How To Create The Perfect Living Room

How To Create The Perfect Living Room

Your living room is one of the most important places in your home. It is where you probably spend the most time when you are at home and you are not asleep. It is also the place where you go to relax and unwind after a stressful day. It is the room that guests are most likely to see and therefore it is a place that should show off your tastes and style. 

So, you want your living room to be functional, relaxing, and stylish. Not much to ask for from one room? The question is how do you go about achieving that. 

How To Create The Perfect Living Room

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to create the perfect decor for your living room. 

Introduce a Focal Point To The Room 

Your living room needs a focal point. One of the biggest mistakes that so many homeowners make is using their TV as the main focal point of their living room. Using your TV as a focal point is too common and boring- after all everyone has one and they are not very interesting to look at when they are not turned on.

Instead of focusing all of a guest’s attention on your television, think about something that is more appealing to the eye. For example, you may want to include a photo portrait or a large unique painting on your walls in such a way that it begs that you look at it. 

Your guests won’t want to look at a television, but they may just want to look at a portrait or a painting on your wall instead. 

Another alternative could be to have a fireplace fitted and have a large mirror above it. This will open out the room and give it a central focus. 

Alternatively, you could use bookshelves as a centerpiece as long as they are neat and well organized. 

Layout Is Important 

You may have all of the correct elements in your living room, however, the layout makes your home look very cluttered. If your room is big, make sure you don’t space everything out so much that it feels too empty either. Make sure that you leave plenty of space to move around comfortably and think about ways that you can split the room up into different sections with the use of coffee tables.  

How To Create The Perfect Living Room

Finding The Right Seating For Your Living Room

It could be argued that some of the most important furniture in your home is found in your living room and that is your living room seating. Whether you choose sofas, chairs, beanbags, hammocks, or a chaise lounge, you’ll want something that is not only comfortable to sit on, but that is also practical and stylish. 

The right choice of furniture is up to you. You will have your own personal tastes when it comes to choosing a Chesterfield sofa. But one way that you could make your living room more interesting is if you mix up your choice of furniture. That might mean having a modern-looking sofa along with some traditional looking chairs for example. You may want to have a sofa and a giant beanbag or a chaise lounge. Adding the variation in your seating will make the space more interesting. 

Get The Right Lighting 

Lighting fixtures are a significant element in terms of decor in your room.  You will want the right amount in your living room so as to set the mood, but you won’t want so much that it blinds you. Maybe opt for a dimmable light that can be adjusted as required. Having one connected to a home hub can be helpful and you can control your lights via smartphone or by voice. 

Try and find light fixtures that are unique. Your guests will find these to be more fascinating and they won’t go unnoticed. Make sure that the size of your light fitting is proportional to that of the rest of your living room. You won’t want a light fixture that is either too big or too small or it just won’t look right. 

Perfect sofa for living room

Use Bright And Warm Colors 

By using bright colors you will be able to make any small room appear to be much bigger. If you were to opt for dark or dull colors, then this will only ever make your room look smaller than it is and less comfortable. Your walls should all be either white, cream, or beige. These colors will reflect the light and make the room appear bigger. Your furniture and curtains should also be warm and bright too. 

Don’t forget, these lighter colors will also show the dirt up more, with this in mind you will need to ensure you keep on top of your cleaning routine. 

Invest In A Large, Colorful, Bright Rug 

If there is one thing that will tie all of the elements of your living room together perfectly, it is a large rug. You may think that nobody will notice your rug, however, if you get a rug that is designed to stand out, then this will become a centerpiece in itself. Pick one that is comfortable to walk on or to sit on. A bright rug will add warmth to the room too. 

Keep It Simple 

Everything in your living room should serve a purpose. If you have unnecessary furniture in your living room then you should get rid of it. Keep everything simple and if you no longer use anything, then consider whether it still has a place in the room. The idea is to make the room feel as congestion and clutter-free as possible as this will make the space feel more relaxing. 

Use Patterns And Pillows To Break Up The Room 

For a finishing touch, add in a mixture of cushions. Make sure these are of different styles and designs as this will make the place look more interesting and help break up the monotony of the plain furniture fabric. 

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