How To Transform Your Camping Experience

How To Transform Your Camping Experience

Camping can be a lot of fun! We love the freedom, affordability and the ability to do what you like when you like. You can rock up anywhere at any time, pitch up a tent and enjoy a break away from it all!

However, there are some limitations to camping. Comfort can be an issue alongside travelling during the winter months can be a hardship, especially if we experience a bitter winter. Camping during the winter months is definitely for the more experienced camper!

Good news though: today there are a whole host of things you can do to transform your camping experience and turn it into something you’ll want to do, no matter what the weather throws at you!

How To Transform Your Camping Experience

How you can enhance your camping experience

Check out this list of how to transform your camping experience for the better…

Buy A Gore Tex Anorak

Imagine if you could remain dry while camping, no matter what. It seems like an impossible dream, but it’s not. It turns out that Gore Tex has the solution – a type of patented, breathable fabric that never allows rain to penetrate, even if it pours it down all day and night. 

Think about the benefits that would offer. You could essentially stroll around all day long and never have to seek shelter like you have to do with lesser non-Goretex jackets. 

Invest In A Motorhome

Modern tents are great at keeping out the wind and rain, but they’re not perfect. Even the best tents lack mod-cons like refrigerators for your food and central heating for when things get really cold.

That’s where RV’s come in very handy! You get practically all of the luxuries you have at home, but with the added benefit that you can camp out wherever you like. 

Auto Finance Online says that getting the money required for a vehicle is easier than it was in the past, so nothing is stopping you. You can get rid of your old tent and avoid the hassle of pitching. 

Make camping comfy

Get Proper Bedding

Roll mats are cheap however they’re not ideal, especially if you’re a little older. You can wake up in the morning with all kinds of ailments and aches. 

There is good news on this front though! There are plenty of King and Queen size rollable mattresses or blow up beds that feel almost as comfortable as the one you have at home, but don’t take up anything like as much space. Many of these also come with pillow sections stitched into the fabric, so you don’t have to bring them separately. It means that going on camp is a breeze. And you can feel like you’ve had a proper rest too on your holiday

Bring A Cupboard For Your Food

Most campers put their food in a box and store it in the car, but this has all kinds of drawbacks. Food goes off in the heat incredibly quickly in the summer months, meaning that you often have to make multiple trips to the supermarket just to get fresh ingredients – and that can ruin the mood a little. 

Placing your food in a cupboard or mini fridge in your tent, however, is an entirely different experience. Your fresh items last much longer because they remain coooler. In the winter months, you can lock the cupboard and leave it outside as the elements act as a natural refrigerator. This method can allow food to survive for up to four days. 

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