A Parents Guide to A Levels

A Parents Guide to A Levels

If the time is approaching for your child to start considering their A Level options, as a parent you will undoubtedly want to be clued up on the process so you can offer as much support and guidance as possible. Good A Level results are the gateway to top universities and thus are a step along the way to establishing a successful career. An independent school in Hertfordshire have compiled a guide for parents looking to help their children achieve their potential.

A Parents Guide to A Levels

A Parents Guide to A Levels

Whichever courses your child decides upon will mark the way for their future career. You should encourage them to consider if they have a particular career in mind as they may need to select particular courses to facilitate this. Universities often establish entry requirements on many of their courses which require relevant A-Levels for admission onto the course.

If your child is still unsure which career or future study they wish to pursue down the line, that’s ok too. Many young people haven’t decided on a particular path yet so just encourage them to choose subjects that they enjoy and seem to excel in. If they enjoy their studies and feel capable, they are more likely to remain focused and achieve better results.

Studying for A Levels requires the implementation of a more independent study style compared to what your child would have been used to at GCSE, which encourages your child to take ownership of their studies as they won’t have as much one to one support. This is a crucial stage in their schooling which will prepare them for independent study should they choose to attend university in the future.

This transition may be a little unsettling at first but with the right techniques they will be able to establish a successful routine. It is important for you to help them find strategies that work for them. Note taking and a nightly recap may work for some, whereas others may be better suited to flash cards or practice exams. The key is to find a routine that works for your child and then to encourage them to be consistent.

I hope the information in this Parents Guide to A Levels post has helped you prepare!

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