Win A Games Bundle For Christmas

Win A Games Bundle For Christmas

Christmas will be a little different this year, however there are still ways you can keep your household entertained and have lots of fun.

Game and board games have become ever so popular this year, a way of bringing families together to spread a little joy. The latest Sim’s Life giveaway is awesome, especially if you are needing new games for Christmas… read on to find out how you could win a games bundle from Goliath games!

Win A Games Bundle For Christmas

Goliath games have such a fantastic range of games to suit all ages, including Sequence, Wordsearch and Escape Room. Oddly enough, those are the games you could win in the giveaway below! Let’s have a look at the games in more detail…

Wordsearch Game from Goliath

Word Search Game

A fabulous game for the whole family to get involved with. Aimed at children aged 8 years plus and ideal for 2-4 players, a little help from non-players always helps! Perfect for those who love word searches, with so many educational benefits, proving that learning can be fun! Contains: 1x word search board, 10 double sided playing cards (29 playing fields), 4 x 70 coloured team tokens and the instructions. The game is very easy to set up and get started with as no batteries are required… just the desire to win!

Priced at £19.99 you can purchase Word Search from Smyths.

Sequence game

Sequence Game

Get ready to challenge your family over Christmas with this much loved game that is highly addictive! Very portable for when life gets back to normal, the game is aimed at children aged 7 years upwards and 2 to 12 players, so you can get everyone involved! With 104 sequence playing cards, the game opportunities are limitless! Easy to set up and no batteries are required, so you can start playing straightaway!

All you need is a flat surface to spread the board and counters and a comfy setting. Play cards from your hand and place chips on the matching spaces on the game board. Five chips in a row means you are a Sequence winner! The road to victory isn’t that easy though, watch out for Wild Jacks which can be used to block your way, and you can use them to block your opponents and even remove their chips too! Sequence can be purchased from Amazon for £19.99.

Escape room game

Escape Room The Game 2

Featuring 3 exciting Escape Rooms: Panic on the Titanic, Dawn of the Zombies and Alice in Wonderland, this bumper game also includes an introductory game for you to get the hang of escaping! Aimed at teens aged over 16 years and ideal for 3-5 players, 3 x AA batteries are required to get this game working.

The suspense, the thrill and the pressure… can you escape each room in the alloted 60 minutes given?
Find clues, piece them together and solve each game mystery in order to escape! A thinking game that will have everyone working together in order to escape rooms, all in the comfort of your own home! Escape Room The Game 2 has an RRP of £30 but is currently on offer at Very!

How To Win a Games Bundle from Goliath

For your chance to win the fabulous selection of Goliath games featured above, simply enter using the Gleam form below and do not forget to answer the question by leaving a blog.

A Games Bundles worth £70

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Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday 13th December 2020.
Giveaway open to UK based entrants
One winning entry we drawn at random by Gleam.
The winner will be notified within 72 hours of the giveaway ending.
The winner will receive 1 x Word Search, 1 x Sequence, 1 x Escape Room game.
The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative will be offered.

Win a Games Bundle from Goliath Games

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  1. Kerstin B

    Absolute Balderdash as it’s so funny. Love that you have to be a bit creative too.

    1. anneliese Shaw


      1. Sandra Fortune

        I like Scrabble because I win and monopoly is good . I like playing pretend games with my grandson

        1. Michelle Ferguson

          Twister as it’s always good fun after a drink

    2. Nicola Hartley

      We love Monopoly because we get so competitive and it always ends up with us all in fits of laughter

  2. Pippa Ainsworth

    We love party games like Pictionary and Articulate at Christmas, they are great fun to play as a group

    1. Linda Ford

      We play Monopoly because we all think we are the best at buying property and winning! We play Monopoly classic, electronic and world.

      1. Lindsey Loughtman

        Love party games like Pictionary and Bananagrams at Christmas, because we can all play as a mixed age group

      2. Kellie Mcleod

        We love monopoly in our house

  3. ashleigh allan

    Family games such as monopoly or cluedo and also thinks like charades that lots of us can play!

  4. Katie

    We love to play Boggle. It makes me think of my grandma and grandpa

  5. Sarah Cooper

    Monopoly as every one knows how to play.

  6. Jo Jones

    Love to play Monopoly because every one enjoys it in our family

    1. Karen Radford

      Charades is always guaranteed to be fun – Grandad trying to do Teenage Mutant Ninja “Turd”les was a classic!

      1. S. Straw

        We love the family version of trivial pursuit, monopoly and cluedo

  7. Sarah

    We love monopoly and pictionary 🙂

    1. C Whitlow

      We always wnd up playing trivial pursuit with my dad and stepmother…my husband and stepmother are VERY competitive

  8. Suan Watts

    We play Monopoly as it can be rolled over to Boxing Day if we haven’t finished it

  9. cat

    Love scrabble and pass the pigs at christmas

    1. Kirsty Sparks


      1. Lindsey Cross

        We love charades as all the family can get involved and it’s always a laugh

  10. Joo Dee

    whatever games the kids have we play then some good old traditional games like charades, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit

  11. Jo Young

    We love Linkee as it’s suitable for all the family and is lots of fun!

  12. Heather T

    Something that makes us laugh! The funniest ever was a simple word game called The Bomb.

  13. Lauren Pilkington

    we love easy play games like uno, game of life and payday but defo wouldnt say no to a family monopoly battle!

  14. Pauline Burroughs

    We love Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It. A bit more fun than the normal Trivial Pursuit

  15. Justine Hughes

    Monopoly, as it’s family friendly and always fun to play.

  16. Tracy Smith

    We love anything like Taboo where you have to describe something with using certain words.

  17. Azzer

    Absolute Baulderdash, best word game ever, everyone loves it in my family and friends circles!

  18. Susan Lloyd

    We love a good game of bingo as all ages can coin in x

  19. Sheena Batey

    Trivial pursuit , Cludo and Monopoly as they the nostalgia they intigate is priceless

  20. Lucy

    We love to play Articulate as it’s great fun and a team game


    We usually play with whatever new toys or games the kids have got from Santa. Sometimes we get the family Trivial Pursuit out as well.

  22. Alana Walker

    We always try to have a family game of Trivial Pursuit at Christmas.x

    1. sarah morris

      Trivial pursuit its always good fun

  23. Priscilla Stubbs

    Christmas night we always play Scrabble

  24. Fiona Johnstone

    We love Articulate. It gets quite competitive. Also Trivial Pursuit is such a lot of fun. Who doesn’t love a quiz?

  25. Leila Benhamida

    Love connect 4, just because I am a champion

  26. Jo m welsh

    We like playing rapidough because we can all join in and have a laugh.

  27. Chloe Billington

    We love playing Monopoly at Christmas! Gets everyone in the festive and competitive spirit.

  28. Jan Johnson

    As a family we play Aquire after Christmas lunch. It’s a 30+ year old board game

  29. Rachael McCadden

    monopoly as ll the family love the game

  30. Ben Audsley

    i love trivial pursuit – classic christmas game

  31. Tracy Nixon

    Monopoly, Game of Life and Trivial Persuit!

    1. Char W

      I love the game articulate. So simple to play yet such great fun. It also brings out your competitive streak

  32. Rebecca Duncan

    Always monopoly.

  33. Peter Watson

    Monopoly becuase It reminds me of when I was little.

  34. justine meyer

    We love Monopoly to see who cries first and who cheats first

  35. Heather Haigh

    We like to play trivial pursuit, we like quiz games

  36. Annabel Greaves

    The family all love a festive game of Monopoly to celebrate Christmas day

  37. Louise Fleming

    Trivial Pursuit, always end up feeling like I’m missing a few brain cells after it mind

  38. Laura banks

    monolpoy it brings out the competitive side in us all and its fun

  39. Lorraine Williams

    We enjoy Labyrinth as easy for all ages and a different game each time.

  40. melanie stirling

    We love to do quizzes from quiz books. They usually cause arguements but a lot of laughter too, someone always think they know their answer is right and the book is wrong!

  41. Amy bondoc

    got to be twister because it makes you laugh til your face hurts!

  42. Stacie Mclellan

    Pictionary and charades, they are a lot of fun for the whole family

    1. Kas Grant

      Crazy cash monopoly as it just makes my family happy to play together.

  43. Peter Friston

    we like logo and uno

  44. Lucinda P

    My favourite game to play at Christmas is Scrabble, great fun for the whole family

  45. daniel baugh

    I find games spoil the laid back atmosphere of christmas, too much rules and concentration

  46. Lisaw


  47. Rachel Walsh

    We always get a new game at Christmas but we love anything puzzle like that we can all join in on! Something funny like cranium or articulate! Even better after a drink or 2!

  48. Claire Driver

    We all play which ever Santa has brought last year was Pictionary Air

  49. Mummyuk86

    We love Monopoly and Articulate

    1. Amy Stevens

      I like playing buckaroo. I refuse to play Monopoly

  50. Dean T

    Monopoly is the fams go to when we want to argue!

  51. Margaret Gallagher

    Traditional games especially twister and charades ! Love all games

  52. Kim Neville

    we like playing Cluedo and find out who did it and five second rule as fast paced

  53. Helen R

    We love to play Uno as my 4 year old and 8 year old can both easily play it.

  54. TonyG

    Cranium is always a great group one for Christmas

  55. Dawn F

    We like to play any type of quiz or trivia game.

  56. Andrea Upton

    We like playing monopoly, and have various version, it is a lot of fun!

    1. Kas Grant

      Crazy cash monopoly as it just makes my family happy to play together.

  57. jackie youel

    we love to play V and frustration

  58. Martina Pichova

    We like Connect 4 and this year we will play our new favourite called Quirk! too.

  59. Laura Johnson

    We always play Charades and do a quiz

  60. claire willmer

    Charades is always fun and Cluedo.

  61. Beki Lacy

    We love a game of articulate at Christmas – always ends in giggles!

  62. yd1556

    Monopoly is a firm favourite but more recently Dobble is also becoming a popular choice too.

  63. Patricia Avery

    We all love 20 questions. A simple oral game for the younger ones and a great board game for the older members of the family

  64. Harry Alty

    I like playing Monopoly – a classic

  65. Jenny McClinton

    We usually play games like Frustration or any other board games that my daughter gets for Christmas. I usually try to get her a new one every year, as she really lo es playing them

  66. MFlynn

    Splendor. You can really get your teeth into it

  67. Phil B

    Junior scrabble is our festive family favourite. I prefer it to normal scrabble as I prefer the tactics that the junior game allows. (For those who dont have the junior version, you get to see everyone elses letters and you have to spell predefined words)

  68. lynn neal

    Cluedo and monopoly are our favourites!

  69. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir

    Scrabble and Articulate.

  70. Ellie Spider

    we love scrabble and og on the bog

  71. A.E. ADKINS

    Boggle, Scattergories and Taboo are my favs, we have to play different games with the kids tho

  72. Zoe C

    We like playing scrabble, charades, pass the pigs, boggle, all the family like to join in

  73. Becky Patterson

    I like Monopoly or The Game of Life. I play with my friends.

  74. Heather Norrington

    Trivial Pursuit and Dingbats are my favourites


    Trivial pursuit

  76. H

    Connect 4 because it’s fast and fun, plus Monopoly, scrabble, Battleships, Othello etc all fun.

  77. Penny Lane

    My sister bought an old Thunderbirds board game that we love playing every Christmas as a family!

  78. sherri Hough

    We always play card games for pennies, its always such a laugh

  79. Andrea Goodheart

    We create our own family quizzes & each family hosts a round of 10 questions. We usually have a picture round, sports, tv & film & current affairs. We’ll have to hold it by Zoom this year!

  80. Mandy Rawlinson

    Monopoly. It’s weird, because we always go into it wanting to play, but always get fed up within a couple of hours and deliberately try to lose all our money, so that we can go off and do something else.

  81. Becky Yeomans

    We as a family love cluedo we love the mystery to it!

  82. Zina tye

    We love a game of bingo with the turning ball selector. We have mini prizes up for grabs or money. Bit of fun.


    Bananagrams as it is fast flowing !

  84. Jayne Townson

    These games look good. We love having a game of scramble, because the whole family joins in.

  85. Lisa T

    A good game or bingo or card game like snaps, my kids only young so something simple 🙂

  86. Carly Belsey

    We love to play pie face at Christmas my daughter who is 5 loves it but we also have fun playing Monopoly although she obviously needs a lot of help with this.

  87. Magsd

    We love playing charades as everyone can take part and it doesn’t take long to play

  88. Patricia Bowley

    Rummikub Word, really gets the old grey matter working.

  89. Tracy Hanley

    we love to play Monopoly as its better to play with more plays

  90. Emma

    I like playing linkee, it’s a really good family game that most people can play, and it’s really fun.

  91. tim poole

    hide and seek…that way I can get some peace and quiet

  92. Richard M Johnson

    Monopoly – all day

    1. Val Swift

      We used to play trivial pursuit every year, not that I was any good at it but there was loads of us that played it and it was great fun

  93. Ursula Hunt

    We love to play family fortunes, it is inclusive all all ages and very funny to play

  94. Elaine Savage

    Cluedo is our all-time favourite, as we all love a mystery and even better we love to solve it!

  95. Louise N

    Pictionary or articulate!!

  96. Laura Wheatley

    we have a santa game we like to play its a boardgame I think it is called sants scramble

  97. Chris Andrews

    we start off with Scrabble then after a drink or two we move on to Twister

    1. Tracy B

      Ludo because it’s fun to play as a family

  98. Heather T

    Anything that makes us laugh, like The 5 Second Rule

    1. Jessica Evans

      We love playing Dobble and articulate! Such fun 🙂

  99. Andrew

    Monopoly and Cluedo are fun to play.

  100. Adeinne tonner

    Has to be the Christmas themed monopoly we have a right good laugh playing it together

  101. Mark R

    We always play Scrabble on Christmas afternoon, it has become a family tradition

  102. Sharon Freemantle

    Has to be Monopoly a family favourite

  103. Elizm

    trivial pursuit or large jigsaws that bring everyone together

  104. Natalie Burgess

    I love general knowledge games like trivial pursuit as they are so exciting and give great topics to talk about

  105. Laura

    We live to play so many games at Christmas but one of my favourites is Labyrinth

  106. Katie B

    We love exploding kittens, throw throw burrito and munchkin but we always get a new game for Christmas, we haven’t decided which one yet!

    1. Chantelle

      My daughter loves the idea of a escape room we haven’t got round to doing one yet together, the board game would be perfect!

  107. fiona waterworth

    we play the game of life and frustration, easy for all ages to play, very noisy great fun

    1. Sharon Wilkes

      Monopoly. I am 50 now and have a family of my own. Growing up we always played this later in afternoon once Xmas dinner had gone down and I do the same with my family. ⛄

  108. Corinne Peat

    We love monopoly at Christmas. Always gets everyone together.

  109. Lydia Joy

    Our favourite is Linkee. You answer questions and the answers are linked by a shared theme – you have to guess that theme. It’s really good!

  110. Debbie Ellis

    We love cluedo and monopoly and I particularly love articulate.

    1. Kellyanne Hiam

      Uno and pictionary are faves in our house

  111. Natalie Crossan

    We love Monopoly – it never gets old and my daughter is a whizz!!

  112. Nicola S

    We love to play Rapidough. Suitable for all of us and really good fun.

  113. Rosie T


  114. Rich Tyler

    Guess Who with little ones

  115. MJ


  116. Frances H

    We now play the Hare and Tortoise game at Christmas or the not very Christmassy game of Escape from Colditz.

  117. Sally Collingwood

    Snakes and ladders with the little ones

  118. Zoe Brown

    monopoly is always a fav my sister sulks when she loses which as grown women with young children it extremely funny

  119. leanne weir

    Charades or jenga goes down a storm

  120. jan johnson

    since my daughter adopted my grandson, children monopoly, he beats me and I don’t let him win…..

  121. Rebecca Townsend

    Scrabble, I still look forward to beating my siblings while stuffing our faces with chocolate & nibbles. My children prefer Kerplunk as it is quicker so they don’t get bored.

  122. Angie McDonald

    We love Cluedo as it’s a classic and also the LOGO game is a new quiz favourite for all the family!

  123. jacqueline brett

    Cluedo, its the only game we can all play! ha ha

  124. Laura Corrall

    I love Monopoly, as it’s an old favourite and it teaches life lessons too.

  125. Sarah Rees

    We have to have a game of Monopoly, we but a new set every year – We have Game of Thrones Monopoly this year. My son cheats – ALOT

  126. Manon

    We love playing cards against humanity

  127. Vicki Stapley

    Monopoly & Trivial Petsuit are our firm family favourites

  128. Suzanne Croft

    We love all the drawing games like Pictionary

  129. Sarah Fielding

    Monopoly – should a good family game.

  130. Michelle Smith

    Trivial Pursuit is a family favourite although I’m rubbish at the general knowledge questions


    Monopoly, the classic family game I have loved playing since I was a child.

  132. Vesta Poulston

    Our son loves Monopoly and over the Christmas is the perfect time to plat it as a good competitive game can last a long time so an ideal festive choice to keep the whole family amused.

  133. Emma Hussain


  134. Dale Dow

    Rapidough is a fun one, we all love it x

  135. Helen Tovell

    Our favourite is frustration as all can play easily

  136. Steve Pryor

    We love to play Articulate!

  137. Nicola Dean

    We love playing trivial pursuit or scrabble it’s fun

  138. Kim M

    We like Frustration, it’s easy and fun x

  139. Kelly Cooper

    Buckeroo was always good as it made grandad jump and wake from his afternoon snooze.

  140. Emma Sewell

    Monopoly is our family fave but always ends in an arguement of some kind !!

  141. michael williams

    “Arguments” is my favourite game. Sometimes it lasts all day.


    We love playing Monopoly, I played it as a child. It’s a classic that will never date. Everyone loves it

  143. Hannah h

    Always monopoly although I’m not sure why haha

  144. kim white

    We usually team up and play charades as its a lively game all can be involved in. We also like Pictionary as none of us can draw so it usually gets really entertaining.

  145. Alexandra

    It’s not Christmas until everyone has fallen out over monopoly!!

  146. Joana Brás

    Cluedo or Trivial Pursuit

  147. Sharon Williams

    We love playing Uno with the grandparents, it gets very competitive

  148. Maurice Haigh

    Risk -because I always win that one

  149. Michelle Moloney

    So far ludo and snakes and ladders but we’ll be moving onto other games soon now the kids are older

  150. ArronA

    Not a favourite of mine but a game we always end up playing every Christmas day is chase the ace

  151. ElisaW

    We love card games

  152. Victoria Prince

    I love charades cos all the family can play it and it usually produces much hilarity!

  153. amy

    Monopoly is the best

  154. Sophie Hedley

    Scrabble – it’s a family tradition!

  155. Ross Leech

    Monopoly and Subbuteo.

  156. Alison Johnson

    Monopoly & it gets very competitive. We even had to set up a video camera once year to stop cheating.

  157. Christopher Read

    I like Jenga as I’m quite good at risky moves and I also like Monopoly because there’s lots of time at Christmas to have a long game 🙂

  158. Rebecca Allen

    I always loved charades. Now with my kids we have a santa board game they love to play. We also like to play kerplunk.

  159. Lucy robinson

    We love playing Scatorgories. We’ve even made up our own version.

  160. Helen Arlow

    Charades and boggle, as all the family can join in x

  161. Jade Hewlett

    We like playing Monopoly as it’s a game all the family enjoy

  162. Lauren Walker

    We like pictionary as some of the drawings can be very very bad which makes guessing quite funny

  163. claire woods

    Love playing Monopoly Empire. It’s fun and not too long. Easy to understand.

  164. Caroline Tokes

    I am loving monopoly sore looser at the moment

  165. Linda Jones

    Snakes and ladders

  166. Liz Morgan

    We love monopoly it brings back so many happy memories

  167. Tracey Hallmark

    We love family charades at Christmas after dinner we’ve played it for years and it never fails to end in lots of belly laughs

  168. Tracy B

    Ludo because it’s fun to play as a family

  169. jules eley

    naturally Monopoly but we also love a game of game of life.. it gets very competitive and not everyone ends the game happy!

  170. Jessica Powell

    We always play Payday at Christmas, and sometimes Monopoly… 🙂

  171. Robyn Clarke

    We love Cranium, as it has many activities, there is something to suit all ages.

  172. Rebecca Beesley

    we love playing boggle as a family, also scrabble and ingenious.

  173. Emma Wolski

    We love the logo game and last year we got logo game christmas so I think that will probably come out again!

  174. Kay Sherman

    We absolutely love articulate in my house x

  175. Helen B

    We like to play bowling on the Wii U, it is the only remotely physical activity we can all do

  176. Christina Palmer

    My partner and I love scrabble as it keeps the mind working which is important at our age. My youngest grandson loves Junior scrabble which I find very hard as most of his words are 2, 3 or 4 letters making it very hard to come off of his words.

  177. Sam Goodwin

    If we are with a big group of people, we play Obama Llama as it’s hilarious!!

  178. Angela Muir

    Scrabble or Monopoly because we have played this for years

  179. Suzanne Gaulton

    Bingo and charades – we go old school!

  180. Tammy Westrup

    We love games that are suitable for the whole family such as pictionary, monopoly, charades

  181. Joanna B

    Pictionary or Monopoly, good for getting people involved.

  182. Louise Fairweather

    We like Dobble as easy for everyone to play

  183. Susan Willshee

    We love games like forehead detective where everyone has a post it note stuck to their head and the others act out the word for them to guess.

    1. Lin martin

      Monopoly so many Christmas memories, great for all ages to play together and you get to see another side of some competitive family members .

  184. Karen Emma Usher

    We love Uno and have Uno tornaments at different points of the year so this wll be the Christmas challenge and we play 5 games a night before the chidren go to bed! Its great fun and quite competitive!

  185. Mandy Doherty

    My grandchildren love Junior Scrabble, Peppa Pig Monopoly or Operation

  186. Julie Scattergood

    Anything competitive! As a family we are extremely competitive and have been known to play into the early hours. Team games are best.

  187. Michelle Sanchez

    Buckaroo, Jenga and Monopoly

  188. Paulstevo

    Big Jenga is always good fun at Christmas

  189. Stef Acaster

    I like a game like Jenga so that everyone can play together and have fun

  190. Adeinne Tonner

    Has to be Christmas themed monopoly as we only play it once a year on Christmas night.

  191. Deborah Preston

    Pictionary because all ages can play and it always has us in hysterics

  192. Tricia cowell

    We love Pictionary, the whole family can join in, including my Grandsons

  193. Susan B

    We enjoy simple games of chance that all the family can play together.. Old fashioned Snakes and Ladders fits the bill nicely.

  194. Adeinne Tonner

    Has to be Christmas quizzes, Christmas themed monopoly which we only play once a year.

  195. Kelly Hirst

    Love the traditional games like charades and also games like cluedo

  196. Gayatri Gogoi

    We love playing Scrabble at Christmas as it is so fun but we are very competitive

  197. Hekna

    I love a game of scrabble or a bit of backgammon.

  198. Katrina Adams

    We love playing games like Labyrinth and Monopoly because we all get super competitive but it’s still a giggle. We’ll also play things like Pictionary and Jabber Jaws – something that provides a laugh no matter how many times you play it!

  199. kimberley ryan

    we love monopoly and cluedo

  200. astrid c

    gotta be monopoly, it’s classic and i like to think i am good at it!!! x

  201. adrian price

    i love Monopoly—-but my family hate all losing to me

  202. Darren Bourne

    I like playing Sequence because it is simple but we get really competitive. We also play Uno at Christmas.

  203. katrina walsh

    We like playing Payday as its fast moving and funny and keeps the whole family interested

  204. James Travis

    Trivial pursuit, always fun, to share our knowledge of different things

  205. Pam Gregory

    Love a game of Risk. Can’t beat a bit of world domination!!

  206. Joan Clark

    At Christmas we play the old fashioned family games including pass the parcel and musical chairs as well as charades and have a big treasure hunt.

  207. Derrick Smith

    We’ve been playing Pandemic, which is timely, and also Looney Quest which I can’t recommend enough for fun family time. It’ll be coming out at Christmas!

  208. Charlotte F

    We love scrabble, and monopoly when there’s more time!

  209. Laura F

    Uno, the game of life and monopoly

  210. Jazz Tattersall

    Monopoly, nothing like some friendly competition at Christmas

  211. Jennifer Rhymer

    We love Cluedo as it’s fun and not too long x

  212. Joanna Kasznicki

    Scrabble and monopoly are our go to games at christmas.

  213. Leslie Evans

    Cluedo, It does not take to long and is fun for all

  214. Jo-Anne holton

    We always play Mario karts! The grandparents are very funny and competitive

  215. Sam Reid

    We are big fans of Upwords it is like scrabble bit you can put tiles on top of each other to change words

  216. Karen R

    We love Cluedo, because we all play well, and just compare notes, not like Monopoly, which always causes arguments and bad feeling!

  217. Vicky

    I love The Game of Life. Can’t wait til mu kids are a little older so we can start playing it with them too.

  218. Lorraine

    We love to play pictionary and charades because they are something that everyone can join in with

  219. Sophie Breeze

    We love monopoly – calm to chaos in a matter of minutes!

  220. Tammy Tudor

    Love to play monopoly! We don’t really play it all year so it’s a special time for some laughs and sometimes board flipping!

  221. louise burgess

    Love monopoly as its always so tense

  222. Rosalind Blight

    Monopoly as everyone loves it however this year my kids are getting lots of new games to play so we may find some new favourites

  223. Lucy

    Hello, I like playing charades at Christmas as they are fun and get everyone involved.

  224. Maria b

    We love charades and Monopoly!

  225. Emma England

    We always play cranium! There is always so much laughter when we play and it’s an unlimited amount of players.

  226. looly

    we always have a games day around the 20th dec, we play the game of life, click and cards.

  227. donna l jones

    we play frustration a good game that all the family can play

  228. Lisa Mc

    ticket to ride and uno – they are so competative

  229. Mr Mark Adamson

    Has to be Yahtzee on Christmas Day afternoon

  230. Sheri Darby

    Probably Monopoly because it is a Christmas tradition

  231. Leanne Abel

    Exploding Kittens, great game and totally different

  232. Marrian

    Cards Against Humanity with the adults. Cluedo or charades with the whole family.

  233. Dawn A

    We love playing Frustration as it’s fun.

  234. Laura Pritchard

    We love charades, Linkee, the Name Game! Anything!

  235. Heli L

    We love Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit. They are fun (up to a certain point!) and the whole family can play.

  236. Kerry Webber

    Cards Against Humanity!

  237. Victoria Bazley

    Favourite board game is Frustration. It was the one game we all played at our gran’s when we were little, happy memories.

  238. Jennie Stallard

    monopoly and kerplunk – suitable for the whole family and we enjoy them.

  239. Marie Rungapadiachy

    We love to play classic board games as a family, like scrabble.

  240. Michelle Henderson

    Love playing cluedo because it’s the only game I seem to win at.

  241. Jade Vaccaro

    We love playing Harry Potter Dobble! Even my 4 year old can get involved

  242. Zoey H

    Pictionary, with a white board. Usually have 2 teams and its hilarious

    1. Katie m

      The Christmas edition of Monopoly it’s perfect for everyone to play over Christmas

  243. Jakki Reynolds

    We love Bang Bang Balloon it’s pure family fun

  244. Geri Gregg

    Monopoly because there are loads of different adaptations of it, id love to play the Harry Potter version one day!

  245. Kay Broomfield

    We play Dobble and Uno a lot as my younger children can play those so we’re all together!

  246. Jennifer Toal

    We like to play Quirkle

  247. Christine Purcell

    We all love monopoly even though I never win. We have a few versions. Friends. Star Wars. Traditional. Euro version. Gateshead and Newcastle.

  248. Carolyn Garaway

    We always end up playing a daft ‘stocking filler’ game on Christmas Day.

  249. Debra Walker

    Monopoly because it is an old favourite

  250. Peter Stephens

    Love playing Cluedo, we have 3 variations of the game now, they’reall great fun and the whole family join in.

  251. natalie s

    We love playing monopoly of bug bingo at christmas and during the holiday season!

  252. Anneka Davies

    We love the wink murder game as it has us in hysterics every time

  253. Emma Fox

    My son loves to play Monopoly as he’s really competitive and wants all the money and hotels!

  254. Keith Hunt

    kerplunk my old 1970s game as I like to get my money worth out of a game.

  255. Caroline Signey

    Any quiz games, we all love answering questions

  256. sharon martin

    monopoly and mousetrap for the challange and the fun factor

  257. Ashley Phillips

    We love to play the disney trivial persuit as it’s a game all the family can play and everyone has a shot at winning

  258. Adrian Bold

    We like playing card games at Christmas.

  259. Kirsty Charleston

    monopoly as thats what i used to play most growing up

  260. Angela Kelly

    We love a game of Monopoly because you know it will last for ages!

  261. Lauren Porter

    Charades as it always has us in fits of laughter

  262. Caroline Smith

    We love monopoly and it’s easy for all my girls to understand as we have varied age ranges!

  263. Emma davison

    Monopoly. It’s a classic.


    we all love to play build a beetle – great fun for all ages

  265. janine atkin

    we like to play scrabble. everyone cheats and makes up words but its funny

  266. Faridah Brooker

    We love Beetle – all ages can play and its always so competitive!

  267. Ali Fanstone

    we play different card games, so all the family can join in, snap for the little ones and rummy or kings for the adults with a little bit of a wager lol

  268. Rachael Kear

    Love the look of these games, especially the escape room 2

  269. Susan Hoggett

    love scrabble and pictionary

  270. NATALIE R

    Monopoly great for family time

  271. Charlotte Carter-Dunn

    Trivial pursuit – our version is so old that it references Russia as USSR but it still good fun!

  272. Jeanette Swift

    Us adults always play Mr and Mrs. It becomes a real competition on who knows their hubby/wives the best

  273. claire little

    Santa scramble

  274. PhillW

    We love playing Cluedo as it keeps everyone entertained foe a couple of hours.

  275. ellie gilmour

    Yahtzee is always fun and everyone enjoys it

  276. Chirag Patel

    Monopoly as everyone knows the rules and how to play

  277. Orange23

    Monopoly and Scrabble because they’re good for the whole family

  278. Sarah Mcknight

    Probably flaming kittens as it gives us a good laugh 🙂

  279. Helen

    We love board games – one of our favourites is probably Cluedo!

  280. Leanne Bell

    Articulate is our favourite family board game so far – lots of fun whenever we play!

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