It’s Time to Start Planning Your Christmas Shopping

It’s Time to Start Planning Your Christmas Shopping

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It’s November and Santa has started making his list and checking it twice – so you should too! Sure, it may feel a little early to start even thinking about Christmas, but the truth is, being organised and planning your shopping list now can make your life a whole lot easier and the entire affair a whole lot cheaper. November sees a host of sales, including the world renowned Black Friday sales, where gifts can be bagged at a much lower cost. Shopping now also avoids the typical Christmas rush, meaning the things you want to buy are less likely to be sold out. Plus, you can benefit from free shopping options from many companies, rather than having to fork out extra for last minute next day delivery! So, what are some key gifts you might want to keep an eye out for? Here are a few suggestions that could go down a treat!

It’s Time to Start Planning Your Christmas Shopping

Food and Drink Gift Sets

Christmas festivities often revolve around food and drinks, so food and drinks really can make a wonderful addition to anyone’s gifts. Generally speaking, the best foodie gift will depend on the recipient. If you know a coffee lover, why not consider coffee gift packs from If you know a vegan, you could create or find a vegan gift hamper that’s bound to go down a treat. If you know someone who likes a particular type of chocolate, many companies are offering customised and personalised packaging, often with the recipient’s name printed on it.

Planning Your Christmas Shopping Online


If you want a gift that will last all year long, you could consider a subscription. Subscription gifts will see you pay the full amount up front, or agree to paying in monthly instalments, for something that will be delivered to your loved one each month throughout the rest of the year. Popular subscription gifts include magazines, tea subscriptions, beauty subscriptions, snack subscriptions and more. You can even get pet subscription boxes for your favourite four legged friend!


If you have a techy person in your life, chances are they’d like some sort of gadget for Christmas. Now, this is an area to keep a particularly close eye on in the lead up to Black Friday. Tech and gadgets tend to get massive discounts over this period, so you could bag yourself a real bargain! Whether that’s something big like a TV or something smaller like an Ereader.


Appliances are another Black Friday favourite – and they also tend to go down a storm. Think of fun appliances that people might not buy for themselves but would really appreciate. An espresso machine, a stand mixer, a pressure cooker or something similar.


Clothes and accessories could make a great gift this year. Just make sure to keep the gift receipt, as you can never be 100% sure about sizing. This will allow your loved one to exchange or return the item if it doesn’t fit well or doesn’t suit them.

These are just a few suggestions to get the ball rolling when it comes to planning Christmas gifts this year. Hopefully, they’ll come in useful!

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