Tips to Help You Not Suck at Black Friday

Tips to Help You Not Suck at Black Friday

Black Friday is without a doubt one of the most anxiety-inducing days in the year, but with a bit of planning, it can be smooth sailing despite how we have come to know it. Black Friday and its follow-up, Cyber Monday are known for being crowded, overwhelming and crazy – but you can sail straight through – here is now.

Tips to Help You Not Suck at Black Friday

Deals, Deals Everywhere

Of course, having access to a vast selection of deals and specials is great, but figuring out which are the best options, and which are downright scams, can be challenging. Stick around for the best tools, tips, and tricks to help you take advantage of the day and really save.

Done right, Black Friday can be the business. It is a great way of stocking up on gifts for friends and family, or to get easier access to big-ticket purchases that are too expensive at any other time. But it is not for the faint-hearted. People have been beaten up, tripped and yelled at in the struggle to get to the front of the queue.

Tips to Help You Not Suck at Black Friday

Plan to Skip The Craziness

Failing to plan is planning to fail – so make a list! This applies to in-store and online purchases. Shopping without a list leaves you vulnerable to snap decisions, leading to overspending and regret.

Social media is a great avenue to help you plan, and brands often make secret codes, coupons and specials available via social media. Try following some of your favourite retailers to get an idea of what their online offerings are.

Compare Offerings

Because you are ahead of your game, and check who’s charging what for which items, you can now progress to seeing if any stores offer additional perks that make it worth your while to buy from them. Anything you can gain in addition to what you wanted originally, at no extra cost, is a good deal. Some stores will also offer price matching, which means that they will match the price if you find the same item elsewhere at a better price.

The ads and the items in the will come and go, and highly desirable items will be capped at a certain price. Because of this, you need to make sure that the discount you are getting is, in fact, a worthwhile discount. Many people find that having a shopping buddy not only helps them to steer clear of temptation, but also to double check the validity of the discounts and to make the entire shopping process more efficient.

Grab a Black Friday bargain

All Is Not Lost

Even if you miss the main sale, do not stress. Many people are moving away from Black Friday 2020 sales being a single day event. Some places even take it as far making it a Black Month! The absolute best discounts can also go unreleased until the days surrounding Thanksgiving. The good news is that you can, under these circumstances, start shopping a bit earlier, and in so doing, avoid the crowds at the main event. Remember that the world has changed quite a bit in how it handles crowds, so make sure to wear your mask if you do choose to buy in store, rather than online.

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