Project 366 Week 45 – It’s November

Project 366 Week 45 – It’s November

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Can you believe it’s November already? Just over another month and we will be celebrating Christmas and looking forward to a fresh new year that will hopefully bring more hope!

Half term is over now and things are somewhat back on track, to the point that my keyboard is starting to smoke from turbo typing! It’s great to be back with our Project 366 weekly round up, find out what we have been up to recently…

Project 366 Week 45 – It’s November!

Crochet blankets


After a two week half term, the weekend was spent ensuring everything was ready to start the week running. At this point I am so behind with the Christmas Gift Guide so I am itching to have some peace and quiet to sit down properly and type! I’ve also finished one blanket and started on the next since my last Project 366 post!

Christmas Beauty Gifts


My alarm woke us up at 6.45am, which after 2 weeks of no alarms was a shock to the system again. It was full steam ahead though as both Liv and I got back on track with our school and work routines and I finally got chance to finish and publish the Beauty Gifts Inspiration for Christmas post! Featuring a selection of beauty items that we have been sent and like, I hope it gives you some ideas for present buying!

The most exciting occurance today was an IKEA delivery of Kallax units. Due to Covid restrictions, the units could only be left by the doorstep so I managed to get some weight training in for the week lugging them around!

2021 Diaries



My new diaries for 2021 arrived today and I am totally in love with them. A huge fan of anything stationery wise, my new beauties will hopefully keep me organised next year! I do love a substantial diary as I’m forever making notes and need all the space! A full on work day today including a sales meeting. I’ve not partaken in one of those for years and I quickly recalled why not!

Liv had hockey after school today so it gave me and extra hour of my day. I also managed an Aldi shop in the morning which was enlightening. I was somewhat perplexed by a lady who filled her trolley with 7 boxes of cereal but not enough milk to actually warrant that many. I guess stockpiling comes in many forms! Give me cake anyday!

Apple and Blackberry Crumble


Liv made an Apple and Blackberry crumble in school today, this may actually be a game changer! All I had to do was heat it up and pour lashings of cream over it ready for Emmerdale… bliss! Next week she will be making a puff pastry tart, so that will be dinner already sorted!

Win a Cranes Cider Gift Set

I was back to working on the blog today, with another fabulous Christmas giveaway published! Enter for your chance to win a Cranes Cider Gift Set just in time for the festive season!

Bonfire Night Marshmallows


Today we entered into Lockdown 2.0 again, yet I cannot say I noticed a difference! The roads were as busy as normal and a quick trip to Aldi for some hot dogs proved that shops weren’t any quieter either. It was great to take some time out this evening to enjoy a mini fireworks display over at our support bubbles house! This is why I needed the hot dogs! What better dinner to have whilst huddled around a chimnea watching fireworks than hot dogs and toasted marshmallows?

Christmas Gifts For Men

I also featured (gifted) Christmas Gifts For Men on the site today as part of the Gift Guide. I’m starting to get more on track now and hopefully I will have more time to catch up with Karen next week. I just haven’t had the time nor been in the mood to have to ‘people’ this week. Anyone else feeling like that at the moment?


A rush to try and tie as much up as possible so that I can have a break away from the screen this weekend. The next Gift Guide post is 80% complete and I take that for a win on the day! It was lovely to get into my comfies one Liv was home and enjoy a Friday night chill with Christmas movies on Netflix. Have you watched any Christmas movies yet? I’ve be re-watching Scandal this week in the background whilst working, quite apt with what’s happening with the US Elections at the moment, such an awesome show though!

Balls of wool


Today has been a washing, homework, cleaning, tidying and building Kallax units day! I thought the units would be my saviour but it appears they have filled up rather quickly… though in my defence, 3 sections do contain wool… I need to get cracking with crocheting more blankets then!

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Project 366 Week 45 It's November

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This Post Has 18 Comments

  1. Kim Carberry

    This year is flying over, even this month. It will be Christmas before I know it.
    It sounds like you’ve been busy. The blanket looks fab.
    The shopping trip sounds interesting! Who needs 7 boxes of cereal, well maybe me when I was a teen and used to live on it. lol
    It is fab when the kids do cookery at school. My girls used to come home with all sorts. x

  2. Emma T

    I’ve been watching Christmas movies since the end of September! Love them.
    Good going on all the gift guides. I’ve only got one written, and another 2 vaguely planned I still need to write if I can be bothered – they’re ones I just do rather than with samples.

  3. Erica Hughes

    I would laugh at the 7 boxes of cereal, but it’s the sort of thing I’d do if I only went to that particular shop once in a while. I mostly shop at Aldi, but I do like particular products at other stores so tend to stock up when I go. Your Kallax units are looking good – great to be organised.

  4. chickenruby

    I want to order some Kallax units but need to wait until my container arrives to work out how many shelves/drawers I will need. Nice bit of cooking there lIv, looks fab. I’m planning to watch Love Actually and Die Hard, the only 2 Christmas movies I’ll watch

  5. Emma Raphael

    Love the colour of the wool in the projects in the first image – gorgeous! Yes, I cannot believe it’s November. I have too much to do! I am going to order that Clever Fox Planner though, I was looking for something exactly like that!!

  6. Rebecca Smith

    Totally agree about the alarms being a shock to the system – although mine didn’t go off one of the days and I woke up at 8.06am having to leave at 8.25 eek!

  7. Hollie Burgess

    Love the colour of the wool, my mums just ordered some ‘unicorn’ wool for her next crafty project.

  8. Jess Howliston

    It sounds like you have had a pretty busy week but also a super productive one too! I am behind on my gift guides too so have spent most of the week pushing these out lol, will definitely go check out yours! I havent watched any Christmas movies yet but may have to start this weekend, I do love a good Christmas movie!

  9. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Love your diaries for next year. Liv’s blackberry and apple crumble looks yummy. Eating hot dogs and toasted marshmallows while watching fireworks sounds like a great way to spend an evening. It’s amazing how quickly Kallax units fill up isn’t it? Good luck with getting the gift guides done. #project366

  10. Natasha Mairs

    I am loving your new planners!! I am a big stationery lover, but still need to get a planner for next year

  11. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    Love the blanket, you’ve reminded me that I need to order my favourite diary for next year, I’m still coming to terms with it being November #366

  12. Elaine Livingstone

    Love that wool cant wait to see what you make with it. You can never have to much wool but like you I need to start using what I have.
    Well done on getting the gift guides down, and I am away to enter your competition.
    I either eat my cereal dry or with yoghurt on, cant stand milk on cereal.

  13. Fozia S

    Love your planners. I need to get one and get organised!

    Apple and Blackberry crumble looks delicious. My eldest made a quiche but it came home burnt! Still kind of edible in places though!

    That wool is gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing what you make with it.

    Hubby generally brings home lots of boxes of cereals simply because he can’t be bothered to keep getting them.

  14. `mudpie fridays

    I do love a new planner! I need to get one. Crumble looks great hope it tasted yummy. Lol That’s a lot of wool but it looks very pretty. I have also been bogged down with gift guides this week I do sometimes wonder why I do it! Sounds like you have got on top of it all now though x

  15. Andale Seaworne

    The blankets look great. Those are smart looking diaries. I eat cereal everyday but 7 boxes is a lot. That crumble does look very tempting. OoOo Lovely giveaway. Yay, more blankets

  16. loopyloulaura

    I remember cooking at school and loved it so can’t wait for my kids to bring home dinner! We usually have 5-7 boxes of cereal on the go as the kids eat loads so buy several boxes each week! #project366

  17. Karen Langridge

    Lovely job with the crumble there Liv! That with plenty of custard would be living the dream. I love the colour of the wool you have, perfect for making the most stunning blankets! It’s certainly blanket weather now. I want to get some of those units, I need to wrestle my house in order before all the workmen descend on it! Glad you got to do some marshmallow toasting. The early mornings are brutal with back to school! Roll on the Christmas holidays, as long as they don’t set too much homework right? x

  18. Cheryl Pasquier

    Aww I love the blankets – they’re really pretty and there’s just something about them being homemade that makes them extra special. It’s not fair – the kids don’t do any cooking at school over here. I would love for them to bring home cakes – any food in fact would be good ! Ooh those marshmallows look fab – perfect for firework watching ! 🙂

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