Want A Warm Home Without High Bills? Try Radiant Floor Heat

Want A Warm Home Without High Bills? Try Radiant Floor Heat

Imagine getting out of bed on a chilly winter morning and not needing to put on slippers. That’s because your floor is heated so it feels perfectly warm and toasty under your feet.

It seems indulgent but it is actually a very efficient way to heat your home. Putting radiant floor heating tubes under your floor is one of the most effective ways to heat your home. If you have been thinking of updating your old floor, then that would be a perfect time to put that system in since your floor is already coming up.

Even if renovations are not on your to do list, if you have been wondering if you should upgrade your heating system then this should be on the top of the list of options.

Want A Warm Home Without High Bills? Try Radiant Floor Heat

In this article, I will go over the reasons that you should be thinking about radiant floor heating for your home.

Want A Warm Home Without High Bills

How it works

Radiant floor heating works just as any hydronic heat system with radiators works. Your boiler heats up water that is then circulated around the house. Instead of going to radiators or baseboard heaters, it flows under your floor and heats from underneath.

You can use any type of boiler and heating source and may even be able to use the one you already have. Whether you use kerosene heating fuel, propane or natural gas, as long as your furnace is heating the water and not for domestic hot water.

The reason it has to stay separate is that your water lines for the floor heat will often have a chemical in it to keep it flowing properly and you don’t want that mixing with your water for your sink or shower.

Why it’s better

 Not only does floor heating feel good on your feet, it is an extremely efficient way to heat your home. Since heat rises, it will provide a gentle heat throughout the entire room. Think about your radiator and how the heat has to fill the room from one point. It creates hot and cool spots in the house.

When your entire floor is heated and the heat rises, there is literally no cool spot in the room. The entire room feels uniformly warm no matter where you are.

You often don’t need to use as much energy for this type of system, either. With a larger area heating up using less resources, the heat is more evenly distributed for maximum efficiency. And not needing to have a baseboard or radiators also frees up space in your room.

High tech friendly

You can increase the efficiency of your heating system by using a smart thermostat for radiant heat. These thermostats make sure you are only heating the rooms that you need to heat and only when you need it. So much energy gets wasted because we are heating rooms with no body in them, or the heat is on when we aren’t home.

These thermostats can activate when you leave work so your heat is already on when you get home. And they can even connect with the local weather report so it comes on automatically when a cold front is coming in.

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