Project 366 Week 47 – The Countdown to Christmas

Project 366 Week 47 – The Countdown to Christmas

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What a two weeks it has been, there was no chance I was featuring an update last week, but I’m back now! It is nice to actully write about something different for a change, as the blog recently has been very Gift Guide oriented. The countdown to Christmas is definitely on!

The last two week certainly have been hectic, it really has been non-stop, even with lockdown. A trip into my local town centre earlier this week was slightly eerie… check out the image below!

Project 366 Week 47 – The Countdown to Christmas

November rainbow

We finally spotted a Rainbow!


School life is going really well, even with Liv having to cover GCSE work and questions at the moment. Talk about starting them early! I have a feeling the next 5 years are going to be intense, but we are getting there. Lockdown has restricted after school clubs so there are no after school sports clubs at the moment and Liv is missing hockey. However, there is still plenty of sports during school time, I feel like I am washing her kit daily!

Gin Bar tin from Home Bargains


Wok has been manic recently so I could have done without my washing machine woes right in the middle of a writing mojo moment! I was in full flow… so was the washing machine… all over my floor! However, I trundled through and all the Christmas Gift Guide posts are now live! I couldn’t resist adding the Gin Bar Tin that I picked up from Home Bargains for £8.99. Such a great gift idea, just not a gift from me as I simply cannot abide gin… however the tin is ace!

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Home life

My washing machine imploded last week, right in the midst of me trying to publish gift guides and also right in the middle of a wash cycle. Fortunately, I was able to shift the old washer out, shift the new washer in and connect it up to get cracking with a mound of washing that was piling up at a rate of knots. Seriously, there are two of us in the house, how can there constantly be so much washing?!

Ah well, life as a single mum never runs smoothly, but having basic plumbing skills alongside many more definitely helps!

Homemade cake

All hail the genius behind cake mixes! Seriously, these have been a godsend during lockdown and when we both wanted cake recently, one was baked and iced (by me) and decorated (by Liv) within 30 minutes. Bonus!

Keto cauliflower cheese

Although, I am back to being fully Keto now to make up for all the cake indulgence the past few months. Last night we enjoyed a house favourite of roast chicken with my Keto cauliflower cheese, nom nom nom! So easy to make and so adaptable too, but I love adding in bacon lardons, spring onions and seasoning.

Bury town centre during lockdown

This is the image I referred to at the beginning of this post! I have never seen my local town centre so empty, even at 4am on a Sunday morning! There are still a couple of shops selling essentials still open and I have to admit that I did expect to see a couple of people milling around… but nada! How are things in your local area?

Out for a walk

Getting out for walks with my buddy and partner in crime has really helped in the refresh stakes. A couple of walks are just what we needed and meant we could easily capture some terrific images from our local walking path!

Walking path

Other than that, we have done diddly squat except mooch around the house, what else can be done at the moment? I did however finally get a catch up call with Karen! Hopefully Lockdown 2.0 will be lifted soon, but with stricter tiers being introduced in its place, I’m not too sure how life will change that much from its current state.

However, we have the Christmas countdown to spur us all on and have something to focus on! How are you all this week?

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Project 366 Week 47 - The Countdown to Christmas

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This Post Has 24 Comments

  1. Kim Carberry

    It does sound like you’ve been busy.
    It sounds like Liv is getting on really well at school. You must be very proud.
    That Gin tin is fab but I am not a gin drinker either. It would make a lovely gift for someone though.
    What a nightmare with your washer breaking.
    Wow! The town does look empty. I’ve not been anywhere for weeks and I’m in no rush to venture out. x

  2. Claire Lomax

    A full on few weeks for you! Superwoman by the way with the Washing machine, No way would I have been able to sort that myself!

    I can’t believe how quiet your town is, I went to my home town at the weekend to take my Dad shopping (He is in our bubble) and it was so busy, we left as we didn’t feel comfortable. I wasn’t happy with what shops have decided they are essential shops as well. Max speilman and Rymans???

    Have a great week and enjoy the christmas build up. I sure am x

  3. LaaLaa

    OMG! No what a nightmare with the washing machine, it’s always when you least expect it. Good on you hooking it up and it always seems there’s always so much washing to be done. I’ve got a to do list of things that need to be done before I head back to my makeup counter next week, ah life never truly stops x

  4. Treasure Every Moment

    Oo the Gin Bar does look like a tasty gift to give this Christmas! The cake looks delicious too 🙂

  5. Jenny

    I wouldn’t know what to do if my washing machine packed up, that’s my worst nightmare, especially with two filthy kids!

  6. Erica Hughes

    I’m with you on the washing – two of us too, but seems a lot to get through every time I go look. Well done on getting the gift guides done – felt much better once mine were out of the way.

  7. Yeah Lifestyle

    Such an interesting week! Sorry about your machine, but at least you got that sorted from turning into a huge disaster. I have just discovered Gin in the last few years and the Gin Bar Tin looks tempting. I might just pick that up myself

  8. Playdays and Runways

    Oh dear sorry to hear about your washing machine. Sounds like you have been busy though and it’s so nice to get out for walks isn’t it?


    Congratulations on getting all your Christmas git guides live. I’m still working on mine. I’ve been so busy I’ve not had much time.

  10. Cloo

    Wow my partner would love that gin tin! Can’t say I am too fussed by gin myself though. You are far more planned about Xmas than Me, I have done absolutely nothing for it so far lol

  11. Rebecca Smith

    The washing machine debacle would have had me so stressed! We always have some cake mixes at home for this exact reason – quick cake! haha x

  12. Mellissa Williams

    My local area has been super quiet too, almost like a ghost town – it is very strange to see! That gin bar set looks cool!

  13. Rhian Westbury

    I’ve not tried cauliflower pizza, but I see it quite a lot. Sorry to hear about your washing machine, when anything like that breaks it’s the worst, especially in the lead up to Christmas x

  14. Melanie williams

    Looks like you have been busy. I love how you have seen such a beautiful rainbow. By the way your Christmas gift guide is absolutely lovey and has given us so many gift ideas xx

  15. Natasha Mairs

    My son as his mock exams at school this week. He hasn’t really prepared for them and I am worrying a little in case, they don’t end up doing his actual exams next year and go by these results.

  16. chickenruby

    Grrrrr to that washing machine, glad you fixed it. I never have enough for a wash of any kind with it just being me in the house. At my sons now with his wife and the machine is on everyday, no idea how they generate so much washing other than all the winter dog walking and the gym being closed I guessed. The cake looks yummy. I’m a gin fan, have a couple of tins in the fridge now. Around here the towns seem busy but I’ve been told it’s actually quiet, even though Northern Ireland is out of lockdown

  17. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    What a lovely photo of the rainbow. The countdown to Christmas is definitely on now. I love the little gin bar tin and the cake looks very yummy. It’s strange seeing the shops so empty. I’ve not ventured out to any local shopping centres over lockdown so no idea if they’re as quiet. #project366

  18. Kira Hut

    Oh no . Our washing machine went a few weeks ago and it had been in its last legs
    For ages’ thank god you sorted it , we had to buy a new one

  19. Mudpie Fridays

    What a nightmare with the washing machine! I am glad you managed to get it fixed and I am super impressed you put it in yourself. I am not sure I could have managed that. Looks like you have some lovely walks. We will be in tier 2 but I am slowly losing the will to live with it all. I’ve not even read what we are allowed to do from next week.

  20. Fozia S

    Our area has been quieter than usual aswell. But guessing its going to get packed from next week when lockdown eases and we end up in tier 2.

    The cake looks good and oh no to the washing machine. Glad you managed to sort it.

    Beautiful images from your walk.

  21. Karen Langridge

    That Gin gift from Home Bargains is fab! My mum loves gin but I need to stop now, she has enough presents lol! Cake looks lovely, good team effort. But more than anything I want a decent portion of your cauliflower cheese! When I can eventually visit please serve me that by the bucket load. I can’t believe how much difference a week makes, now your shopping centre is so busy again! Gorgeous pictures from your walk x

  22. Andale Seaworne

    Liv’s school is keeping her busy. Quite an annoying experience with the washing machine. The cake and roast chicken look delicious. Lovely location for a walk

  23. loopyloulaura

    I haven’t been out in town since before the first lockdown so this one didn’t affect me at all! It’s always so traumatic when an appliance plays up: we rely on them so much! #project366

  24. Cheryl Pasquier

    Love the gin van but sadly, I’m not a gin drinker either ! I’m very impressed at you managing to fix the washing machine problem – go you ! And a fab looking cake too – is there no stopping you ?! Hmm cauliflower cheese – that sounds perfect after all the Christmas over eating !

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