Setting Up the Perfect Study Space for Your Child


Providing your child with an appropriate environment to complete their homework and other studies will help them with their concentration and, ultimately, their overall success in school. A prep school in the Cotstwolds has prepared the following advice to help parents set up the perfect study space for their child, which can be especially beneficial during exam period.

Setting Up the Perfect Study Space for Your Child

Setting Up the Perfect Study Space for Your Child

Firstly, make sure your child isn’t studying in the same place that they relax and wind down. There has to be a distinction between the two so that it’s easier to focus on schoolwork rather than let the mind wander onto better things they could be doing. If you’re fortunate enough to have a spare bedroom in your home, this would be a great location, but even if your child just uses the kitchen table to do their homework, there shouldn’t be anything around that they might find distracting.

The study space should be organised and tidy. This means that it should be equipped with all of the relevant study materials and equipment, but free from clutter. Maybe invest in some storage boxes to tidy away any mess.

Think about the comfort of the study area. If the chair is uncomfortable, your child won’t want to sit on it for hours at a time to do their exam revision. If possible, you should also try and make the space warm and inviting by adding things like photo frames and plants. Lighting is also important; natural light tends to boost brain function and keep you alert, so try and set up the study space near a window, if possible. Without adequate lighting, your child may suffer from eye strain and headaches.

Perhaps establish some rules when it comes to the study space and studying in general. For instance, there should be no mobile phones or other distracting items in the vicinity. What’s more, your child should know to take regular breaks so that they can rest, stretch and switch off.

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