, personalities have really shone through and teenagers certainly know what they like and don’t like! After a manic year, it maybe hard to come up with the perfect gift inspiration, which is why Wicked Uncle have done all the hard work for you! CLICK HERE for the most up to date and coolest Christmas gift inspiration for teen girls!

Fabulous Christmas Gifts For Teenage Girls

Having an almost teenage daughter myself, I know how difficult this particular age bracket is. There really is only so much make up one can have and when Liv is bordering on having more make up than me, you know it’s time to put a halt on buying more!

Here are a few ideas of Christmas gifts I know would be loved in our house…

Stationery from Pen Heaven


Always a favourite gift to give and receive in our house… by Liv or myself! I absolutely adore gorgeous stationery and Liv certainly takes after me in that respect! I’ve featured a few items from Pen Heaven on the blog before, but the latest post for staycation destinations that will inspire your creativity was my absolute favourite! How gorgeous is the stunning Paul Smith Caran D’ Ache pen and personalised Filofax? Bright, unique stationery treats, especially those that are personalised are such a fabulous treat to gift for birthdays and especially Christmas!

Swallows and Amazons personalised copy


Books are always a fantastic gift to give at Christmas, but personalised books offer a truly special gift to give. With teenagers, it’s hard to know what genre to choose book wise, however you cannot go wrong with a classic such as Swallows and Amazons. Reading has been a wonderful pastime this year, with many choosing to pick up books in order to escape the craziness! Keep the love of reading alive by gifting a good read this Christmas!

Bath Bombs Set

Pamper Sets

Taking time out for a pamper session is an absolute must, it’s the perfect way to relax and wind down, especially for teens after a busy week at school. What better gift to give a teenage girl than a fabulous pamper set which includes gorgeous bath bombs. I’ve lost count of the amount of bath bombs we have in our house, but even I am a huge fan of a luxurious soak in the bath! This particular ‘Panda Yourself’ set from Wicked Uncle priced at a very reasonable £15.95 is super cute! In fact, the seriously cute panda inspired bath bombs maybe far too cute to ever use! It is so important to look after your skin and what better way to pamper your skin with this fabulous set!

I hope this post has inspired you on gifts teenage girls would love to receive this Christmas! Proving I am still a big kid at heart, I would love to receive the gift ideas mentioned too!

Do you find it hard to buy gifts for teenagers?

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Christmas Gifts For Teenage Girls




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  1. Karen Langridge

    Wicked Uncle make it so easy don’t they with their fab gift suggestions. I quite fancy a grow it bonsai tree, oh and that panda set is adorable, never mind the kids can I have it!

  2. Rachel Craig

    Good gifts for any age. Also similar / items available for boys / men.

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  3. Cheryl Pasquier

    Awww the panda bath set is sooo cute. It would definitely be a hit with the girls – I need to go and see what else they have ! xx

  4. Samantha Donnelly

    I love these ideas, it is harder the older they get to know what to get them I miss the days of toys as they were the easy years

  5. Playdays and Runways

    Love these ideas. Stationery was always top of my list when I was younger. I loved notebooks and pens, actually I still do now.,

  6. Treasure Every Moment

    I love the idea of pamper sets – they always go down so well and can be the perfect excuse for anyone of all ages to practice a bit of self care 🙂

  7. Jo | The Cheapside Club

    Not just for teens! Stationery, pamper sets and books would be perfect for me and I’m 36 LOL!

  8. melissa christine

    These look like wonderful gifts, everything is brilliant. I love the idea of the personalised book, makes it more personal and a great thing to keep.

  9. Kira Hut

    These look like lovely gifts for this Christmas. Bath bombs are always a favourite and you can’t go wrong with stationary


    It can be hard to gift sometimes. These are lovely suggestions. Love the pen and personalise filofax set. That’s lovely!

  11. Kara Guppy

    My niece is 12, so this is very helpful. She adores make-up but still think she is a bit young for it

  12. Yeah Lifestyle

    I find Teens are the hardest to buy, was thinking about pamper sets so will look at your recommendations as well as the cool and funky Paul Smith pen

  13. Rebecca Smith

    What lovely gifts! I don’t actually have any teens to buy for this year but they definitely can be hard to buy for!

  14. Kacie Morgan

    I’m always losing pens and there would be less chance of me losing that Paul Frank one as it’s so colourful! I really like it. I haven’t had a decent pen since I was a child; I loved my trusty old Parker fountain pen haha!

  15. Hayley Warren

    You really can’t go wrong with stationery or pamper sets for a teenage girl. That’s the sort of thing I loved when I was younger and I still do now.

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