How To Create A Bedroom Designed To Help You Sleep

How To Create A Bedroom Designed To Help You Sleep

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Lack of sleep is a major cause of illness. If you feel like you just can’t shake that cold or you are often feeling under the weather, then look no further than your bedroom. It could be causing you to lose sleep and that weakens your immune system. And a weak immune system causes you to get sick more often.

Maybe it isn’t your bedroom actually causing you to lose sleep, but if you aren’t sleeping well, then a few changes to your bedroom can help solve the problem. Your bedroom should be your safe haven where you can block out the real world and all the stress  that comes with it. The right mattress for sleep or just redecorating can make a huge difference.

If you feel like you are having trouble getting your sleep back on track, then start by making some of the following changes to your bedroom and it can help you start getting better sleep.

How To Create A Bedroom Designed To Help You Sleep

How To Create A Bedroom Designed To Help You Sleep

1 – White noise

 Noise pollution is a serious obstacle to your sleep and your overall stress levels. When your brain is pounding from all of the jarring noises you deal with all day, you need a way to tune it all out. White noise is an excellent way to do so.

You’ll need to set up some kind of fixture for white noise in the bedroom to help calm your brain down and drown out any noise from outside your home. Indoor waterfalls for your home are an ideal way to do this as the sound of running water is the ideal way to destress.

If you don’t want a waterfall, then a small water fountain can have the same effect as long as you can hear the bubbling water.

2 – Essential oils

There are cool mist diffusers available that allow you to use some essential oils and fill your room with relaxing scents. There are many scents that react with your nervous system and elicit a certain response.

Find some of the oils that promote relaxation and about 30 minutes before you want to sleep, turn it on to fill the room. For instance, lavender is a classic smell that signals the brain to start producing melatonin, the hormone responsible for setting your internal clock.

How to get a good night's sleep

3 – Declutter your room

 Do you have exercise equipment in your bedroom that now serve as clothes hangers? Or, maybe your laundry just never seems to make it out of the basket and into your dresser. Even the dresser itself is cluttered with lots of tchotchkes and you can’t see the surface anymore.

This clutter can be having an effect on your sleep, believe it or not. When your room is untidy it creates stress and anxiety. And this is exactly the state of mind to avoid when you are trying to settle down for sleep.

Make sure you have a system at home to keep your bedroom cozy and free from clutter. Get some containers to organize everything so it is easy to maintain a clutter free room.

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