Creating a More Sophisticated Home on a Budget

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If you’ve always dreamt of living in a sophisticated home, your dreams are about to come true. Whether you reside in a townhouse, apartment or detached home, there are simple ways to create a sophisticated abode.

Creating a More Sophisticated Home on a Budget

If you want to enjoy a more elegant home environment, take a look at these top tips now:

Use Lighting

It’s surprising but lighting can drastically alter the mood in any room, so it’s the ideal way to transform a property. Choose lighting solutions that suit the functionality of the room, such as bright lighting in the kitchen or home office and warm, cosy lighting in living areas and bedrooms. Be sure to use a variety of lighting if you want to create a more sophisticated home: spotlights, wall lights and floor lamps will give you the flexibility to modify the lighting at any time. Oh, and candles are always a great addition too.

Enjoy Art

Filling your home with art is a superb way to make it feel more sophisticated. Choose pieces which reflect your taste, whether it’s edgy and contemporary or classic and traditional. Remember – artwork doesn’t have to be restricted to paintings hanging on the wall. Photography, sculptures and even furniture can all be classed at art, so vary the pieces you have in your home and try to make art a common theme throughout your home.

Use Colour Strategically

A sophisticated home conveys feelings of calm and tranquillity, so choose your colour palette accordingly. Neutral colours work excellently as a base, so embrace grey kitchen and bathroom tile trends, cream walls and natural flooring. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to eschew bright or bold colours. Instead, use them sparingly to enhance your interior design and to make room features really pop.

Creating a More Sophisticated Home on a Budget

Feature Fresh Flowers

Having freshly cut flowers in a vase can brighten up any room. Whether you purchase a bouquet from your local florist or pick your own flowers straight from your garden, try to incorporate fresh flowers into your home regularly. A range of vases will ensure you can modify your displays and you can even use accessories, like decorative gravel or quartz stone, to create an elegant centrepiece.

Choose White Linens

Crisp, white linens are a hallmark of any sophisticated home, so be sure to incorporate these into your bedroom décor. To make your bedroom look even more elegant, incorporate throws, blankets or cushions in contrasting colours too. Similarly, a folded throw placed over the back of a sofa or chair can be an excellent way to incorporate colour and texture in other living areas in your home.

Enjoying a Sophisticated Home

A sophisticated home looks fabulous, but it needs to feel warm and inviting too. Furthermore, a family home needs to be functional, so don’t assume that style has to make your home feel cold or sterile. Instead, choosing elegant pieces that enhance or reinforce the functionality of each room will help you to create a home that’s delightful to live in and utterly sophisticated.

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