5 Benefits of Investing in a Used Car

Benefits of buying a used car

Spending wisely is a trait that always helps one in the long run. Although driving off with a brand new car from the showroom porch may seem extremely tempting yet can also break your bank in just a blink of an eye. The hard reality is that the price of a brand new car immediately falls by 20% as soon as you drive it off the showroom driveway. As painful as it sounds, it’s true and is one of the main reasons why people go for second hand cars.  If you are still not convinced on why a used car is a smarter investment, then here are 5 more reasons to convince you.

5 Benefits of Investing in a Used Car

5 Benefits of Investing in a Used Car

  1. More Options: Buying a brand new car when on a budget can be bit of a challenge. It also immediately narrows down your options. However, when you are open to buying used cars, your pool immediately widens and you are spoilt for choices as you can now afford a number of options within the same budget range.
  2. Eco-Friendly: Our choices impact the environment that we breathe in. With the constant depletion of non-renewable resources, soon this planet will feel the burden of depletion and deprivation of a lot of resources that man needs to survive. In such times, the longer a car can be used and re-used, the better it is. This way we can keep preserving the resources for longer.
  3. Drive a better car: Buying a brand new car within a certain budget will always be an expensive option. However, with the same budget you can drive a much better model or even a more prestigious car if you go for a second hand car. You may even get to buy your dream car that you wouldn’t otherwise even think of buying due to budget restriction.
  4. Less sales tax: It goes without saying, the lower the price of your purchase, they lower will be its sales tax. So, with a used car, you will get to save a tonne of money.
  5. Lower insurance cost: Obviously a lower net worth will mean a lower insurance payment every month.

In todays’ times, when everyone is more keen on saving due to high unemployment rates and uncertainty in world’s economy, saving your hard earned money is not only a smart choice but is also a much needed one. The best way to buy a pre-loved car is from a car dealership and that too a credible one. KAP Motors is one such trustworthy used car dealer that sells cars only after they have passed very strict inspection criteria. You can browse through KAP Motors’ used Nissan cars range and book a test-drive online or visit them to get the car of your dreams today!

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