Project 366 Week 48 – We Will Be Winter Ready

Project 366 Week 48 – We Will Be Winter Ready

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How am I writing my weekly Project 366 post already? This week seems to have flown by, with the Christmas break in touching distance! People have already started putting up their Christmas decorations, however we will not be joining in that trend, I would be fed up of having them up for so long, so I’m trying to stick it out a little longer!

We are however preparing for the colder weather as you can see from this post. I love being warm, if I could walk around covered in my duvet all day, I absolutely would. The prepper in me is telling me that we will be Winter ready… so long as I keep crocheting!

Fortunately there were no washing machine incidents this week and I have certainly been putting the new machine through its paces, but what else have we been up to this week?

Project 366 Week 48 – We Will Be Winter Ready


Nothing much to report as the time was spent crocheting, working and tidying up. At this point, I have forgotten what we used to do during normal times, hopefully 2021 will remind us!

View from The Lines


The last Christmas giveaway went live today and it’s such a lovely set, perfect for Christmas! Enter for your chance to win a games bundle worth £70!

That’s it though, I am done! The Sim’s Life Christmas Gift Guide is done for another year and now I can relax!

As a needed break away from the screen, a buddy and I went for a gorgeous walk to blow away the cobwebs. Our path has totally changed now due to the elements, certainly a different picture to than in a previous Project 366 post which showcased lots of lovely Autumnal colours. It is definitely time to wrap up warm!

Rudolph tree

The walk was quiet, I guess Monday is a good choice of day to walk down there and we didn’t have to dodge too many people. We did come across this awesome tree though… can you guess who it is?

Percy Pig from M&S


I decided to amble into the local town centre again today and whilst the car park was equally as quiet as last week and the town still eerily quiet, M&S was marginally busier and I had to dodge more people. Even first thing! However, I did manage to pick up some Percy Pig related treats to include in Liv’s Christmas Eve box!

Glossybox November 2020


I seemed to be on the go all day, but didn’t really have anything to report. One of those days that you simply forget about, even what you had for dinner! However, our November Glossybox did arrive, so that was exciting to check out when Liv returned home from school. I already knew she would commandeer the eyeshadow palette, but it gave me bargaining power! This has been a fabulous subcription box treat this year for us both to share.


I headed down to Aldi and Home Bargains for my weekly shop pre-9am and anyone would have thought it’s almost Christmas… no joke! There was no difference in parking and amount of people there from the same time last year. It was crazy down there, however I did my best Walking Dead impression and dodged as many ‘walkers’ as I could! Picking up a few bargains whilst I waltzed, twirled and zig zagged down the aisles!

Friends range in Aldi

Liv has become a huge Friends fan recently after we marathon watched all 10 seasons, so I know this selection of goodies I found in store at Aldi will be an ideal Christmas present for her. Ticking both the stationery and ‘things she will love’ boxes… sorted!

Aldi is a treasure trove though, you never know what you will find from one week to the next, which is why I have random items like flamingo print gaffa tape in my house. It all comes in handy!

Crochet Blanket


A mellow end to the week and a socially distanced catch up with a friend I had not seen in a while. It was bloomin’ chilly today so I am glad to have started on ANOTHER crochet blanket! I have placed the pink and white yarn to one side for the moment to start a new blanket for the lounge and I LOVE the colours! By all accounts it will be quite a harsh Winter, much colder than the most recent Winters, so the prepper in me is trying to organise ourselves with gloves, hats, new wellies, thick coats etc… we WILL be Winter ready!


A homework and tidy up day, ready for Christmas, with a mini break to watch Jack Reacher and crochet more. Lazy Saturdays are the best! Karen sent me a picture of some inflatable Christmas decorations today and I seriously need to add them to my collection, so some belated Black Friday shopping is also on the cards!

How has your week been?

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Project 366 Week 48 - We Will Be Winter Ready

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This Post Has 22 Comments

  1. Kim Carberry

    I had a shock when I saw someone tweet that it was just 3 weeks until the Christmas break! How! This year has flown over!
    Being covered in a duvet all day would be amazing! hehehe I hate being cold too!
    I think I have all my Christmas blog posts done too. I wrote the last one today, I think.
    The Percy Pig treats look so good. I think I’m going to be missing my annual trip to M&S this year as it’s 2 bus rides away!
    Ahh! I have done an online order with Aldi for the Friends stuff. My eldest is going to love it. There was some great bargains. I was very happy with the prints in a frame for just over £5. My fella said no to us getting Friends bedding though. Hmmf. x

  2. Fozia S

    Well done on getting your gift guides done! Sounds like it was a lot of work….you can relax now!

    Loving the colours of the new blanket you have started…so cheerful which is needed in this dull weather.

    Wow that tree looks great with Rudolph!

  3. Emma T

    Ooh the Friends stuff looks cool. I’ll have to see what there is online. I’m not a fan of the actual shop, even the slightly smaller one in the small town near us. I always get sucked into the middle aisles too.
    Well don e getting all the Christmas posts done. I’ve got most of mine done but think I’ve still probably got about 4-5 still to do for blogmas.

  4. Jenny @thebrickcastle

    Christmas really is on it’s way now – I can smell it! I also have that feeling of ‘OMG I haven’t done anything yet’ 😀 I love Percy Pigs – they were the first jelly sweet I had in 30odd years, so fond memories too 😀

  5. Yeah Lifestyle

    You have had such an interesting week! I have put Aldi on my Christmas shopping list now after reading your post, I love a good bargain. The giveaway looks super as well. Hoping to enter it.


    The glossybox seems like it’s packed with goodies. I’d love to try one of those. Love the crochet blanket. I can’t remember how to crochet it’s been so long since I last did it.

  7. Rebecca Smith

    I love Aldi, it really can be a treasure trove sometimes! It sounds like you have had a fairly productive week!

  8. Jo | The Cheapside Club

    I have to admit that we put our decs up a few weeks ago and I’m not ashamed LOL! Last week I was finishing up a work project and it’s such a weight off now it’s finished!

  9. Kira Hut

    We’ve literally just come back from Aldi to get most of the Xmas bits . Feeling super festive ! Eeeeek

  10. Rhian Westbury

    My weeks been pretty good thanks, decorating the house and getting the tree started (I’m finishing tonight). That’s so awesome that you guys binge watched the whole of friends x

  11. Kara Guppy

    That blanket is gorgeous, I really wish I could crochet. Our decorations went up this weekend

  12. Jenny

    I love those crochet colours. What do you do with all the blankets you make?

  13. Karen Langridge

    We put our tree up two weeks earlier than normal! I think given the year we have had I felt we needed an earlier influx of cheer lol! I am not sure if it will get on my nerves, we have moved it to a new spot and it works better there. I don’t have to move the sofa’s around anymore! Yippee! That used to drive me crackers. Loving the M&S edibles for Liv’s Christmas eve gifts, I really need to get myself back to M&S pronto! x

  14. Natasha Mairs

    It really is getting colder now. I am sat here with a blanket wrapped around me. Love the Friends goodies!!!

  15. Nayna Kanabar

    You have had a busy week, I am surprised so many people are out despite the lock down. It will get even busier after the lock down ends. It looks like you are well organised for christmas.

  16. chickenruby

    i so need an inflatable santa in my life, but everyone has said no, meanies. Wish I had learnt to crochet before covid, never too late. I need face to face lessons, just can’t get it from watching you tube videos. The decs are going up here this afternoon then jsut a few presents to buy fro hubbies christmas and a few gifts for friends here to wrap

  17. Mudpie Fridays

    It is always nice when the Christmas posts are done. I must admit I am looking forward to packing up for Christmas. I am still to go to M&S but that’s Percy Pig treats look great. The boys keep asking for some inflatable Christmas decorations. Unfortunately, we were too slow on black Friday so I may look in the sales afterwards for next year.

  18. Galina V

    You’ve managed to get a great stash of stocking fillers, with all the Percy pigs and Friends goodies. We haven’t done any proper Christmas decorations yet, I only just brought the tree from the attic, and hope we’ll have a chance to set it up and decorate tomorrow. That is, if we don’t get distracted by the Agents of Shield on Disney +.
    I’m afraid the next few weeks will be super busy in the shops.

  19. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    I’ve not yet put the decorations up either – we usually do it mid-December. Love the Rudolph tree and those Percy Pig treats and Friends goodies look nice. Love the colours in your crochet blanket. #project366

  20. Andale Seaworne

    Yeah it must be inconvenient having all those decorations up for so long. That’s a lovely walkway. Yay, one task is over with. The tree looks like a deer. Glossy Box looks fancy. Woah, marathoned all 10 seasons? That blanket looks gorgeous

  21. loopyloulaura

    I am addicted to Aldi! Love their crafts things. It really has turned wintry now as the temperature has dropped and it gets dark so early! #project366

  22. Cheryl Pasquier

    That crocheting looks great – you’re very talented and they’re beautiful colours. So have you finished the blanket now? (I’m still playing catch up !) Love the gifts you picked up – not good to hear how many people were in the shops though. Ahh the red nose gives it away, I spy a Rudolph tree !

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