Project 366 Week 39 – Hello December

Project 366 Week 39 – Hello December

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Well hello December! Can you believe we are in the final month of 2020? What a long slog it has been however, every day that passes is a day closer to some sort of normality!

There aren’t many images this week as I didn’t manage to get out on any walks sadly. The weather hasn’t been great and I have been tidying up ready to sort out all the Christmas decorations. It has been a much slower paced week which has been very much needed, but what have we been up to?

Project 366 Week 39 – Hello December

Sim's Life Gifts For Christmas Inspiration


A slow start to the week both work and life wise. I featured a round up of all the Sim’s Life Christmas Gift Guide posts and giveaways today. I felt it was handier to have all the information in one place!

Advent calendars


Well hello there December! The day we could finally start to crack open the doors on our advent calendars!

Piglet's Pantry

After a 3 week wait for my order to be acknowledged, my Piglet’s Pantry order finally arrived and Liv and I were able to enjoy some delicious cake and pastries. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, treats through the post are the greatest!

Queue outside Debenhams


I needed to pop into my local town centre to return some items this morning and then decided to join the queue to have a look around Debenhams. The news of a crazy closing sale was incorrect, it clearly isn’t happening yet however it was nice to have a look around shops again. The town centre was certainly busier than last week, with everyone seemingly wanting to visit Primark!

Queue in Primark

With the bulk load of Christmas presents already sorted, I am going to try and not head into town again before Christmas. I can only see it getting busier in the run up!


A pre-9am trip to Aldi and Home Bargains was a LOT quieter than I expected! Considering how busy the shops and car park had been last week, I was really surprised!

Yellow crochet blanket


It started snowing a little today which was a nice surprise. Nice as I don’t have to go out in the horrendous weather! Instead, I have been cracking on with the latest blanket to be kept in the lounge. With the Christmas Gift Guide published, I have more free time in the evenings to crack on and simply relax for once. If you have never tried crochet before, give it a try – it’s such a lovely pastime and very relaxing during all this craziness!

Karen made me very jealous with a picture of her lovely roaring fire today. I would love a log burning fire to keep me toasty throughout winter!


It’s TREE DAY! We are finally putting up all the Christmas decorations and getting in the mood! After the cake indulgence earlier in the week, I am back on Keto and eating a LOT of omelettes, so am looking forward to tucking into a roast chicken dinner with my yummy Keto cauliflower cheese later. A fabulous winter warming meal!

How has your week been? Have you made any hearty meals this week?

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This Post Has 25 Comments

  1. Kim Carberry

    The weather has been awful hasn’t it. Thankfully today it was a bit brighter.
    Ohh! What fab advent calendars you have.
    What a lovely treat from Piglet’s Pantry. It all looks delicious! x

  2. Emma T

    We popped into our local town today and it was nearly as busy as normal on a Saturday.. As you say it’ll only get worse. I could do with a trip to home bargains, but I don’t think ours opes til 9.30. Will have to check that out aslove shopping before everyone else.

  3. Claire Lomax

    Sounds like you’ve had a lovely week. I am not sure I am brave enough to try the local shopping centre, I saw pictures of the queues for Primark and it was terrifying!

    Have a great week x

  4. melissa christine

    Sounds like a wonderful week, the piglet pantry delivery looks amazing, I sure need to order this for sure. I need to get some Christmas shopping soon

  5. Yeah Lifestyle

    Looks like a fab week indeed, totally love your blanket! The colour is beautiful! Also in total envy of the Piglet’s Pantry order. I can’t wait to have something similar myself. It has been a while

  6. Rebecca Smith

    Keto cauliflower cheese sounds SO good to me! I love the look of that order from Piglets Pantry – I’d struggle not to eat it all though!

  7. Kara Guppy

    I really wanted a Percy Pig Advent calendar but I was too slow off the mark and missed out. Love that blanket, you are so talented

  8. Georgina

    Sounds like a really lovely week. I’ll be making a keto cauliflower cheese tomorrow – I love it even more than a traditional version.

  9. Rhian Westbury

    That’s so good that your Christmas tree is up and you’re feeling more festive now. Piglets Pantry is a great treat isn’t it?! I’ve had it twice now and it’s been great x

  10. Di Hickman

    Yay for putting the tree up! Always makes the house more festive feeling. Still need to do that here. It was on my to-do list, just didn’t manage to get around to it

  11. Anosa

    I have missed out on going for daily walks as well but the weather has been horrendous and I know it will get worse.

  12. Kira Hut

    I’ve been missing out on my daily walks but to be fair , all we have had is snow and rain and I’m not that eager ha

  13. Melanie williams

    Wow sounds like you have been busy but are very organised. The Piglets pantry and also the cauliflower both sound very yummy x

  14. Jess Howliston

    It sounds like you have had a busy but productive week and well done you on having most of your Christmas shopping done! The shops have been crazy busy around here so I have been doing lots of my shopping online, almost there! Yay for putting the tree up, we put ours up too and it feels all festive and cosy now which has been a great way to cheer us all up.

  15. Gemma

    I haven’t been to any shopping centres, I did visit an outlet and it was quieter than I expected! Dreading Having to go out and finish my shopping.

  16. Karen Langridge

    Awww how cute a percy pig advent calendar! I would have loved to have reached into your Piglet’s Pantry box and gobbled up all the carrot cake! Yum Yum. Shame it took so long for them to get back to you though, I think I must have been very lucky with my order, they replied the very next day. We have had a roast dinner this week which was pretty decent. I would have a full on roast everyday if Sean would make it haha with a side of your cauliflower cheese please! x

  17. Erica Hughes

    It is nice to get out and about a bit more isn’t it? The Piglet’s Pantry box looks amazing.

  18. Lisa | Handmade in Israel

    Enjoy your tree! I love the colours you are using for the blanket.

  19. Andale Seaworne

    Time’s flying by fast. Lovely presents and the Piglet’s Pantry food looks delicious. I hope you got some good stuff from shopping. I love the crotchet blanket. OoOo snow has arrived. Snow is approaching here but on the hill stations, not where I am.

  20. Fozia S

    You know I have a sweet tooth and those cakes and pastries look amazing! We popped to the town centre at 9am and luckily it wasn’t too busy and got we needed to do quickly.

    I am loving the colours of that blanket! It’s going to look amazing when its finished.

  21. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Ooh that Piglet’s Pantry order looks amazing. I was looking at those the other day as a possible gift idea for a family member. Love your crocheted blanket. We still need to put our Christmas decorations up! #project366

  22. Mudpie Fridays

    I have been avoiding the shops but really need to get a few last Christmas presents. The cakes and pastries look very yummy. I am super impressed with your blanket, I would really like to learn one day. We put our tree up on Saturday too. Hope you have had a lovely week x

  23. chickenruby

    I’m glad to be out the UK in the run up to Christmas, much quieter in Dubai than normal for this time of the year. The baked goodies look lovely and well worth the wait

  24. loopyloulaura

    We put off getting the tree and decrations up until it was actually December. Fab advent calendar selection. I still haven’t ventured into town since the first lockdown: will I ever go shopping again?! #project366

  25. Cheryl Pasquier

    Ooh the Piglets’ Pantry order looks amazing – I think the savoury things appeal to me more than the sweet ones. You can tell it’s Christmas and we’ve been over-indulging ! It looks busier in town than the last time – hope everyone was still keeping their distance. I’m enjoying being off work and finally having some time to chill out and catch up on everyone’s recent posts . I can’t believe Christmas has been and gone now !

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