Project 366 Week 41 – A Much Better Week

Project 366 Week 41 – A Much Better Week

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Another long week, but certainly a much better week than that featured in last week’s Project 366 post! It seems to have flown by again, however this week has been slightly less overwhelming and proved we are slowly getting into our groove. The last month feels like a really long stretch that wakes you up in the morning, anyone else feel like that?

It’s time for my Project 366 weekly round up but have to apologise for the lack of images, it’s hard to take them when you are doing bugger all! I’ve driven my car on 4 occasions this week, two of which were to pick Liv up from after school sports. That is about as rock n’ roll as my life is at the moment!

Project 366 Week 41 – A Much Better Week


My new hallway lights were installed in the Sim’s Life house this weekend and they are so lovely! It’s amazing how a space can change just by changing something simple. They are ridiculously bright though, to the point they could land a plane, but the brightness has also highlighted the fact I need to decorate… so I’m not turning them on! Ha!

Stationery from Pen Heaven


A lovely catch up with Karen from Really Missing Sleep today! She is a fabulous friend for having a good natter with but also a fantastic sounding board for my blogging ideas. ‘Muggles’ don’t quite get what blogging actually entails, so it’s nice to not have to explain the in’s and out’s. It was just what I needed to start the week and I felt spurred on.

So spurred on that I wrote about Christmas Gifts for Teenage Girls, such a hard age to buy for but there is some lovely inspiration in the post if you are looking for ideas! My top tips (as pictured above)… stationery!

Line of Totty Rocks


I’m trying to make more of an effort to step away from my laptop when I can, especially after watching The Social Dilemma last week. Liv is also on a phone ban too in the evenings in order to help her wind down from social ‘gubbins’. This has meant more time crocheting as I need to finish the current blanket and start on the next in order for them to be ready to gift at Christmas… no pressure!

Late last night I noticed a Facebook message stating that there were officially 9,932 painted rocks in the Totty Snake, meaning that the local community had actually just smashed a Guinness World Record! A remarkable achievement and we will be taking a walk down to see it at the weekend for fresh pictures. I’ve added an image from the summer to give you an idea of how many stones there are!

Black Coffee


Today was mostly fuelled by black coffee! The mid week feeling is actually quite real!

Marks and Spencer Christmas Bauble


A lovely trip into our local town today to meet up with a fabulous buddy of mine. We enjoyed a social distanced coffee and shopping spree, but mainly it was all about seeing a friendly face and having a good chin wag.

I’ve been struggling to find the enthusiam for Christmas recently, however did pick up a new Christmas bauble, I call this progress! We treat ourselves to a new special bauble to add to our tree each year. It can be any colour or style, just any bauble that catches our eye. I couldn’t resist this bobby dazzler from M&S priced at £1, it is very sparkly and will look more awesome mixed in with Christmas lights. I couldn’t resist a Billionaire’s Num-Nut either, however it seemed to disappear before I could take a picture, I’m not too sure how that happend!

Pretzel Mix from Tesco


A full on work day today so by the time 3pm came around I was cooked, quite literally actually as I had been working in my onesie, it was only fair to indulge in my favourite Christmas snack! A quick nip into town to take some trainers back, which I then swapped for a jumper and some leggings before cracking on with work and it made sense to have a chilled workwear day!

We watched Hubie Halloween on Netflix for our Friday Chill Out film. It’s a new release that stars Adam Sandler and all his buddies who usually appear in his films, alongside one of the lads from Stranger Things. The concept and story was great but it was also hilarious, Adam Sandler is a comedy genius. How all the other actors manage to keep straight faces whilst filming with his is beyond me! Halloween is going to be so much different this year, though if you still want to get in the mood, then this is definitely worth a watch!


A much needed lie in today! A day of housework, making space, clothes washing… the usual weekend chores. With half term coming up and news of restaurants shutting due to new lockdown measures in the North, I’m going to have to get my thinking cap on for things to do!

How are you doing this week? Are you looking forward to the half term break?

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A Much Better Week

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This Post Has 29 Comments

  1. Kim Carberry

    I am glad things are better this week.
    That did make me chuckle about the new lights.
    Yep, teenage girls are so hard to buy for. I struggle with my two but they do love stationery.
    That is fab news about smashing the Guinness World Record for the Totty snake.
    That Christmas bauble is gorgeous! What a brilliant price too! x

  2. Fozia S

    That stationary is lovely! Amazing that the world record was beaten, such a lovely achievement.

    I am loving that Christmas bauble. We don’t celebrate Christmas but love seeing all the decorations!

  3. Claire Lomax

    I love the Christmas decoration. I am almost done for Christmas this year. I blame the fact that we were due to get married so I had planned to be super organised I just didn’t expect to be THIS organised and my brain seems to keep forgetting we are not actually getting married!

    Have a great week xx

  4. Samantha Donnelly

    I am glad this week was better for you, it is surprising how lighting can change a room even if it is a bit too bright

  5. Jen

    Sounds like you had a lovely week. I also watched The Social Dilemma recently and have tried to stop myself falling into endless scrolling since then. I still spend a lot of time of socials to promote my blog though!

  6. Natasha Mairs

    That painted rock snake looks fab!! We had a small one in our local park but someone got them all and threw them in the river!

  7. Jenny

    I can’t wait for half term although I’,m hoping it will be just the 1 week and they won’t add another one.


    It’s nice to hear you got to go out and catch up with a friend. Love the Christmas bauble it’s really colourful! A bargain at £1

  9. Rebecca Smith

    I’m glad this week has been better for you! How amazing that your community has managed to smash a Guinness World Record – what an amazing achievement!

  10. Emma T

    Can’t beat stationery – I just store it up and never actually get round to using it Great news on the totty snake.

  11. Valerie

    I heard Hubie was great, I haven’t seen it yet. I love that you called people that don’t blog Muggles, I love HP and the fact that most don’t get it is so true.

  12. Rhian westbury

    I was going to watch Hubie Halloween but didn’t get around to it, maybe next week! I’m glad you had a better week than last week. I know it probably doesn’t feel like you’re doing much but you’re still out much more than I have been haha x

  13. Erica Hughes

    I know what you mean about the pictures – I am sure everyone is fed up of seeing shots of my garden, but I don’t go many places now. Well done to your local community for the painted rocks – a nice result from lockdown.

  14. Melanie williams

    So glad that you have been busy and also got the opportunity to have a good catch up with your friend too xx

  15. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    The snakes are such a lovely idea, aren’t they. Fab that the lighting is good but oh no to needing decorating #366

  16. Kristina Maggiora

    Glad your week is better than last! Same here to be honest!!
    it’s always nice catching up with friends as well 🙂
    And your community smashing a record?! thats amazing!! x

  17. Jess Howliston

    It sounds like you have had a lovely week and I always find a good catch up with friend, putting the world to rights and just chatting always helps lift my mood. Yay for the rock snake as well that is awesome!

  18. chickenruby

    Glad you’ve had a better week, our hall lights are really bright also, feels like daylight when I switch them on to be able to go upstairs to bed. I did all my christmas shopping a few months ago and it’s all been wrapped and handed out now, just some heavy hinting for me to do to hubby, maybe new sunglasses as I’ll be out in Dubai. I love the painted rocks. I saw a noughts and crosses board on Missing Sleeps post the other week and I have the perfect tree stump in the front to recreate it on

  19. Rachael

    I’m glad your week has been a bit better than last weeks. I think I need a social media ban in the evenings too, I might try leaving my phone upstairs and chill out a bit more.

  20. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Glad that this week was a much better one for you. How amazing that the Totty Snake smashed the Guinness world record. I’ve loved seeing some of the painted stones in it on your posts over the last few months. Love the new Christmas bauble – so pretty. How lovely to have a lie-in at the weekend as well 🙂 #WotW

  21. Susan Mann

    That stationary looks amazing. The snake of painted stones was amazing. Way to go on the record. x

  22. loopyloulaura

    I wish I had permission to start getting Christmassy! I have only been to Aldi three times since lockdown and not been to any other shops so not had a chance to buy anything in ages 🙁 #project366

  23. Playdays and Runways

    It’s nice that you have been able to meet up with friends this week. Its so important to try and get out and about for our mental health

  24. Galina V

    Lovely to hear that this week has treated you better and that you were able to meet and chat with friends.
    The Christmas bauble looks very colourful. I also buy new additions to our Christmas decorations box every year.
    And yes to stationery, it’s a good gift, not just for girls. My younger son loves stationery.
    The Snake Totty’s record is a big achievement.

  25. Cheryl Pasquier

    Oooh I have two teenage daughters to buy for and no real ideas for Christmas so I’ll be over to look at your blogpost for inspiration ! Stationery is always good though and that pink book in your photo looks very swish – they’d definitely love it. Can you put a guide together for almost teenaged boys next please ?! I giggled at the idea of you doing all your work in a onesie – but I’m on holiday now so I may have to join you ! 🙂 I have a week of house-cleaning, odd -job-clearing and Netflix planned – basically a week to do my usual Saturday jobs ! I will be honest – I haven’t even thought about Christmas yet ! But there is nothing remotely festive in the shops yet, which is probably why !

  26. Mudpie Fridays

    I’ve been photographing gift guides in the evenings this week too. I could really do with cracking on with mine but still feeling the overwhelm here. Great news on the Guinness World record that is such an achievement. We have made some last-minute plans for half term but who knows if they will happen or not. I hope you still have a lovely break regardless of things starting to close. I have not watched the social dilemma yet – not sure I want to on the basis of what you are saying since I can only work on my blog and social media at the weekends or in the evenings!

  27. Kara Guppy

    I miss my lockdown lie-ins, I don’t get them now, even at weekends. I am loving seeing the Christmas stuff starting to hit the shops

  28. Karen Langridge

    I am in love with that bauble! Your shopping trips always manage to find some fab treasures! I would be tempted to get the tree up just to have it proudly on display! Yay for better weeks my friend and nice catch up chats! We need to schedule another one in again soon. I am going to get the boys to trick or treat every room in the house, have got an exciting stash of Halloween treats in! With plenty of rooms to get goodies from they will have plenty! I just hope they share the M&S mini Frankencolins with me! You know me I can’t resist cake x

  29. Andale Seaworne

    Nice to have lights set up but yes, they shouldn’t be too bright as when a bright tubelight was put in my kitchen, every speck of the unclean floor was highlighted due to so much contrast it looked weird. Cute notebook. It’s great to have a friend that helps you out. Good luck on the crotcheting and I hope the social media detox helps. Cute Chistmas bauble. Adam Sandler is very hilarious

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