Christmas Giveaway – Win A Yubico Security Key NFC

Christmas Giveaway – Win A Yubico Security Key NFC

It’s time for another Sim’s Life Christmas Gift Guide giveaway, perfect for gadget lovers and those who want to protect their online accounts. Let me introduce the Yubico Security Key!

Yubico offers a fantastic selection of small gadgets that pack big punches when it comes to protecting users online, especially as everyone rushes to buy Christmas gifts online.

Christmas Giveaway – Win A Yubico Security Key NFC

Yubico Security Key

If you know a gadget lover, then they will really appreciate any items from the Yubico range, but let’s have a look at the Yubico Security Key!

The world’s most protective USB and NFC security key that helps to protect your login in and password details. For those who are more techniogically minded, the security key is FIDO certified and works with Google Chrome and any FIDO-compliant application on Windows, Mac OS or Linux. It helps you secure your login and protect your Gmail, Dropbox, Outlook, Dashlane, 1Password, accounts and more. This particular security key will unfortunately not work with LastPass; you will need to upgrade to any YubiKey 5 for LastPass protection.

Super secure and durable, the nifty little Security Key NFC is also tamper resistant, water resistant, and crush resistant. They are designed to protect your online accounts from phishing and account takeovers, all whilst being small and portable enough to attach to your keyring!

For further details and to purchase, head over to Amazon (£24.99), check out the full range here.

Yubico in use

How To Win a Yubico Security Key

For your chance to win a Yubico key worth £24.99, simply enter using the Gleam form below and do not forget to answer the question by leaving a blog

Yubico Security Key

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Giveaway ends at midnight on Saturday 12th December 2020.
Giveaway open to UK based entrants
One winning entry we drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will be notified within 72 hours of the giveaway ending.
The winner will receive 1 x Yubico Security Key.
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.

Yubico Security Key giveaway

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  1. bev

    Puppy antics!

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Baking a cake to share with the family

  3. Leila Benhamida

    My daughter teacher’s, complimented my daughter as the dream student.


    My one-year-old Grandson waving to me over a video call for the first time.
    When I went to like, share and comment on the Facebook post there was no options to like or comment; just a share clicky. Must be a tech glitch but I did try.

  5. tim poole

    Looking in the mirror

  6. William Critchlow

    My cat

  7. Laura Gallant

    my year old twins

  8. Jan Johnson

    Zooming with my grandson

  9. leanne weir

    My little girl

  10. Jackie Howell

    seeing my mother-in-law even if only through a window

  11. Peter Watson

    I smiled today after backing a winner on the horses

  12. volcanopete

    I smiled today after backing a winner on the horses

  13. Richard M Johnson

    my daughter

  14. Joo Dee

    my hubby!

  15. ashleigh allan

    Spending time with my kids!

  16. H

    My son, the garden birds and the fact I am alive.

  17. kim neville

    my grand daughter singing to me and dancing

  18. Sarah Parker

    family walk

  19. Penny Lane

    My husband making me dinner.

  20. Tracy Nixon

    First non-foggy morning for a week!

  21. janh

    We received our baby discus fish this morning. It makes me smile to watch them exploring their new environment and making friends with the older tropical fish. So relaxing as well.

  22. Louise Reeks

    Facetime with my mum

  23. Jo m welsh

    My daughter and the things she comes out with always make me smile

  24. Michael Rattray

    Funs at work

  25. cat

    My new kitten discovering they could climb to the top of the curtains

  26. Annabel Greaves

    Dancing with the family

  27. Beki Lacy

    Going for a walk with my Mum

  28. Jo Jones

    The 90 year old lady I walk her dog for made me smile today when she told me about watching the builders (bums) that are working on the new houses opposite her house.

  29. Pippa Ainsworth

    Beautiful blue skies on the school run this morning

  30. Caroline H

    My cat had a mad half hour this morning. She’s ancient so it’s a joy to watch!

  31. Becky Patterson

    I enjoyed a lovely homecooked meal

  32. A.E. ADKINS

    After days, a tiny stray kitten finally followed me into the house

  33. melanie stirling

    Talking to my eldest son about his day teacher training and how happy he was.

  34. Amy bondoc

    my daughter!

  35. michelle o'neill

    my granddaughter

  36. Katrina Adams

    Seeing the swans over the park on the dog walk.

  37. Ben Audsley

    my cay daisy!

  38. Kirsty Sparks

    Waking up and going for a walk in the fresh air

  39. Hoddy

    Having Sky installed.

  40. Sarah Fielding

    Long walks in nature!

  41. Laura

    Seeing pictures of my twins having fun in nursery

  42. Katie B

    I’m not great at cooking, but this evening I cooked a whole meal from scratch and didn’t burn anything and it actually tasted good!

  43. Natalie Burgess

    My cats all crawling into bed with us this morning x

  44. Nicola Haywood

    Managing to get my Christmas food shopping delivery date slots booked in

  45. Chris Andrews

    my son bringing my grandsons over for a surprise visit

  46. Darren Bourne

    My kids, they make me smile every day with the quirky, fun things they do.

  47. Dale Dow

    It’s Saturday! What has made me smile is not needing to do any work

  48. Suzanne Croft

    The love of my puppy

  49. Kim M

    My cay playing x

  50. Rich Tyler

    Spending time with my boys

  51. Tim Millington

    Sticky Toffee Pudding

  52. Iain maciver

    spending time with my daughter

  53. Simon Harris

    My dogs make me smile

  54. Hannah H

    FaceTiming with my nephews

  55. Vicky

    My children doing silly things.

  56. Jessica Jacob

    I took my dog on a 2 hour walk, even though it was wet and windy the joy she had was infectious.

  57. lynn neal

    My Grandchildren make me smile everyday!

  58. Ross Leech

    Speaking to my mum.

  59. clair downham

    my cat being daft

  60. Angela Treadway

    home schooling my children x

  61. TinaH

    I’m pregnant which is the best news ever.

  62. Jodi Hill

    My daughter and I have been self isolating as her nursery teacher tested positive for covid, it’s been pretty full on, but this morning she’s had a lie in & ive been able to wake up and have a coffee by myself this morning lol

  63. PB

    Playing Pirates with 3 year old Max who loves to say “Scalleywags.”

  64. Richard R

    Feeding the fish in the pond who seem more active now the fireworks have finished.

  65. Ruth Harwood

    The morning is my fave part of the day – today the first thing to make me smile was my first sip of coffee!

  66. Ian Yates

    Smiles in short supply just now but this question made me paint one on and to vow to keep on keeping on…..

  67. Lucy robinson

    Knowing that it’s Friday makes me smile. Also knowing I can have a lay in tomorrow.

  68. Nigel Soper

    My family made me smile today

  69. Jennifer Toal

    Getting on top of my paper work

  70. Christopher Read

    I received a funny text from my sister that made me smile 🙂 Thanks for running this giveaway

  71. Stephanie

    Watching I’m a celebrity

  72. claire woods

    Going for a walk and seeing animals.

  73. Lisa T

    Taking my boys to school, what a lovely walk

  74. Peter Watson

    My grandchildren made me smile

  75. Dean T

    My cats and my best friend did

  76. Andrew

    Thinking about Christmas made me smile.

  77. Sharon Freemantle

    Going through the Christmas decs and finding a toy thake our dog Ozzie had got at. He use to steal the Christmas soft toys and put them in his bed. We lost him to cancer in May

  78. Lucy Wright-Booth

    Getting a new sparkly, sequinned dress for Christmas!

  79. Manon

    A phone call from my friend made me smile today

  80. katrina walsh

    A cheery wave from a fellow dog walker at 6am on a cold rainy morning despite neither of us wanting to be there

  81. Sophie Hedley

    A video call with my nephew

  82. Steve Pryor

    Relaxing of lockdown

  83. Natalie Crossan

    My daughter telling silly jokes

  84. Joanna Kasznicki

    My partner tickling me today

  85. Victoria Prince

    A friend bringing me some vegetables! Ah the things that bring me joy during a pandemic…!

  86. Tracy B

    Watching a crazy squirrel go racing around the garden

  87. Robyn Clarke

    I’ve recently started my own company and today I got a nice big order.

  88. Craig Rogers

    Watching my neighbour trying to park his car. He took 5 hilarious attempts

  89. Joan Clark

    Would love to win

  90. Jessica Powell

    My daughter singing her Christmas songs.

  91. Patrick Foley

    The sun was out and its only 20 days until Christmas!

  92. hekna

    Watching a festive movie with my little one


    my 12 year old Westie Archie, always such a happy chap

  94. Louise craney

    My son give me a big hug

  95. James Travis

    Completing an 8k run

  96. Pam Gregory

    My cats

  97. Helen B

    Finding out what colour the patio really is under all the grime

  98. Mel Pennie

    Our chickens playing on the swing in their pen!

  99. Tammy Tudor

    Driving home from work to see lots of christmas lights and decorations

  100. Keith A. Hudson

    I want to win the yubico security key

  101. Leslie Evans

    Waking up from sleeping, I smile after awaking, why, when you are 75 you will know why, another day of life to enjoy..

  102. donna l jones

    my grandchildren

  103. Karen R

    I got a packet of biscuits in the post this morning – that was nice 🙂

  104. Natalie R

    Something I’ve seen on the TV

  105. Anthea Holloway

    Putting up the Christmas lights outside the house and seeing them lit up!

  106. champaklal Lad

    It stopped raining

  107. Jennie Stallard

    playing a game

  108. Susan B

    My poorly cat cuddling up on my chest, purring.

  109. Tim Bain

    Miriah carey making 46 million from her Xmas song that took 15 mins to write.

  110. Marie Rungapadiachy

    My little girl made me smile today, as she does everyday.

  111. Mr Mark Adamson

    This would be useful when traveling to keep key documents on

  112. Sheena Read

    The sun is shining

  113. natalie s

    Talking to my mum

  114. Victoria Bazley

    The fact that I’ve finished my Christmas shopping!

  115. Paul Bell

    Coming back from the shops absolutely drenched


    A build up of wind

  117. Jennifer Toal

    Dressing my dog as a reindeer

  118. Susan

    bought the last for my presents today, feel so much better now!

  119. Jo Nichol

    My cat knocking on the back door to be let in and then waiting patiently!!

  120. fiona d

    My non verbal son trying to tell me he loves me 🙂

  121. Angela Kelly

    Having a lie-in has made me smile today!

  122. janine atkin

    putting up the christmas tree

  123. Marion Tanner

    my littledpg jumping with sheer joy on the beach today.

  124. Emma davison

    My dog

  125. Laura Pritchard

    Hearing from my partner who’s away for work!

  126. Sheena Read

    The sun was shining today

  127. Dawn A

    My partner made me smile today.

  128. Janine H

    My hubby, as he should have been a comedian, he makes me smile every day

  129. Michelle Carlin

    We were unpacking Christmas decorations and the dog searched the box for her favourite and then ran away with it – she does it every year and it’s always the same one!

  130. Kerry Webber

    My dog who was trying to sit on my son’s shoulder while he was trying to play games! (Hugo is not a little dog! But it’s what he does when he wants attention!)

  131. DAWN HULL

    My cat Wispa. She makes me smile every single day 🙂

  132. Adrian Bold

    Our dog made me smile (a lot) today.

  133. aisha

    my children

  134. Orange23

    My dog

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