What You Need At Home For Your New Puppy

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What You Need At Home For Your New Puppy

With all of us having to spend a lot more time at home lately, lots of us have been thinking about getting a puppy  to complete their home.

While making space for a new puppy in your heart is easy, preparing your home for them comes with a lot more organization to make sure they’re happy and healthy, too.

Here are some of the things you’ll need to have ready before bringing your new puppy home.

What You Need At Home For Your New Puppy

What You Need At Home For Your New Puppy


A puppy will undergo a lot of change when coming to their new forever home. One of them being the food they eat. According to guidance from pet food suppliers, https://www.burgesspetcare.com, you should transition puppies to their new food over 5-7 days.

Make sure that the food you feed them is appropriate for their breed and age. It’s always best to consult your breeder or the vet to make sure you get the correct brand for your dog. 

Bowls for Food and Water 

Of course, you will need to choose appropriate bowls to feed and hydrate your dog. Ceramic or stainless steel bowls are best for a new puppy instead of plastic bowls. 

Plastic bowls are likely to be used as chew toys for curious teething puppies. They will soon become a breeding ground for bacteria which will eventually cause damage to your puppy’s teeth and gums.

Heavier bowls made of ceramic or stainless steel are also far less likely to be knocked over. 

Safety Gates 

Safety, or baby, gates are going to become a vital feature of your home when bringing home a new pup

A strategically placed safety gate will help to keep things safe when you’re not around to supervise. They also help to keep them away from dangerous spots such as the kitchen where puppies may be harmed by hot cooking.  Balconies, stairs, and areas of open water should also be kept securely locked away from an inquisitive puppy.

They can also be useful to protect furniture from damage and chewing instincts of puppies

Collar and Lead

After your puppy has had all of their vaccinations, you’ll be able to start taking them out for walks. Wearing a collar can take some getting used to for your new puppy. They will need to get used to wearing their collar and a lead at home before it is time for them to begin exploring the outside world. 

Collars and leads are made in a wide range of different materials. Adjustable collars in nylon or soft leather are recommended as they can be used for longer as your puppy grows into a dog. 

Collars should be adjusted so that two fingers fit easily between the collar and the dog’s neck. This needs to be checked regularly- particularly as puppies will grow very quickly! 

A new puppy can be a wonderful addition to a loving home- with all of these things in place, you’ll be sure to have a happy transition for both you and your new puppy

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