Helping Your Kids Prepare Themselves for Uni

Helping Your Kids Prepare Themselves for Uni

Kids leaving home can feel pretty odd. But whether this point in your child’s life is nearby or far off, it’s going to happen at some point or another. Now, many kids first leave home in pursuit of higher education. They’ll decide to go to university and this experience will teach them so much more than simply the course focuses alone. It will also be the first time they stand on their own two feet and start living independently. Knowing how to best prepare your children for this experience is important and could make all the difference to the process for you and for them. Here are some pieces of advice that can come in useful when the time comes!

Helping Your Kids Prepare Themselves for Uni

Helping Your Kids Prepare Themselves for Uni

Avoid Pressuring Them

First and foremost, you need to remember that this is your child’s life and their choices reign supreme. Ultimately, it’s up to them to make their own decisions about what they do and what path they’re going to take. Your child might not want to go to university at all. If they do want to go to university, they may want to take a course that you don’t think is the best for them. Sure, you can voice any serious concerns you might have. But you shouldn’t interfere and try to pressure your child to take a direction different to that they’ve chosen. Generally, it’s much better for them to choose a course that they want to do and that they’re going to enjoy. They’ll be more productive and more eager to succeed after graduation. Avoid being a pushy parent and respect their independence and decisions!

Give Them Guidance on Universities

Once they have an idea of the type of course they want to do,they can start deciding what university they want to study their course at. Generally, there are a number of league tables that compare different institutions and determine the best. These league tables often fall down to student results, student satisfaction and the quality of teaching and resources available to students. You need to balance the quality of the university and course with a location that suits your child. There’s no use studying a great course at a great university if it’s in the inner city and they are determined to live in the countryside. Alternatively, if they’re looking for life in the city, they might not want to live out in the countryside to study.

Attend Open Days and Accommodation Viewings

Few students settle wholeheartedly on a university without seeing a few in real life too. This is why universities hold open days. These allow your child to look around, get a taste for the environment and atmosphere and determine whether this is the place they want to spend a few years and a whole lot of money. Make sure to look into open days, like those that show you around accommodation at the University of Suffolk. Insight into university accommodation options is important too!

Remember They Can Always Change Their Minds

Don’t put too much pressure on this process. It’s not the be all and end all if your child makes the wrong decision the first time around. There’s always the option to drop out, switch courses, change universities or multiple other options if they change their mind!

Sure, this may feel like a lot to take in. But you could really support your child through this process by bearing some of the above advice in mind!

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