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Common problems with your boiler that should be fixed

While your boiler is usually there for you, heating up your water and making sure your central heating gets to the correct temperature, it can sometimes go wrong. While you will need a qualified boiler technician to be able to officially diagnose and repair issues or, if not, replace the boiler entirely, you may be able to figure out what could potentially be the issue by looking at which aspect is not working. Boilers do not last forever and they can be expensive to replace, which is why it is imperative to ask a technician to look at it when you realise something is not working correctly, rather than leaving it to deteriorate further.

Common Problems With Your Boiler

Failure to Fire Up

As one of the well known broken boiler common problems, a failure to fire up means the system is not working. One of the first times you are likely to notice that your boiler has not fired up may be when your water continues to run cold, or your radiators remain cold when you have turned the heating on. When attempting to switch the boiler on, it may continue to click, or do nothing at all. You may also be able to look into the boiler window, should it have one, and see that the light does not show. These are all signs that you need to speak with a technician, who will fix the issue or replace your system. If this occurs during colder weather, you may need to pay for urgent repair charges, if you cannot wait a couple of days for the repair or replacement to take place.

Common problems with your boiler

Water or Radiators Fail to Heat

Following on from the above point, you may find that your boiler still fires up as it should, but that your water is still running cold, or your radiators seem to not be working. If you have ruled out an issue with the plumbing, or the radiators themselves, the problem may come from your thermostat. You may need an engineer to replace it if it is not working correctly. Alternatively, you could have a wireless thermostat installed, which will enable you to check or alter temperatures from anywhere within your home. Some also allow for usage with a mobile application so that you can pre-set your boiler prior to your arrival back home.

Boiler Leakage

You should know about the importance of having a smoke alarm in your home, but many fail to realise the importance of also having a carbon monoxide detector. Boilers can leak harmful carbon monoxide fumes. Due to this gas being odourless, without an alarm, it is entirely possible that the first sign you will have of carbon monoxide poisoning is illness, a pet death, or even a human death. Having one of these alarms will signify the presence of CO fumes to you, enabling you to evacuate your home, seek medical attention, and have a qualified boiler specialist come in to repair the leak, or replace the system.

Looking after your boiler does not just benefit the warmth of your home, or your ability to have running hot water. It can also be beneficial to your quality of life, and even your safety.

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