Small Home Improvements That Make A Huge Difference

Small Home Improvements That Make A Huge Difference

Thsi year has been the perfect opportunity to complete DIY jobs around the house. With so much free time on our hands, it has been harder to get out of finally doing those pesky chores. However, once complete you can sit back, relax and revel in your new home improvements.

Whether you are working to a budget or you have cash to splash, let’s have a look at how you can transform your home to end the year on a high!

Small Home Improvements That Make A Huge Difference

Small Home Improvements That Make A Huge Difference

Add a splash of colour

Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint is the quickest, easiest and certainly cheapest way to transform a room. Whether you run over with the original colour for a freshen up, or decide on a bold new colour of paint for the room, it is a DIY task you can do yourself!

Small home improvements such as adding a rug

A quick way to transform a room

A seriously quick and hassle-free way to transform a room is to simply add a rug. Not only does it immediately give the room a totally new feel, it also adds warmth! Laminate flooring is very convenient when you have a family and pets, spills and muddy floors can quickly be cleaned, but can be cold to walk on during the Winter months. Adding a rug has many benefits and with so many colours, designs and sizes to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

Installing a new shower

Let the water fall

Updating your bathroom or even changing the layout is a slightly larger home improvement task, but it will certainly add value to your home. The style of a hotel bathoom is modern, sophisticated and easy to keep clean. Adding a steam shower, such as those from Insignia Showers is a great way to add a little luxury to your bathroom.

Fire it up

Fire it up

Log burning fires are a great way to add a special ambience to your living room and are a great way to heat up your home too! Whilst you may need to have this professionally installed, it’s one of many fabulous home improvements you can make to transform your home, especially for Winter!

Gardening in Winter

Plan your garden

Now is the perfect time to organise your garden, ready for lots of beautiful blooms in 2021! Winter time is great for dead-heading plants, planting new bulbs and even moving your garden around. Improvements to your garden can be inexpensive, they just cost your time and some effort, however a beautiful garden is always a joy to experience.

I hope these home improvement tips help you to transform your home!

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